Can A Cheap Mic Sound Good? – Fifine usb microphone 669b Product Review

Fifine usb microphone 669b –

On Mic Pop Filter –

In this video we will take a look at a pretty cheap usb mic and see if we can get a great sound from it with a little work.

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Charsept says:

2:45 what is that tack-on pop filter thingy? looks useful.

Gild says:

This mic, or should I put in some extra cash and get a Snowball?


U can hear the baby anddddddd there is a slight buzz in the backround but…BUT its still a good mic

edit: i bought the mic and i frickin love it

Uncle Dro says:

Yo Mr different, which microphone is better, the one you are using or the Rode NT1A?

Taylor Brown says:

The mic doesn’t sound bad tho

joseph li says:

Better than the Blue Snowball?

Honorably says:



McFlave says:

I’m listening to this video at high volume with headphones (ATH-M50’s) – there is next to no hissing or noise on the unmodified FiFine microphone.. you might want to check your monitoring setup if you’re hearing a hissing noise. That said, I DO hear it, but I have to really pay attention to pick it up – not something I would notice if someone used this microphone for youtube audio.

Guactane says:

… is it just me or does the fifine mic sound better than his 100 dollar one?

Natália Tobias says:

Can I configurate thoses things (Eq, gate, etc) on OBS for streaming? Nice video.

Max Vacha says:

Do you think this mic is good for gaming like CS:GO and rainbow

eeeFloww says:

why does mine have so much echo?

Tierre Hammond says:

Imagine my surprise getting back into making music, going through a ton of BusyWorksBeats tutorials and finding my cousin!

Thanks for the information, bruh. Subscribed.

Fue Moua says:

thanks Mr. Different.

YrN Jmoney says:

Drop a link for the stand please

CJAllah7 says:

Hey MrDifferentTV What is that around the mic you are using ?

Luke Kage says:

I’m using a Sontronics STC-2. Quality wise it’s a step up from the Rode NT1A in my opinion.
As a portable USB mic that I take when I am traveling I use a Samson G Track. I have used it to voice artists abroad as well as other artists on location and it’s got a very good sound.
I would love to have a good tube mic so the SE Electronics Gemini 2 or the Sontronics Mercury are the ones I would love to have. Other than that the AKG C414XLS would be my other choice due to using older version from AKG a couple of decades ago and it had a great sound that I like.

Ryff says:

Do you have to get real close to the mic?

Artem “long reach” Lobov says:

I bought one, it’s great for the price but you can’t speak super loud into it or the audio gets wonky.

Straight Rambo says:

how can i remove background noise, or the static to sound like yours i have the same one

Dread Meek says:

MrDifferentTV – it is very noisy
Me – *I dont hear a damn thing*

Trendy Reviewer says:

It’s hard to find many cheaper mics to have the quality I want. Good review.

BoBdaBuilder says:

the cheap one sounds better LOL

Nukswager1 says:

Budget USB microphone or budget condenser microphone with XLR out ? ($45)

FalseInfo says:

Im new to this but may you explain how to add the gate to remove the background? Ordered this aswell , just wondering so i could have the atleast best setup.

Manuel Sfks says:


Taco Sniper Z says:

Tbh the mic actually sounds better than the one you where originally using. Mabey you should switch?


Do i need a soundcard

thatoneguy says:

That is better than the one you were using at first in my opinion

Fue Moua says:

what is the other mic filter you have?

Joe Joe says:

Do you have bass traps( RW Or OC703) in your studio? If so how many do you have ?

FutureOfTheRetro says:

Show how to do the settings you did on the mic visually. Like how do I add a gate correctly so i can cancel out all sounds when I’m not speaking

itsLean ★ says:

better than blue yeti?

fanagor says:

спасибо за обзор

xZOMBIExx says:

what app did u use to add the effects and stuff? and can u do that live or just on recordings?

Platwater says:

Can u plug a headset in?

MikyleMakeMusic says:

yo fam im recording with a samson g track, you think i should invest into something better when i get the chance or can i get some good quality audio with this in your opinion?

fanagor says:

Для игровой связи пойдет?

HeroinFather says:

I’m getting this one, buckos.

Based DropTopBop says:

do you use fl wv 9 bro? plz reply

the FrenchShay says:

I can hear the noise though for streaming it shouldn’t be a problem !

Franky Rodriguez says:

very helpful thank you!

King Kazii says:

i use a rode nt usb check out my freestyle
you tell me if the quality is nice

☆$adisfiction☆ says:

Xlr >

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