Klim Desktop USB Gaming Microphone Review / Test

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TheCaffeinator says:

hey dude! I recently started a youtube channel! I have been watching your channel while I save my money. What mic for around 40-50 dollars (American) would you recommend? I keep deciding, but then getting scared away by bad reviews, even if it is one or two. I thought I bought a blue snowball iCe on Amazon, but it was a scam. I now really dont want to waste money, and would appreciate your opinion. Thanks!

Yumekai says:

It can’t hear me from more than like a foot away

SL Content says:

sounds decent

Lukas Rasmussen says:

did you really just trying to talk to us when u muted the mic?

Brovalco _redz says:

is it worked For Ps4

Ahmad Faeez says:

KLIM USB Gaming Microphone or BM 800? Since the price is the same 15 USB, which one do you recommend? I’m really like toward BM 800 due to it’s cable can be change and customized…

Shadowind UDT says:

I need help with my mic. I got this and when I start recording with it there is this little beep that comes back all the time. Any way this could go away?

Honcho J says:

im gonna get this mic for my future PC gaming channel

MemezillaGaming says:

What’s up guys lew here back with another video
Unbox therapy X podcastage

Luke Romano says:

liked because sang wheatus

Nalyo Gaming says:

What is the purple light that always shines over your eyes that makes it look like your going for a pretty sweet 70s Rocker chick look?

iisban says:

“What’s up guys lou here back with another video!” uhm what?

Mac Junky says:

Well I have tinnitus so couldn’t hear any background noise.

Cascade says:


TronixedHD says:

will it work with ps4?

Zenieth says:

How did you get to the panel so you can turn the pickup volume up and down?

Joey Plays games says:

i just ordered the blue one today and a speaker

The48 missals says:

mic looks like peepee

Anish K says:

Is it ok for Beatboxing?

Nerd Cotibe says:

that intro tho xD good vid dude!


i get it by 11.63$ on aliexpress 😀

Kaizad Sheshbaradaran says:

hey dude one help
there is populine same replica mike
can u please tell me wht the f**k**g will it have
seriously low budget mike but same replica instead klim its populine originally from hong kong
11$ for populine microphone cheap isnt it?

Asher Films says:




Packer Gaming says:

I thought it was a mouse

Raqib Zaman says:

Do you know what causes buzzing from a microphone?

Blue Color Clan says:

can you help with the mic. so when I talk it’s like super static in the background but when I hear yours it’s pretty good. I try to use audacity doesn’t help much

Reductor says:

I love your reviews. Still can’t decide which mic I should buy for Gaming commentaries without spending too much money but at least I know what not to buy 😀 Thanks!

JustADecoyy says:

this or nw-800?

Haysh 1 says:

I would get this but it looks like a dick

Tropical Mayhem says:

can i use it on my ps4

peacheswhite38 says:

Can it be used on a laptop or tablet

Simkata GamesBG says:

did you edit the sound

alez. g says:

this mic look like cashier have

Nalyo Gaming says:

You saying Lew instead of Bandrew at the beginning was weird and threw me off lol..

Selbi says:

Do you have any recommendations for good budget desktop microphones (use cases including gaming, skyping, voice-over)?


stole unbox therapys opening lines..

Oleg Vyacheslavovich says:

looks like a didlo=)

TV Toxa says:

куда я попал?

Carmarson says:

i use it for gaming and its fine

linkzellda says:

Background noise and other unnecessary noise can be fix on Audacity.

Daniel Paraico says:

Did no one catch “What’s up guys Lew here”

RecklessJokerz says:

Thanks, this helped me out a lot, what microphone would you recommend for gaming videos?

Mustafa Gamez says:


Finley Maher says:

What’s your microphone

KrayzieBankz K says:

Whats Up Lou Its Guys Here

Adam says:

That white noise tho, hurts my ears.

Michael Crowe says:

Not bad at all..Of all the USB microphone”s which one would you recommend and is there that much of a difference between the U S B & the XLR mics. (with fanthom power). I personally don’t think it’s worth the extra expenditure for just recording for YouTube. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

MonroxHD says:

I love your videos and your earning a new subscriber

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