Floureon BM-100FX Studio Condenser Microphone Review / Test

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USB Soundcard Used: http://amzn.to/1INAuru

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Lauren-Jenna Pacey says:

I have one of these. But it won’t read on my compaq laptop that is running on windows 8

SpringWolf302 says:

Make sure you get another stand as mine broke when I tried to take the screw off the Stand and snapped in half!!!

KoolKris/NavZ says:

how do you set it up?!

JessaJay says:

I’m getting really frustrated because I have the mic plugged into my computer in the headphone port and the usb port and my computer is still just using my mac internal microphone

Justin Abersold says:

mine just doesn’t work. IDK WHY

Ryland TDG -The dog gamer says:

can you make a video about the flouren condenser mic

ColGaming says:

i bought this mic plugged it into a phantom power supply and plugged the xlr to usb and 3.5mm mic jack into it and all i get is a strange buzzing sound it isnt the mic since i tested it seperately

shubham gupta says:

so sir plss tell me.. should i buy this mic.?? it is good or not… i am sings song.. for recording i want a good microphone
plsss help me..

Zé Soares says:

I bought one and i connected with my pc. My portable computer didnt recognize him! Do i need a something to connect the usb? Or i can do direct contact with my pc? Ty

Anzo Games says:

In your opinion, which one is the best? Bm-100fx or bm 800? I’m in doubt which one to buy, thank you

Jackson D says:

Alright so if I use the same sound card that you use (the black one) and then plug the USB into a wall adapter will it have enough power to make it good quality?

Citizen Sinatra says:

yo dood what glasses are those, ive been looking for a good set like that for ever. please let me know

Shayan Nadeem says:

Hey! I have this exact same microphone and im facing noise issues. please help!!! 🙁

alen tepes says:

useless effects….yeap, not watching you anymore….basicly lots of people use this effect including me xD bye

Bogdan Curta says:

And if y wont too sing live ? Eco is perfect for repetitions in headphones or fast live recordings or guitar repetitions.

Luke Salonga says:

Can this mic go on mic stand?

LeagueForFun says:

i need help when i use this mic it soundds like im in an aeroplane any help?

SpringWolf302 says:

USB power is the only reason I bought this

suhas pravi says:

hey I’m using this mic,how to connect this.my laptop hv single 3.5 mm jack ……. please help me please please

HardKill says:

can I directly connect it to PC or laptop

Pol Timmer says:

Will i need a usb soundcard? Can’t i just plug the 3.5mm into my motherboard’s mic input?

Link Cyberspace says:

I will be using this for my first steam 🙂

Jemma Pizzanelli says:

Okay, so I’ve been using this mic for awhile and it seems to have a very staticky rinning back noise which is a bummer because I can hear it and it’s becoming to known to me I hear it when my headphones aren’t on. Any ideas on how to stop the noise. It’s not the computer it’s picking up and I don’t have any background sound and I’ve been told something is wrong with the mic. I can’t rly buy a new one or something as “fancy” as this one because I’m 14 and I don’t have a job so any quick fixes anyone can recommend?

Frenchforawhile says:

Mine won’t work with my laptop. Plugged in both the USB and the 3.5. Anyone else have this problem? Do I need any special adapter to run this on a laptop?

LusciousLatino says:

Do I need to have both the USB and 3.5 mm jack plugged in for it to work or can I only use the USB port?!

DragoFTW says:

I hate this mic it has a useless echo it cost 32$ and it sounds terrible

Rolly Z says:

how to you get your audio to sound this clear

Synthematix says:

Can it be used with a LINE IN? or does it have to be a mic input?


can it be used with smartphone

MADNESS MAN official says:

I just buy it but im bulging it to my laptop
But his not working and his not on the recording settings!!

Dre BBX says:

Hi Bandrew. I’ve had this microphone for a while now and up till now i’ve been hooking it up to my macbook using a usb soundcard with no problems. Recently however i’ve gotten a usb mixer which i use for a dynamic microphone but can’t seem to use it with the bm100fx’s weird usb/3.5 cable. After some quick browsing on the web i’ve found that my particular mixer is able to provide 15V of phantom power through the female xlr mic input. Could you possibly upload a test video to the Podcastage 2 channel seeing if this mic will work using an xlr to xlr cable hooked up to a usb mixer which provides power? It would be much appreciated.

I’m using a Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB mixer btw. Thanks 😀

Mhm. says:

Do you need this for a desktop Pc?

Tex Tapid says:

my mic keeps making a beep noise HELP!!

ironmatic 1 says:

What a peice of shit.

Ivi 1510 says:

hola crack, yo tengo ese microfono y lo enchufo al ordenador y me lo reconoce pero a la hora de hablar el audio entra por el micro del pc no por el microfono ese

Jordy rocks says:

I broke the cable on this mic ….but can phanton power work with this mic with xlr

Suryanshumusic says:

can we connect it to mobile

Ryland TDG -The dog gamer says:

ok i meant

Dean Nguyen says:

Sound good for karaoke online 🙂 thank you sir !

DSLR Video Shooter says:

The quality of your videos and content out to have you sporting many many more subs. Keep up the great work Bandrew!

Beefy Tech says:

Does it need phantom power?

Brotherj22 Stops says:

its more a reverb than an echo

TheSpoodleArmy YT says:

Great video but..I don’t understand is it plug n play?

MacedoniaGamingNetwork - MGN says:

Can you put this microphone in a shock mount because of the knobs?

fluke phisit sriwilas ฟลุ๊ก พิสิฏฐ์ ศรีวิลาศ says:


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