Plugable USB Microphone Review / Test

Today I review the Plugable USB-VOX Microphone; a decent USB microphone that is great for gaming and chatting online. This mic is listed as compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Full disclosure, this mic was provided to me by Plugable to conduct this review.

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Joe Park says:

Nice review. How does this compare to the at2500 and the samson cou1pro?

Abubakir Shaimukhanbet says:

great review as always

logan schmidt says:

hey bandrew I got an idea would you use the behringer xenyx 302usb for reviewing 3.5 mics gaming headsets and dynamic mics for your neweer videos please answer this

THE_LYNX says:

Can you do a review on the – Soonuah SH666. Please

LuKee says:

I want this vs marantz pod pack. Lets dual.

Electronics For Fun says:


theodoro89 says:

Did you just call me microphone? I sexually identify as a 5inch speaker. You can call me “woofer”.

Rutchanon Wongsang says:

try sE electronic v3 and v7 bro

O ice ma says:

Do the shure sm57

Sl0ba Zl0ba says:

its generating the same noise as Samson Meteor, still not bad. 😀

FutureGaming says:

Do you think the Marantz Professional Pod Pack 1 is worth ? considering he is worth 50$ atm ?

Marv Splat says:

i love when you do input volume test cause once you get to 75% it becomes a lit asmr video

Edgar Marinho says:

Best reviews on YouTube!!! You rock!
Review the Rode NT1000, please.

MikeG's Gaming Pub says:

What’s the best budget USB condenser as of this time?(The $17 one skyrocketed it’s price)

reggiep75 says:

That poor keyboard gets key presses taken off it’s brief life as it’s brutalised for microphones tests!


Superseanbarry says:

Love ur reviews. Real world demonstrations on pattern pickup stuff. Not specs & charts that have little basis in fact. KUTGW

Planet Tyro says:

Hey, love your channel – on your settings i did notice the soundflower app and actually found it a bit of a pain to use – then found out Rogue Amoeba did a fork with the source code and made the pretty amazing LOOPBACK app commercially – maybe you should do a review on it since it’s pretty useful, cool and i know you want to mix it up and i think your audience would appreciate it – although… it is a bit pricey imo . but i did buy it 🙂

logan schmidt says:

please review the frisby stand alone microphone

djangosolarboy says:

Hey buddy, love your microphone reviews, and have actually made a few
purchases because of your suggestions, I do have a question though, you
said that you would do a versus series video on the ATR2100, 2005, and
Knox at some point, is that in the works or have you moved on from that?
I’m really interested in your opinion, I ended up getting the ATR2100,
it was good for a bit but then gave off a horrible buzzing noise and
ended up returning it, I ended up getting the Knox, I’m just curious as
to what you think in terms of difference in tones. Anyway keep up the
great work!

GAMER Shosir says:

is this a good microphone for a gaming channel?if not suggest me a good mic under $75 dollars…

KryticalStrike says:

I see that vape in the back…

Guitar3000LP says:

Lol, I also played the guitar while watching this, and I was playing the exact same chords! (just with another speed…)

Altraction Music says:

This or the Yeti, help please!

TheCaffeinator says:

“Greetings microphones, I’m back with another earthlings review for you guys!” XD

ironmatic 1 says:

Did you just assume my gender?

Craftofant says:

I would really appreciate a review of the Yamaha AG03 or AG06. These are USB mixers but still…

FieryDiana says:

I mean it’s not a bad mic but, for $75 dollars you could do better

Aron Örn says:

Can you review the ld systems 1014

Kshitij Srivastav says:

is it better than samson go?

Jarhead6 says:

Nice job

S B says:

You seem very helpful and i enjoy your videos. I have never been able to get a straight answer. I want to use a microphone and headphones for streaming. The Scarlett Solo for my XLR mic but how does that work with My sennheiser Hd 598 headphones when i have a headphone amplifier? I want to have louder sound from headphones from gaming but i have no idea how im supposed to hook it up all together or if i can Run Scarlett solo with headphone amp separately at the same time with no problems since ones a mic and others headphones.

Rodrigo Guimarães says:

That’s the best USB mic I’ve seen so far.

Anonymous says:

Who else just comes here to listen to the songs he makes?

Talaman says:

Can you wear a tuxedo in you’re next mic review you know we need to see your gentleman aspects on camera because theyre flattering no homo tho

Jaime Sanabria Agreda says:

Like if he looks like Ian from smosh:v

WelRuben says:

Could you do a berhinger c01-u vs samson c03u?

Ajay Pratap Singh says:

I love the way you say 75percent …. and 100 percent

Electronics For Fun says:

plugable? is there a mountable mic company? or a pop filterable mic company?

Resine says:

Scrolling down few viedos, your promised funny shirts !

Omix32 says:

Anyone know where I can find advice about how to properly set up a mic? Bought the Samson C01UPRO after watching the review and it’s super quiet in discord and skype. (the usb version so as I understand it no preamp/phantom solution)

Dan Magoo says:

Looks like it’s trying hard to be an AT2020USB, and I was thinking why wouldn’t someone get that instead, but….I see the AT mic is now $128, a real difference from $75. The ATR2500 is good, and currently $79, if you don’t mind silver instead of black (and some wobbly plastic buttons), and it has a headphone jack for live monitoring. Admittedly, I like AT mics, or at least prefer a brand name. But this mic does look cool, and sounds decent for just talking. Another great review, as always.

NS says:

I love Troll 2

DestinysPowerOfStupidity says:

Hey Bandrew, do you vape? I can see that vape mod in the background as well as very up front at 3:25

Cloudshines says:

Can you review the Neumann TLM 102 please 🙂

CKA says:

who else thinks its a chinese at2020

Sebastian Jakobsgaard says:

Awesome channel with great videos! What program do you use for recording screen, sound and camera?

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