eBerry Plug and Play USB Microphone Review / Test

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Nathan Grimard says:

from your opinion witch one is the best on these super cheap mics eBerry vs Pyle-Pro PDMIK1 vs neewer lav?

Willjd04 says:

Doesn’t sound good haha

Big Mac says:

hey podcastage, I have a neewer nw 700 mic (my sabrent usb adapter just broke so I might get the syba adapter [thanks for that review]) the quality is horrible compared to yours. My xlr cable is fine. I just use skype and audacity for it. any suggestions to fix it? do I need phantom power? or do I just need a new mic, and if so I might get the nw 800

The Gaming Lane says:

does this help with obs on windows 10

austin says:

what were the chords to your song? it was awesome!! i think it’s c-a7-f-fm but im not sure. thanks

TorroDash says:

for me it sounds good.

Wade Wilson says:

Need a good mic that I will probably use for gaming and my NFL weekly picks. I hate my macbook 2009 mic. I am looking for a decent one for 10 dollars or less on amazon. I was thinking of getting something like this but i could imagine it being annoying if I had to strap it to a headphone set while I do gaming and commentary videos.

Lucky Seven says:

wow, uh, I thought the quality was good.

FaunInting says:

Podcastage please do a review of the Eberry high-speed USB 2.0 microphone

IceDragon Filmz says:

To me the audio quality is good. I can stack stuff so it gets near my mouth.

Killer-Boo911 says:

The quality is good for the price it has

adam gor says:

whats the cheepist mic that people can understand

PauCow says:

is this compatibe with an hp windows 10 notebook? plz reply

Capsule Corp Anime Breakdown says:

can u recommend a start mic for youtube voice over

SkinnyBoy Cole says:

I’m just starting a new gaming channel and I’m gonna be using this so

Kayana Koe says:

When your only need for this mic is for skyping, it’s probably perfect

S.T.A stuff says:


abeismain says:

More BS !!!

Augusto Torres says:

Ty dude this information is super usefull for me 😀 sorry my english is not that good :c

Willjd04 says:

69 subscribers lmaoooooooo

Suresh Kanna says:

Can it be use for Facebook voice call?

HappyTDMfan says:

so it just stop working after a while why

SupahDingus says:

I guess I wasn’t the only one that suggested that.

Kevin Sheppard says:

Did you have to add any gain at all to get decent levels?

Mr.A says:

does the at2020 work with xlr to usb?

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