Neewer NW-3U USB Condenser Mic Review / Test

Today I review another super cheap mic from Neewer, the NW-3U, which goes for around $15.00. This may be one of the best budget USB microphones I’ve come across so far. It does sound a bit mid forward which causes it to sound nasally, and it lacks a bit in the low end causing it to sound a bit thin, but for $15, I don’t think you can go wrong.

Buy the Neewer NW-3U

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:23 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:36 – What’s in the Box
00:51 – Build Quality
01:11 – Specifications
01:35 – Polar Pattern Test
01:47 – Background Noise Test
01:55 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
02:11 – Windows 10 Test
02:25 – Preamp Noise Test
03:08 – Music Test
03:29 – Pros & Cons
03:53 – Recommendation / Conclusion
04:51 – Outro

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beanjay says:

Powerful video. This mic is selling for $40 – $50 now.

NormandyMedia: Filme, Games, Youtube und anderes says:

im sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but i really need your help since others couldnt help me and you deal with the hardware in question a lot.

I own the NW-700, the NW-100 phantom power supply, and both a newer batch of the Syba USB sound card and the Sabrent USB sound card.

I have had coil whine interfere with some recordings in some games with the phantom power/mic combo, so i bought the USB sound cards. Now with the USB/mic/phantom power combo, strangely my recording volume doesnt change wether or not i use the phantom power supply, and its not loud enough at 100% mic volume. With any setup, with or without the USB sound card or phantom power supply, i also get the same static noise, which according to your videos shouldnt happen. Are my XLR-cables broken? Is my mic broken? Since i can interchange all other parts, and even switch computer, and still get the same static noise (not the coil whine noise).

Here are some samples: (mic/phantom power at +30db gain) (mic/USB sound card/phantom power at 100% mic volume in the windows settings. There is no boost option for the USB sound card) (mic/USB sound card/phantom power at 100% mic volume on my laptop) (mic/USB sound card at 100% mic volume on my laptop)

Jan baghdisar says:

The price is 75$, can you review this mic that price 31$ 1byone USB Microphone with Tripod, Mute Button with LED, Plug & Play Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

Sam Hyena says:


Electronics For Fun says:

wow neewer, l am impressed. this is one of the reasons l like neewer, cheap shit with decent quality.

More JC says:

Oh and one more thing, can u do the Neewer NW-3U vs The Audio-Technica AT2020 plz?

MeshaL AL SadhaN says:

nw-700 vs nw-1500 vs nw-3u ?

Fiasco_Games says:

Hi there, just discovered your channel and I’m loving the reviews, the consistent methodology and the focus on “I’d recommend this if your budget it $n”.

Just a NewTuber getting started and I *can’t* keep using my headphone mic, so your content is excellent. *subscribed*!

Jake Larntz says:

This just bummed me out, not available at the moment. BUMMER! This thing looks sweet… for the price!

Jay D says:

Oh wow, it’s already sold out on Amazon! (US)

The only sellers are third-party marking it up to ~$80. You can get the full set with a boom arm for $30, but I already have one.

John Jackson says:

Not sure if you have it on the poll yet but I’d like to see a review of the Shure SM27. The KSM27 (lower end model) can be found for around $100 used because it’s discontinued but there was a big batch of defective ones apparently and reviewing used mics could be troublesome because they might have issues. Shure claims that their condensers are rugged which is great if true, but I’m a little skeptical since condensers are usually pretty delicate.

XIFFE BeAtBoX says:

Can u tell me how you connect to the camera please because when you talk we can hear your voice here… We know how to connect to phantom power supply but how we will connect to the camera???

Dafty says:

Snowball o nw 3u?

More JC says:

Hey Podcastage! I have the Neewer NW-700, would u recommend my mic or the one your doing? Thx! Luv ur vids!

Dafty says:

Snow ball ice or nw 3u?? Plis

AAOMorpheus says:

Great review, now I’m confused, have the NW700 in my basket however I wanted your opinion on the NW700 vs NW-3U
If I get the NW700 I will be buying the phantom power.
My use is for team speaking in game as my headset mic has died and here’s the shocker, I butchered a cheap £5 headset for it’s mic, and attached it to my headset.

Fahim aka Smash says:

it is 75$…


brianthesignguy says:

I got this mic because of this video. I tried going through your link but surprisingly it’s cheaper sold with the boom arm haha
I do a live show on another platform with another alias. This mic is the next best thing to happen to me since my first green screen. Shhh don’t tell my son

Ninja5640 says:

NW-3U vs NW-700?

Martin Thompson says:

Could you do a video on how windows 10 sucks for USB audio mics please, and what we can do to improve it?

IV got my blue yeti on 100% volume with 50% gain, even on cardiod it’s still struggling to hear me, and when it does it picks up everything

MrBowser says:

I can’t find a cheap way to import these one to Brazil. If I would try I would spent way more than $100.

Which is A LOT in reais.
I’m hoping for more sellers to get it. Recording Equipment is dumb expansive here…

Longmont Observer says:

It’s already only available from ‘other sellers’ and the price is $60-80

Beast Boy #OnePride #Lions says:

HI, would u recommend this microphone or the tonor usb microphone (both 15 dollars)

The Transplant Helper says:

I was impressed as well. Great review

Saswati Dhar says:

Is it better than bm 800 or nw 800??

dashin300 says:

This or the fifine k669?

SpoodleArmy says:

Thanks a lot Bandrew! I would have spend more if I didn’t see this…thanks a lot seriously

Yrackaz says:

GG for your 60k subs!

XIFFE BeAtBoX says:

Please relply me .

Andrew Compose Music says:

1:19 The Sepcifications

Guy Serle says:

No sticker?? 🙁

Kotoba says:

You made them sell out lol

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