Pyle PDMICUSB6 USB Microphone Review / Test

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RadegasTCZ says:

1:03 that noice when you turn your mic off xD

The48 missals says:



Tuğberk Menzil says:

BM 800 vs BM-100FX ???

Inkarnid says:

Lol the impression is so bad it’s hilarious

The48 missals says:

hey podcastage I have a question

wich is better for gaming this mic or the sf-920?


MooseTraxYT says:

I laughed at the intro.

The48 missals says:

this is one of the best usb mic iv ever heard

BeigeBoy says:

subscribed cause ur videos are awesome oh and yea the i want to believe poster
please tell me ur a x-files dude

Sush_Daddy says:

I just about died laughing at that intro XD. Great reviews and great humor! I was actually just watching jacksepticeye before i clicked here.

Donny putra says:

Please review Audio technica AT2050 … much appreciate

Jery Kames says:

Hi podcastage ! Can you review an usb sound card from the french amazon that can provide enough power for the bm 800 ? It would really really Help! 😀

Garbage Day Productions says:

I come here often just to watch the intro

Quocamole says:

Dang! That is a nice mic! I don’t like mics with that look though lol

IridiumAxle says:

I hoped you would do it and my dream came true.

Neto Cumino says:

Man, i´m brazilian ad i LOVE your chennal!!!

염블 says:

Your video is very helpful!! Thks for lots of review!!

DomoTheMofo says:

Holy crap! Great review!

David Maslovaric says:

Do you recommend Behringer XM8500 (with XLR to USB cable) for recording covers on YT? 🙂 Until i get something better

ChaseAR says:

I love how I never know what to expect when i watch these videos.

TheUltimateGamer // TUG says:

what is with the jackspeciceye’s intro in the begining

TyFilms says:

Hey, can you link me a good condenser mic and arm stand (and if needed, usb soundcard w/ voltage or phantom power) for under $40? My budget is…… kinda nonexistent 🙁

larbi amrane says:

this one or the tonor or the pyle sm 57 clone

Pastel Bleach says:


The48 missals says:

witch is better for gaming this mic or the 920?

Rafsongs says:

Your voice reminds me of Saves the day vocals… You should sing the song “at your funeral” on the next test.. ( Song request) hahahaha

Luoyisi Shimisi says:

A teddy bear lover, are you? I love ’em too. So, what’s his/her name? Oh, and by the way, thanks for the vid. It was awesome as always.

Teknokai says:

*Shows up to the video*
*Immediately likes the video*

Double Play says:

hey Podcastage is Voicemeeter even worth giving a try?

Massilya Rustum salem says:

hahahahahaha your intro was amazing that aws the lolest thing EEEEVVVVVVEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!1

NeetNaw says:

When making a microphone setup, I’ve been on a road of learning, buying, and using for the past year, and your videos have been the best so far. I use the Pyle Pro PDMic58, an arm stand, and the XLR to USB cable to hook it up and use it. My best solution so far. But now I want an upgrade. I want to go Cheap but best again, but this time use an Audio interface. I have a couple questions… One, when using the Focusrite Scarlett Aud Intr, and using the Pyle Pro PAD10MXU, do you really hear a difference in performance? And next question. Should I go the cheap route and get the BM 800, or the Expensive/Crisp great quality and get the EV RE32O? Thanks.

superfireassassin says:

i like your videos plus one sub

Wass says:

Love your videos, do you think about reviewing the Bird UM1 or the Eagletone Em30 or CM60, thanks, and keep it up!

Dunioz says:

He used a whip sound! XD

Master Chief58 says:

It’s to bad the Shure PG42 USB got discontinued. It’s the mic Jacksepticeye uses nowadays.

CallMeJoeJoe says:

It sounds dope, i’m buying it through your link so you get extra money, right? And would you suggest a foam ball or a pop filter to reduce the p sounds?

Daniel Pinilla says:

Nah, too scottish… :V

KingStivan says:

u be losing weight and gaining subs from what i can see ^^

ADtic_Obzyt says:

dude can you not fake many famous youtuber intro?

EJ VIDS says:

Hi Again… I Found A Logitech U-Sing Microphone In My House And I Wondered If I Could Buy A BoomArm That’ll Fit It?

GrimRipper1080 says:

@podcastage would you trust ebay to get products for cheaper than amazon?

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