FiFine USB Condenser Mic (K056 / K058) Review / Test

Today I review the K056/K058, a 4-pin XLR Microphone that comes with a 4-pin XLR to USB cable, turning this thing into a USB mic. It also has a built in Volume & Echo control to give you additional flexibility.

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RadioDeporte Asturias says:

Me ha convencido, definitivamente comprare este microfono, suena muy profesional para su bajo precio.

Andy Valverde says:

Hello. I was thinking of buying a Sterling ST51. It would be awesome if you did a review on it. I’d love to here your thoughts on it.

Tape Reading na Prática says:

Hi. I’m looking for a condenser mic for YouTube videos, but I cant decide. There’s a lot of choices and I’m feeling confused.What is the best choice? Thania a lot.

Gera Games says:

The best music! hahahahahahaha

rayyan ww says:

Can i connect my headphone to the
TONOR XRL to 3.5mm Podcasting Studio Recording Condenser Microphone ?

JOE 1604 says:

my friend gave me this mic and I think it sounds decent for my voice. However, I would recommend buying a better microphone for just a little bit more money. My friend got this off amazon for around £12 here in the uk.

Solidgamer5372 says:

I am looking for a cheap replacement for this microphone i know u know a lot about microphones help me plz (i hope im not annoying u for all the questions i give u)

Fabio Augustus says:

is better than bm 800?

nogallaat says:

Blue Yeti vs RodeNTUSB

Landon Wiseley says:

@Podcastage So I’ve watched the reviews for 3 Fifine (under $30) mics. I’m more confused than ever. I’m starting a podcast and want to know, out of the 668, 669, or this 056, which would you recommend? They all had their pros and cons, but I’m still not sure. Thanks for your help in advance.

Petrie Design says:

4:10 this is the best song i’ve ever heard in my entire live! #punkrock style Britney spears… can you please record the whole song? 😉 or at least the whole lyrics, sounds cool!

EnzoPlayz638 says:

Useful And helpful! Very Useful review and voice test now i can improve my audio by making my audiance hear me with this mic. Thanks for making this video

Carmopizza says:

Sound like crap

James Cook says:

Another question: if I bought a Phantom Power Supply with a BM-800, would I need a USB Soundcard too? Would I be able to plug the 3.5mm cable from the Phantom Power straight into my PC? Thanks!

AimzY says:

Did you just plug the mic directly into the computer?

Wallywutsizface says:

Would you recommend this or the Fifine 669 for recording instrumental covers?

ADankPancake says:

Is this better than the Focusrite Scarlett CM25?

James Cook says:

Hey Podcastage, great video. Your content is very high quality! I’ve got a question to ask if you don’t mind.

I’m thinking of getting a Condenser Microphone (BM-800) and was wondering if I need Phantom Power? I’m going to get one of those USB Soundcards but do I need Phantom Power AS WELL? Thanks in advance ^^

Tristan Kovac says:

do you think that c01u pro or audio tehnica at2020usb+ is better for singing

Sara Betz says:

I just bought it and I’m using it for covers and original songs, I hope it works well for me

Walla says:

but i dont get why there is USB and Jack
the audio out is digital over USB ? or its out over Jack?
maybe is over Jack but still needs USB just to get power?
or maybe both are suitable and the user can select the most convenient one?
need some info!

Sven TV says:

I really want to listen to myself when I record using audacity, but the latency is so bad I get the voice jammer effect when I speak. Do you know why this happens? Already tried tweaking the latency but it literally doesn’t do anything 😕

The Blac Smurf says:

That microphone sounds horrible

Jacob Rivera says:

Hi friend, I have a question and I hope you respond. I want to start singing but I do not know which microphone to start with. Which one would you recommend … Microphone Newer 700 or Microphone Bm 800? The microphone Bm 800 Brings a card a USB that suspiciously improves the audio … I hope and you respond, Good video!

Pol Timmer says:

This vs the BM-100FX?

Dream Spear says:

think you got a bad mic, got this for my little brother and he uses it alot for game chat, twitch and youtube and it has no echo, also sounds a lot warmer than this, but it also runs through a preamp with a 4pin XLR-M to 3pin XLR-F adapter so that may be it or he got lucky, but really for 30$ what did you expect its not going to be amazing quality

FlaZe says:

What software do you use for the mic

TheCraftingFoxYT says:

can you review the rode broadcaster

Game.Man. Cz says:

Best is behringer c1-u or rode podcaster

DBrownDC says:

for 30/25 dolares or euros the best one is defo the bm800 i bought him im expeting to receive it soon

JustJosh says:

can you do a video on the female to male audio splitter which one is the best

Herlox says:

just found you channel for the 5th time today lol there is no one other then you that buys 20 mics for there fans lol

TheLoliyat36 says:

hey,nice vid! I have a question, do you prefer blue snowball iCE or BM 800 with audio interface. Which sounds better

tobi toobi says:

Great Video Sir !! I have a request if you don’t mind, Been looking for a great Headset under 40$ for gaming and voice recording and I saw this one and alot of people making reviews and its mic is pretty good so I would really appreciate your Profesional review and opinion on them, Hopefully Soon not after a year =/

Link :

Nova is a Boss says:

is their a slight echo? Yeah!!!

Maškov Production says:

Can you review t bone sc1100 and compare it to budget friendly audiotehnica 2020

Jayden Brown says:

So I’m looking to buy a new microphone, right now I’m using a standard one that comes with a normal headset. Which would be the best option with a $153 (USD) budget?

Dazzling Gauss says:

Shell i buy this mic for my youtube videos 🙂

King Arcky says:

what should you recommend to buy for the Samson co1u pro, a windscreen or a popfilter?

AlexandreXBU says:

Superlux E-205U

TheKraizerMC says:

dude i bought a bm-900 with a cheap usb soundacard but the microphone isnt in the ‘recording devices’????? what should i do??

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