Cyber Acoustics CVL-2001 USB Mic Review / Test

I’m clearing house and reviewing a lot of these budget usb mics that have been sitting on my shelves for a while, and today we look at the Cyber Acoustics CVL-2001 Shasta. This thing has a cardioid polar pattern and a 44.1kHz / 16-bit A-to-D converter. The noise floor on this thing is terrible, and it has grounding and/or shielding issues that are very apparent and make the audio recorded with it unusable.

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:25 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:40 – How I’m mounting the mic
01:03 – What’s in the Box
01:14 – Build Quality
01:44 – Specifications
01:56 – Polar Pattern Test
02:17 – Background Noise Test
02:40 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
02:54 – Windows 10 Test
03:07 – Preamp Noise Test
03:54 – Latency Test
04:18 – Music Test
04:38 – Pros & Cons
05:24 – Recommendation / Conclusion
04:51 – Outro

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DVZN Media says:

yeah this definitely is a pass

Yantodiaz Tech says:

Hi, I am your fan. I have been watching and subscribing to your channel long. Could you please review Alctron UM270 USB Microphone. It’s very famous in my country Indonesia, however, none of the review satisfies me in the way they review the mic. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

ToMaC I says:

can you please review the mics on zoom recorders like the zoom h1

Larry Russell says:

Hi – please review the Warm Audio WA-12…

TooLoud TV says:

I can really FEEL the hatred in your voice. What a rubbish mic.

Brandon Wu says:

Can you provide links to the other 2 microphones you recommended?

Score Moore says:

Man that would be a monster in the studio look wise, Don’t know about the sound, but I do know that this mic would make anyone using it be very afraid.

CosmikNinja says:

Hey Bandrew, is the behringer umc22 good enough for the shure sm58 or should I upgrade it to a better quality interface?

Juan Carlos Vélez says:

Aha! I can see that you’re testing the Audio-technica BP40!!! I’ve made it my daily driver mic for radio broadcasting. I had the Procaster previously, but to me didn’t sound that much ‘radioish’ as we are use to in Spain (it might well sound familiar to radio listeners in the US, but not in Spain were all radio stations use the Sennheisser MD441). The BP40 sounds more familiar. I also have the Blue compass boom arm, and I complete my setup with the dbx 286s and the Audient ID14. I have much to thank to you, Booth Junkie and Podcastmic channels!!!

kry sohard says:

got 150$ to spend on mic and usb interface what would you recommend ??

now we about 4 feet away from this bitch lmao

Unexpected Sensation says:

If someones usb mic is not working after the 1803 windows update activate it under settings in windows and alllow app access 😀

nice video and review 😀

DarkPa1adin says:

can you review some headphones as well as the latest Audient iD44 (when it comes out)? 🙂

David Maslovaric says:

Which one do you think is the best one:
marantz mpm-1000u usb
marantz pod pack 1
Behringer C1u
I personally think that marantz mpm-1000u usb is the best one.
Please respond 😀

Skedda says:

Is it me or does this thing boosts the highs way to much?

Ola Justin says:

Havent kept up with all your videos lately. But I have a question. I work with tuning cars and we do short videos of customers projects during the dyno runs and I am looking for a mic that can plug into a phone and record very loud cars. I want it to record whats in front of it to get some control of how it sounds. We are on a budget since this is a fun side project for us and our community. Say a hundred bucks or there abouts.

Anything that comes into mind? Been looking on Blue Yeti but its a tad big.

Emil says:

Well this microphone was pretty great and I don’t get it.

DJ S says:

That’s one very unimpressive microphone. The general sound, design choices, build quality, and bad/noisy AD conversion just makes it useless.

David Ploss says:

The only use case I could recommend for this mic is as a legit looking desk mic prop for a talk show. Plug it in, get a signal, see the light, turn the level to full zero, use actual out of frame pencil condensers and a lav mic for real audio, make people think you’re Johnny Carson. You’re welcome lol

kmg501 says:

A shitty mic is a shitty mic, get over it ladies. 😀

LTGaming says:


Yasuh says:

Sorry, is that a beyerdynamic M99 behind you?

Dan Boud says:

Describes mic as looking like a turret, calls it a son of a gun. Oh, you!

Reza Molavi says:

I really , really like your honest and no sugar coating. thank you.

Gerardo Zuccalà says:

Great video

migsven surfing says:

Sound is good. Fine mic if you dont slam it around. Thanks for the review.

Zachary Rohrbach says:

How the fuck is this $40?!

phil emerson - Soapbox Debris says:


MIguel Crespo says:

Is that the AT BP40 in the background? Are you reviewing that next??!

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