FiFine K670 USB Microphone Review / Test

Today we’re looking at a budget usb microphone, the FiFine K670. This mic comes in at under $50, and seems to work well enough. It does have an over boosted high end that can be a bit harsh and fatiguing, but I think plenty of people upgrading from gaming headsets will be perfectly happy with this thing.

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:24 – Setup
00:42 – What’s in the Box
00:59 – Build Quality / Features
01:53 – Specifications
02:26 – Polar Pattern Rotation Test
02:46 – Background Noise Test
02:56 – Proximity / Distance Test
03:06 – Plosive Rejection Test
03:13 – Preamp Noise Test
04:03 – Windows 10 Test
04:21 – Latency Test
04:49 – Music Test
05:29 – Pros & Cons
06:10 – Overall thoughts
07:25 – Conclusion / Recommendation
08:39 – Outro

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Cobac says:

sadly I’m from Romania, US,UK,DE Amazon don’t ship this item here which is odd as many other things do.
Had to order it from aliexpress, yes, it’s a chinese company/product, you can see their meh english on their official site, but hey, the MIC seems great tho

OhJerryGaming says:

still the Number One microphone know-how man! So gald to watch your channel’s videos.

EmilHaggVO says:

If this mic was in a blind test, I’d have thought it was a dynamic. Really odd sound.

Serafin Santiago Jr says:

Have two of these mics and I barely use them lol. They were used maybe three times and I wasn’t happy with the sound I got. He’s right about the headphone jack tho. This mic is the sole reason I went ahead and got xlr mics.

EZ says:

could you review the Superlux E205u? pls

وائس آف ملک says:

you are the best

StudioGeek32 says:

Do a VS Video FiFine K670 USB VS the Blue Yeti

The Compiler says:

Yet another perfect video! yey

Strong Normals/LightSpeedDash says:

Oh how I missed these. Nobody does reviews like…Adam? Uh oh. I’ve been gone way too long

Caleb Legend says:

I never got a notification! But I’m glad you did this after I requested!

NESHA 2204 says:

this vs blue ice pls

Vix says:

So can it work if I connected it directly to my laptop?

Dark Star says:

OK now the Amazon price will certainly go up. Mark my words. You’re the reason for the price hikes on that site most of the time. 😀

piogg says:

Am I wrong or there is no zero latency monitor on this mic. I tested and there is a latency like when you listen your mic device on windows.

Sapele Steve says:

Good review! However, did I really hear you say “But I do got a disclaimer”? That sounded worse than the microphone to my ears………………. 🙂

Payish Deen says:

hi, can u make a video top 5 budjet condenser mic below 50$ but the best for studio recording in your opinion. thankyou !

CRHIST beatbox says:

Ive just got my hands into the Behringer UMC22 and when i turn the output nob(not the mic gain),from around 55% and up it is starting to make a hiss and when it is at 100% it is very much . Do you know what cause that and if you know how to fix it? also i have it hooked up on a laptop if it is helpfull ,thanks. ALSOO!! TO FL STUDIO USERS
when im on fl studio and im putting the mic in the mixer i hear my self from the fl AND from the interface direct monitor. can someone tell me how i can have around 0 latency monitoring from fl studio or from the interface AND at the same time to hear my voice with the effects in the mixer???

FrozenJumper says:

First of all, I would like to apologize if there are spelling errors because my mother tongue is French! I wanted to know what usb microphones you would advise me between the nw-7000 the AmazonBasic and the nw-3u? or offer me more!

John Matrixx says:

Doesn’t seem too bad for the price but after getting my Shure SM58 with a cloudlifter after using a Blue Yeti I am out on USB mics. XLR mics are the way to go but if you are on a budget I recommend a Blue Snowball.

This Is My Name says:

Should I get these or save about $20 and get the K669?

Katrina says:

Can you please do a comparison between k669 and k670? :3 thank you..

X-RaY ViDz says:

Could you in the future make a top 5 lavalier mic? I want to buy one in the future.

AMG Customs says:

When’s the new Blue “Ember” review coming?

Rayyan says:

dude ur sober as fuck man, idk but ur so low in this video what happend, WHAT HAPPEND.

Didi says:

Well, your channel is the best one, your very professional, BUT, what i like to see, i want you to check the frequvency range whit a signal generator, also i want the side band attenuation BASED on your test!!!! Can;t trust the manufacture specs! So, please, try and go more pro for a more precise reviews, thank you (i’m looking for a gaming headset wint a mic in 20hz-20khz and i can’t find reviews about the headset mics)

Vincent Chen says:

I thought it was pretty decent too. For no money, it did better than I thought it would. Crazy. Love your vids man.

Luigi Cat says:

Please no call me Earthying. I find offense.

Matt Finish says:

Could you please make a silly song complication from all your videos!? Please?

Scqrcity _ says:

Does an audio interface like a xlr mic plugin one also count as a headphone amp

Ahmad Aburahma says:

Hey man can you help me with this, I really need your opinion on this ,blue yeti or at 2020 with um2 interface for YouTube voice overs , probably will add a shock mount

Buzz Man says:

Nice riffs this week

O Abel Joga says:

Congratulations for your job! You content is amazing! I have a doubt to ask. I record gameplays and streamings to Youtube and i have a Blue yeti and i see in one of your videos that we don’t have to use him. I search the Shure SM7B
to buy here in Brazil but is very expensive to me, what mic i can find with the half of the price and better then my Blue yeti? Thanks for all help and sorry about my english i’m Brazilian! 😉

Rick Budzak says:

I’m just here to say again that you need a “Please Bring Pizza Pronto” shirt.

Alternative idea: A shirt for a fake pizza shop: “Plosive’s Pizza: We bring your pizza pronto!”

KingFTW says:

FiFine K670 USB Microphone or BM-800 XLR Microphone

xTeddy says:

I bought this mic last year and still have it. It’s really good.

وائس آف ملک says:

please tell me about best dynamic microphone for recording (nearly about $250)

PressXtoAlex says:

I appreciate your videos so much. Thanks for taking your own time and money to do these.

DaMaxl says:

Sometimes I wonder if you will ever run out of microphones to review


Will an M Audio M Track C Series even work in FL Studio?

j zoo says:

Hi man, great videos! I’m doing some Rap music vocals – pleae help me pick!
Behringer XM8500 or the mic from Sapphire 2i2 Bundle? Is this good enough for “pro” sound? Thanks man!

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