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Fobical says:

Samson go mic

Th3 Drizzl3 says:

not a huge USB fan but one I would like to see tested is the mxl USB.009 most that have it say its prob the best USB mic out. also the se electronic x1 USB has awesome specs and many say they can’t tell the difference between the USB and xlr version

Nana Rodriguez says:

Does it work on Os Sierra?

SpaceGaming 82™ says:

so this microphone now is actually 54.99 $ on amazon.Its a great mic, can you do MXL Tempo VS Blue Snowball ICE ?

Kyrenaz Kanir says:

Thanks, now I know that this microphone will function well for my purpose.

Ravi Thakur says:

pls make a video on how to get audio quality like studios.

ふわ ふわ says:

I found a bundle with the MXL Tempo Usb Mic with a pop filter, audio headphones, stand, the microphone itself, usb, and the shock mount…I just want to know is this good for most recording voiceovers or no?

BrokenParadox says:

Would you say its good for streaming and talking to your friends?

Ander Giménez says:

Thanks for the review! I now bought it and I love it. Again thanks for the review.

KnOw FiRsT says:

please sir i have only 124 dollars please recommend me best mic in this budget ….i will use it for vocal rec ..i know you are the Best….

GoodOldTawm KOTH says:

Great/helpful vid, subbed. 🙂
I got this a week ago, but how come my audio doesn’t sound nearly as good as your audio with the mic? Did you edit the audio at all?

Lil Krasz says:

lol you have bear TED 😀

Andrés Coronado says:

It would be really cool if you made playlists of your reviews based on budget. Also it would be nice to do a top X under Y budget

DAXER. BREH. says:

the sticker sold it for me

Kaavelti says:

So Canada doesn’t get a link?

Jec says:

So people might be asking themselves: Now, why would I get this?
My friends, take a look at 1:29.
You’re welcome, and enjoy your new purchase 😀

Danielle Does says:

MXL 24 USB Mic

Mike loanzon says:

Do you have a review for the MXL Studio 24? Saw a review of it recently, seems pretty great. (99$-category.) Great reviews! Been going through most of them the past few days.

NigelDoes says:

I’m so jonesing on your videos dude and I only found your channel about earlier tonight.  You honestly do the best product reviews I have ever seen on YouTube, and you keep it fun and real instead of being overly clinical. 🙂 I haven’t binge watched anything since Breaking Bad.


wich is better for gameplays the mxl tempo usb or the Audio Technica ATR2500-USB for gameplays ???

OceanGamez says:

Is it a.condenser

Fahim aka Smash says:

please test MXL 440

crazyBloodmonkey says:

you should do the mxl 770

Hero Zero says:

This guy cried when Hillary lost.

Walterino says:

Once again i see Ted in the background

Paula Webster says:

Do the Floureon BM-800

Gudz says:

good job!

Sags Mcgee says:

You get a sticker? SOLD!

Master Chief58 says:

Can you add MXL Studio 24 USB to the pole?

Alan Gomez says:

Wow this Mic is really bad saying its $80

Jvn says:

This or Blue yeti?

Kobby Eshun says:

can’t tell if it sounds good would anyone recommend it for vocal recordings

Mob6 Deezy says:

bro u my fav entertaining.. but do the mics always come with the backgrounds noise static

Lokanath Barik says:

hail bandrew’s podcastage

PradaPunk says:

so there is a xlr tempo that’s 45 would that sound better

MC RaeMo RayMo says:

just got this mike for 24 bucks from a pawn shop and i am very impressed

Jahmall Gordon says:

So I go this microphone without no real thought on anything. So recently i was given a DAC and i was wondering if there was anyway to connect it via DAC, if its good by itself or, should I invest into something a little higher end? btw I really like the mic, I don’t really wanna part ways from it, but all things are considered.

Whistle Gamer says:

never goona got that mic sounds REALLY BAD

Goat Tribe says:

only 1 person thought it sucked

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