Razer Seiren Elite Microphone Review! How is it for Streaming?

If you need a new microphone for streaming, this new Razer Seiren Elite mic is absolutely outstanding.
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Product features:
Single Dynamic Capsule – For rich and warm vocal quality
Inbuilt High-Pass Filter – For ultra-clean recording signals
Digital/Analog Vocal Limiter – For zero distortion
16-bit/48kHz Resolution – To optimize your stream
Zero Latency Monitoring – For zero audio lag
Flat Frequency Response Monitoring for accurately reproduced sound
Microphone Specifications
Sample Rate: min 44.1kHz / max 48kHz
Bit Rate: 16bit Capsule: Single Dynamic Capsule
Polar patterns: Cardioid
Frequency response: 50Hz-20kHz
Connectivity: USB only
Max SPL: 120dB
Headphone amplifier
Impedance: ≥ 16Ω Power output (RMS): 85mW (at 16 Ω) Flat Frequency Response: Yes
Zero-Latency Monitoring: Yes


CookieZe says:

You also don’t need RGB lighting on a mouse pad, but here we are lol

Noitamina says:

“you dont need RGB lighting on a microphone at all” SAY IT AGAIN, rgb headset, rgb RAM ???? … everyone wants a fucking rainbow on his desk ffs

Alexander Nørgaard says:

Wait a month and it gets to chroma and a adapter that Can go into a soundbar

Jeff Daniels says:

“You do not need RGB lighting on a microphone at all”… LIES AND SLANDER!

GunMetalOwl says:

But can it run Crysis?

Neo Gamer says:

If a keyboard has ABS keycaps, will the letters on the keycaps fade after a year or so? Or are they ACTUAL good keycaps?

CasualGeekTV says:

That mic sounds great for streaming think I’m gonna have to get one at some point

Kayle Meow says:

What table top is that you used to review on?

Cloud_ Gaming says:

Could you review the G. Skill Ripjaws KM570 Cherry MX Speed? It is currently going for $54.00 It’s using the Cherry MX Speed, Red, and Brown.

Joel Deakin says:

What do you stream on and whats the name

HS Jason says:


Neναnαrτ says:


Sean Sinha says:

Spend less, get a Blue Yeti.

Electronics For Fun says:

does it have that over heating problem that the other siren has, you know where the audio suddenly gets statically for second?

BravoTheOwl says:

I prefer the ambient light strip than RGB it look professional

Just Gaming Johnny says:

How would you compare this to the Blue Yeti? I have the Blackout Edition and love it, but I am wondering about updating to an XLR or this.

GamerX705 says:

I beat the animator using you

SpringRoll says:

Ill stick to blue yeti

A G N I V says:

1000th like!

Greg Bingaman says:

Seems like a copy of the blue yeti but a hair different

GamerX705 says:

I feel like a lot of his reviews are I love the product, it costs (way too much money), I know that may be steep but look at the completion, I think it’s worth it

athenaskid says:

What’s the software that he uses to measure decibels?

Tobias Bosling says:

Can you use it on Xbox one or is it just pc?

IAmPanda_ says:

Can you do a side by side with this and the Blue Yeti?

Random Tech Tips says:

great vid! I’m a big razer fan in general (I know it’s an unpopular position) but I can’t see why this mic is $200. You can make a blue yeti snowball ICE sound exactly the same with voicemeeter banana. This is my current setup for my videos and I doubt anyone could tell the difference.

Battlevader says:

Not bad at all but keep in mind you can get better mics for that price. Even usb

BURGER says:

So you have to be pretty close to the microphone to get the best sound? It’s not like the blue snowball?

Northdrum says:

Only R… (Not RGB only Red)

A. K. says:

This whole video was waiting to see if it costed less than the blue yeti…already razer built quality isnt the best litteraly there is tons of forums on so many issues that havent been solved on their old and existing products.

Pod Cast says:

Looks like a weird Blue Yeti, I don’t like the design.

Rodrigo Fernety says:

How many people are going to buy this

Joey Harkins says:

People asking what the price is. That’s what links are for

lunayconsuela says:

Good review, thank you!
How tall is the new Seiren Elite, much taller than the Seiren X?

Electronics For Fun says:

guys linus got attacked by a bunch of ignorant feminists for his amazon go store review. they think he made period jokes and stole tampons, it’s clear that they didn’t even watch the video.

Please Have Mercy says:

Hey, can you do review the CAD U37 Condenser Microphone? It’s a USB mic and it’s cheap being 35$ on Amazon. Just a suggestion though.

Fatal GAMING says:

Can I get the dimensions so I can find the right boom arm

XyntrK says:

This microphone looks cool…

R-Tard Banana says:

Idk why but I like this guy

randomfrankp says:

Whoops…..at 8:35 I meant to say “big pro” – not con lol my bad!

pheaktra kim says:

what software you use to recode sound ???

Pele The Bass says:

i dont get how this channel isnt bigger like these reviews are so in depth and all. Keep it up man love it

That Horror Show says:

Good review however I would like to compare it to the Yeti Pro.

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