Is the Rode NT-USB the Best Voiceover Mic? Review & Blue Yeti Comparison

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We compare the exceptional Rode NT-USB microphone to the Blue Yeti.

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Is the Rode NT-USB the Best Voiceover Mic? Review & Blue Yeti Comparison



Eshan Arora says:

Third hehehe

Angelina martinez says:

it’s a 16 bit / 48 kHz, so no it’s not the best mic

DanieleMark says:

what is the app for rec the audio

Erik says:

The Blue Yeti sounds horrible in comparison with the Røde NT-USB.

New Sigmund Freud says:

Thanks. Can you give us a comparison Blue Yeti “PRO” versus Rode NT-USB?

coastertron says:

I’m thinking of buying a usb mic. I’ll be using the mic for voice overs and singing, so is this one a good choice or not? Any other recommendations?

iRhino says:

My rode nt usb works but it just has low audio quality even when boosted to 100 in windows 10 settings

Christian Deleon says:

I love RØDE

Sepacfull says:

I’m using rode nt usb for a year and I really like it so I recomend it too

lampree says:

Wow the Rode sounds so much better!

Angela Litterio says:

Very informative. Thanks for this. I like my Rode mic on my DLSR, so I may go with the Rode external. The sound quality is great for voiceovers. Could you do a video on how to use it with iMovie?

Collin says:

Hello, is there any cable out there that I can use to connect the RODE NT-USB to the mic input of the Sony A6500 ? Thank you.

Qwokey says:

I had to return one of these due to Windows 10 and Mac OS not detecting it, despite drawing power from the USB.

Clara Denzin says:

Does anyone know what sound software to use it with ? (Windows 7)

Michael Crowe says:

I own the above and also a Blue Snowball. As a matter of interest you can connect the Rode U.S.B. as an external microphone with the use of an otg cable. However with the Blue Snowball I had to use a USB power hub also to get it working. The audio quality is much superior than from the phone’s microphone.

kekchan biggest fan says:

It’s called Røde, dummy

metal dra900n says:


Mirza R Mahee says:

Do I need an audio interface for rode nt usb??

subhash aras says:

For dubbing which is the best

mohammad moosavian says:

can you tell us about the environment while recording?? did you have any acoustic isolation or you just recorded in your room?

CMD Boxing Reports says:

I can’t find the rode nt usb microphone anywhere I’ve been to guitar stores, best buys, you name it, no one never heard of it. at least here in Jersey no one heard of it.smh

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