Fifine K668 USB Microphone Review / Test

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EXION says:

what is clipping?

Sheikh Ahmad Shah says:

Clips at 1% gain? Damn…

Gaming Rods says:


Trophys Too Easy says:

Can I ask what clipping is? It sounded completely fine to me.

Chortomato says:

I am gonna that microfon!!!!!!!!

Haku Hatake says:

After watching several of your videos, I’m just going to get the Blue yeti. Every mic isn’t up to my standards XD and yes I subbed 😛

Rammy dread says:

sounds good to me i didn’t head no cracking or anything distorted

Ryan Ryu says:

Hey Podcastage, I already ordered this microphone but do you think it’s well worth to go for the Fifine K-669 for the extra $6? Thanks for your nice review vids! 😀

Isaiah Saunders says:

If you had to choose between this or the tonor sf922b to record music, which would you choose? looking to cut decent demos and those are my only options at the moment

ObservantOri says:

Can I use it with my DSLR? Is there a 3.5 mm male jack on it? Because I can buy a 3.5 mm male to male line, attach one end to the mic and the other to my camera? I know some USB microphones have that jack, but does THIS ONE?

Copyright says:

I have the K668 and it works wonders! Want to know how I made it work like that? I FUKKIN LEWERED THE MIC VOLUMEE. Or mabye put the pop filter on? Because its better trust me

AnimewForkLord says:

Sounds good to me, I will get it. 😀

FaunInting says:

Ow my ears

Casology says:

I got one, and used it immediately, it was horrible. Worst decision of my ENTIRE life.

GeorgeTGG says:

would you actually recomend it because i need to buy microphone and i need a good one

Shequeefa Laught says:

It’s $19.99 wtf did you expect? Seems fine for the price point.

guile Mosher says:

love the No-Bullshit reviews. thank you for your concise input, keep it up!

Jose Alejos says:

thanks for answering my question!! I was about to buy this mic

Vince Truong says:

Does this pick up a lot of background noise???

TheDavePhan says:

Sounded great to me. Maybe I’m not a mic snob? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just bought one to use for gaming because I hate headsets.

StalkingEagle01 says:

what is clipping?

KrayzieBankz K says:

The Mic Gave Me a Head Acke

wa9aa2i3 l وقائع says:

Thank you for your inquiry. Will it work with Windows 10 ???

The Shadowed says:

I got mine for %0.01 legit


Lots of people on Amazon have the complete opposite thought.

NezQuik MC says:

if I was using this for youtube would it cancel out the sound of my mechanical keyboard?

DyLemma says:

Didn’t seem bad to me???

Kyle Truong says:

Does this pick up a lot of background noise??

dance4ever79 says:

to me it sounded great 🙂

Brandon says:

When testing the Fifine K668 did you try changing the mic sensitivity. You said it was clipping at 1%, yet I have the same mic and it’s no louder or more clipped at 100%. The mic clearly only allows for one sensitivity level, regardless of what you set it to. Also, how did you get rid of the background noise? Did you use software? Because mine has a lot of hiss and the S/N ratio is only 36 dB, so the noise floor of this video is much lower than that.

Pixel wolf Gaming says:

so I can use my headphone Jack for my headphones?

Evan Peets says:

I need a good (cheap) mic, and i am wondering if this will do! it doesn’t sound bad at all. I just need one for skype, and discord.

Will B says:

The whole point of the microphone is for in game chat/video calls. It’s not meant for studio recording like you tested. I bought it and it works better than advertised. By the way, why do you even think the quality is bad?

Lynex says:

what scissor arm did you use?

Quesadillah says:

Samson Go Mic or Fifine K668? I’m a streamer on Twitch and was looking to upgrade my equipment but also on a budget. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

jo_sephs says:

I know nothing about microphones, but I heard nothing wrong with the mic other than a couple pops here and there…

The48 missals says:

wow this mic

no lie I Actually would get the sf-666 besides this

ToronTech says:

Your videos are awesome. Keep up the excellent work.

Sgt.Sharp says:

i heard NO Clipping At all It’s cheap I’ll get it

redripper says:

Does it work on xbox

T-C says:

please bro make a fifine F1 video review please <3

Discotronic Ghettoblaster says:

hi i liked the video……… im not the richest guy in the world what do you suggest thats better then your ordinary cheapy “desktop” microphone… im currently using a 1 dollar mic….. whats the next step from the 1 dollar mic

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