Konami/Logitech USB Mic for Rockband or Guitar Hero Review / Test

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Dialoro says:

Damn I need this. xD

Esteval says:

can you test blue microphone bluebird

Kevlar says:

Can you do reviews on more podcasting equipment? I’ve seen your vids on mixers and audio interfaces but do you have any other things you could review that are related to podcasting and commentary work?

Benjamin Arias says:

I enjoy all of your reviews!They are very informative, for these dynamic mics I would enjoy to also hear a vocal test with some sort of pop filter or windscreen. It would defenetly show a real world example!

YouAreWhoYouAre :D says:

hope ur doing well 😀
i wanna just know what is the difference between the #samson c01u and samson c01u pro 😀 if there is any difference cuz about 30 dollars for the pro ? 😀 i just wanna know if there is a difference 😀 Thanks

Horse McHorseMan says:

Lol, that mic sounds better then 99% of the mics in that price range.

tbhharriet says:

this is a great video! been looking for reviews for this everywhere, so this is awesome 🙂 What would you say about using it for vocal recording purposes for beginners? Would it be worth getting a pop filter to go with it? thanks for all your help.

Percy Purple says:

This completely won’t work for me. It’s registered as a mic but when I try to record it doesn’t pick up any sound.

KrypticGuru 2.0 says:

Is this microphone in your opinion better than a Blue Snowball. Because from what I head I do think it is! Just want your view on it.

Life Of Rory says:

could you review the Auna mic-900 either usb or xlr

PixThePixel says:

Be warned anyone who uses this mic on a boom arm (without a shock mount) – hitting the boom arm will sound roughly like thunder if you’re recording anything/talking with someone

Imma roast you * says:

Did you use anything else other than just connecting it to your computer?

Big fan 😀

Master Chief58 says:

I actually recently got this mic at a GameStop store and compared to my ATR2100 I got earlier. I actually liked the tone and clarity of the Rock Band mic better. I mean no matter how hard I try with editing the audio for the ATR2100 my voice still comes of sounding teeny and more nasally. But that’s just my voice.

Austin Pennington says:

do you have this mic hooked up to an audio interface during this video?


Hey podcastage what shockmount and mic arm do you recommend for this microphone?

Romanticooo Anonimooo says:

hey bandrew

Master Chief 58 says:


FireFlySlick says:

Hey Podcastage, would you consider doing a review on the Rode Video Mic Go? I’ve been curious about the microphone for a while and am wondering whether or not it is worth it. I really like the way you review microphones, and would like your opinion on it. Thanks, keep up the good work! 🙂

pickle says:

I got a mic like this 5years ago and I’m still using it lol

Croo ookie says:

Wow can’t believe I found such a recent video of this mic. I just found it with my old Nintendo Wii, it came with a video game I never played lol. I did some of the same tests and have to agree, the audio is surprisingly good. I got even better results when I enhanced it in audacity! Also, if you place it vertically right under your mouth like if you were hand holding it, it picks up audio better.

Raphi M says:

Can you do a review about the t.bone sc440 pls? 🙂

Scott Snyder says:

What is the mic that you have next to you ?

AceKutter720 says:

Oh my, is that gray/grey hair I see on you? I never thought a 24-26 year old could get it that early…

xD3VILxJINx says:

a great option if your headset mic breaks or it just sucks and you already have rockband mic. Ive used mine for almost a year now as a replacement.

Rhink McNeal says:

Wel ive used a pair of headphones for a mic so i think this will be good for me.

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