Razer Seiren Elite Dynamic USB Mic Review / Test

Today we review the Razer Seiren Elite, the new Dynamic USB streaming microphone from Razer. This thing has a built in analog/digital limiter, records in 16-bit 48kHz, and offers 0 latency monitoring. Unfortunately, it has a high noise floor, the limiter is too harsh and makes it sound overly compressed, and it doesn’t have any shock absorption. All around, in theory this microphone is great, but in execution, it doesn’t cut.

Buy the Razer Seiren Elite (but are you sure?)
US: https://amzn.to/2K33ld7
UK: https://amzn.to/2jEGXLV
CA: https://amzn.to/2wlTYmP
DE: https://amzn.to/2rxGKOn

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:26 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:41 – What’s in the Box
01:00 – Build Quality
01:56 – Specifications
02:18 – Polar Pattern Test
02:37 – Background Noise Test
02:46 – Hi Pass Filter Test
02:57 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
03:06 – Windows 10 Test
03:26 – Preamp Noise Test
03:56 – Music Test
04:19 – Pros & Cons
05:44 – Overall Thoughts
06:23 – Clarification about Microphone Issue
06:50 – Recommendation / Conclusion
07:28 – Outro

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hadoenoughful says:

The Rode NT USB is cheaper and much better

AdreanNinjaEx EXTINCTION says:

Rode-NT Vs AT2020+?

Adrian Gaming says:

Razer products are shit.

kry sohard says:

already have a scarlet focus 2i2 looking for the best mic there is some background noise in my room my budget is 150$ what do you recommend?

Johan Krüger-Haglert says:

I though it wasn’t dynamic but condenser? I returned mine without using it because the question about background noise. Would hate to have returned it otherwise.

Lo Knows, Sort Of says:

0:42 priceless.
but man, im taking an early stab, not even a minute in and the mic is very noisy. Wonder what the final verdict is

mrtheluckybucket says:

You seem so sad podcastage, what’s wrong?

403def says:

Review the neat bumblebee or any of their products!

Lolik says:

Reupload with throwing box or upload to second channel the throw box.

Josh Pound says:

You didn’t throw the box!!! lolz so good hahahaha

Strong Normals/LightSpeedDash says:

Hey, Bandrew! I watched this video and a couple others today and noticed that both the Marantz MPM-2000u and the Samson C02u picked up less of the keyboard clicking than the Razer Seiren Elite or any of the Dynamic USB mics in your 2017 comparison video. I was thinking of getting one of the dynamic mics for practicing vocals before getting a high-end XLR dynamic mic but if those 2 are better at keeping noise out I should get one of them instead right? If there’s something I’m not paying attention to please let me know. I have a nice quiet place to record (more or less – it’s pretty isolating and the echo is almost nonexistent) so should I go for one of those 2 instead?

Ștefan says:

Blue Yeti / Pro vs Rode-NT USB

Johnhitbox says:

I found to my ears, it sounds a bit muffled.. maybe overly muddy.

htotube says:

Still waiting for the review of lewitt 440 pure

A SKINNY says:

can i use this mic headphone jack for listening music and all these stuff like my computer’s headphone jack?
and does it sound any good ? because my computer’s headphone jack sounds so flat and low bass

reggiep75 says:

Bandrew, has there ever been a budget/ghetto mic that has surprised you?

Answer at a later date in a Q&A if you think that would be better.

Croodoo says:

it doesn’t sound too good :/ or am i deaf

DarkraiQ8 says:

This is the one rare video of yours … that my ear drum is about to burst…… i hate this mic xD
Watching with my samsung s7 without earphone

Keep up the amazing great work

Seale Family Ministries says:

I would really like to see an Audio Technica AT 2020 vs Behringer C1 video.

Dom Brown says:

The sounds at 4:40 and throughout video sound a little like the pops you get from the 2i2 if you set the buffer size too low on a PC…

Mayank Jairaj says:

Man, such an in-depth analysis as always!! Why are u not in 500k sub already

500k this year!!

SycoLogic says:

You look like you’re having a lot of fun.

Johan Krüger-Haglert says:

This is a product called Serien Elite Dynamic and have just one capsule? It’s not Serien Elite with three and changeable record patterns? Or was that called Serien Pro?

Marcus Cook says:

Ick. You could get a USB interface and your choice of $100 dynamic mic for the same price.

Lazer Brainz says:

lol did they ask you not to throw the box?

Steven D says:

Can you please happen to review the Soonhua sh-666 Microphone?

Buzz Man says:

You owe us a “whats in the box” toss

Miloš Vukmirović says:

After watching the whole review, my thoughts are that mic seems more like a concept than a finished product. Nothing new in the tech product market where product always needs to have some “new” features and technologies. On a positive note, at least it wasn’t crowdfunded xD

Croodoo says:

Razer i really wanted to like this microphone, but i doooon’t! :>

Dom Brown says:

It sounds a little bit like a ’58. I suppose you could get the same with the X2U and ’58 bundle…

KenjaTaimu says:

is the samson c01u pro still the budget king?

Edgar Soto says:

Bro, i really love your videos, you help, not only me, but everyone by reviewing this kind o stuff. Keep it on, bro!

KitWongHK says:

Sounds definately not for singing.

Tago says:

0:47 Madlad. Absolute legend.

Mr Stone says:

remax ko2 review please?????? please please

John Jackson says:

$200 for this is really steep. This thing sounds way too thin and bright, and I heard a lot of static and crackling. You can get mic from a decent selection of XLR mics and an interface for that price. You could even throw in some beginner monitoring headphones (like those really cheap Sennheiser ones that cost $30~ or Behringer ones, though at the same price I’d say get Sennheiser). Want a dynamic? You could get an SM58 and an interface? Condenser? You could get an MXL 3000 or 5000 (upgraded V67G basically), or an AT2035, iSK Starlight, or 3U Audio CM1. Any of those paired with a UMC204HD would make a great starter set up that can record professionally as well. The Razer will not give you remotely professional quality, and Razer and Blue need to stop marketing their USB makes as studio/professional quality. Few if any current headsets and USB mics will give you anything near professional quality, and to market them as such is disgraceful.

reggiep75 says:

0:42 – I did a proper wheezy old man laugh that morphed into some full Harley Davidson revving.

That box looked like it could’ve compound fractured a skull so better safe than sorry!

Yonigeek says:

razer RIP!

Chris Cooling says:

what the hell is the repeated rumble that keeps happening at 0:31, 1:37, 1:48, 2:00-2:15, and so on? Vibrations coming over the mic due to no shock absorption? Also…$200???? You could get a Rode usb mic for that

Bomberguy says:

A $200 microphone with no markings on the knobs

The fuck

REplay Games says:

One thing that I’ve learned about Razer is that you mostly pay for the name and you don’t pay for the quality that’s just the way it is with them

DarkPa1adin says:

a lot of plosive?

Renat Khassanov says:

Make video about ASUS Magnus microphone

SamirHSX says:

Hello, you are the best youtuber reviewing microphones. After viewing your videos, I bought a samson Meteor and it’s worth it. thank you.
Can you please recommand an Android App for recording with those USB microphones? thx again.

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