FiFine K669 USB Podcast Microphone Review / Test

Today I review the FiFine K669 USB Podcast Mic which is a $25 Budget USB Microphone that performs pretty well for the price. It likely won’t work well for any professional applications, but for personal use, it should be sufficient.

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Abundant says:

yo thanks bandrew I’m buying this for £21.99

Techno Land says:

it’s not available in

Roy Kang says:

what volume level was it when you were doing the distance test?

ThekidEdwin says:

I’m just in love with both of your channels keep it up 🙂

Sebz says:

His videos are *FiFine*

AimzY says:

Did you blug it directly into the computer for the tests?

AKA Hoze says:


McNasty says:

doesnt sound as good as the pod pack 1. if anyone can get the pod pack 1 for less than $25, get it.

Perry Yee says:

those FiFine puns, why!

Mark MeAsYourFriend says:

I just bought this K669 mic. Can you recommend a scissor boom extension mic stand that will work well with this mic? Thanks.

drawingskyyy says:

Is this mic good enough for singing?:”) i just need cheap microphone for well…. not a studio recording though at least good for covering song ; n ;


I’ll never buy fifine again

Evan Ahmed says:

which one is better fifine k669 or NW-800?

Electronics For Fun says:

this video was fifine. XD

Seitenlayout says:

Doesn’t you get bored doing the same things over and over again?

Brian The Duck says:

Quick question. Should I get the Behringer Phantom Power supply? I’m a user of the BM-800 and currently I use a cheap Phantom power supply with no knobs for changing anything, so the gain is always stupidly high.

GinIsSilver says:

should i get the blue snowball or the tonor bm700 kit ? im a bit short on budget

FieryDiana says:

AND I QUOTE “it feels FiFine” this is why you are on of my favorite channels XD quality puns

Mikael Odicho says:

Bandrew what mic shall i buy that id under 50 dollars and that has clarity doesent mattor dynamic or condenser

Ripstikerpro -Minecraft says:

your puns are bad

The Channel says:

Hey would you pick that over a bm 800 with a sound card

Mukesh Verma says:

nice review bro but like always today also I am requestion for blue yeti USB vs at 2020 vs mxl 990

Stars fall. I stand. says:

great, wanted a review for this .

Michel Morua says:

Best Microphone reviews ever, Thanks for all the feedback is really helpful

Royal Eagle says:

Could we compare it to the neewer nw-700 ? Any recommendations ?

George Zaf says:

Im in between this mic and the Marantz podkit 1
Can you help me pick?

kenstogie says:

thanks brother.

Michael Crowe says:

_I’m of the opinion that there is very little difference between all these U.S.B. microphones…..I have two… a Blue Snowball and a Rode U.S.B. Mic. The Rode cost almost three times the price of the Snowball and I can not discern hardly any difference in the quality…The one above sounds pretty good to my ears..(Also it’s worth noting that you can certainly make the audio sound a lot better during the post editing process)…Good review man…you have another sub_

The Fine Bros says:

Would Your recommend this microphone or klim desktop USB microphone

The Chosen One says:

EACH G4000 NEXT!!!

Ýãķāmøź says:

is it better than the bm 8000?

Michael Cuascut says:

“If the cable goes bad, you Just have to get a new mic.” – I didn’t even consider getting it after that revelation.

Jonathan Cantera says:

can you try and review the marantz mpm-2000? the xlr version

Jumpocloud gamer says:

Will this Microphone be ok for youtubers for beginners. For voice overs.

KingStivan says:

sleek mic design ^^ and fifine review 😛

guinness4life says:

Best cheap mic (USB) for (professional) narration? Has to be intelligible. Only me. Debating blue yeti, at2020 or Samson C01U Pro USB

Kapek says:

I thought you were cool. “…it just feels FiFine…”

Andy Le says:

macs suck

Harjun bro says:

who will buy condenser mic for skype calls hahahahahhha

CyberTech says:

can you make review of Takstar SM-8B ?

marakima says:

New subscriber, have been learning and enjoying… thank you for your efforts. Would love to see a review of the mic you consider best (or excellent) for the first all-around mic for someone wanting to assemble a pro-level music studio, say under $1000.

SniperLog says:

Thank you for testing the mic in many different ways, this really helps me determine if I should buy this mic. Thank you!

MAGTF167 says:

Bought this mic literally 2 days before your Marantz Pod Pack video. I made a mistake.

camerontheDJ says:

This or the BM-800?

ThekidEdwin says:

Do you have windows ??

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