CAD GXL2400 USB Mic Review / Test

Today I review a budget usb microphone kit, the CAD GXL2400. Unfortunately, this mic is not available in most markets. It comes with nearly everything you need to start recording, and sounds pretty good for the $30 price tag. It does seem a bit boomy in the lower frequencies, but I can’t fault this mic for much given the cost.

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:34 – Setup / Test Settings
00:48 – What’s in the Box?
01:07 – Build Quality
01:28 – Specifications
01:45 – Polar Pattern Test
01:55 – Keyboard Noise Test
02:06 – Distance Test
02:10 – Gain Noise / Preamp Noise Test
02:55 – Windows 10 Test
03:08 – Music Test
03:30 – Pros & Cons
04:02 – Recommendation / Conclusion

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Rudie Obias says:

What kind of camera set-up do you use to record these videos? Thanks!

Rodolfo Carvalho says:

Hi Bandrew, can you make a video about how to monitor USB mics? Greetings from Brazil!

Nykotendo says:

What kind of mic comedyshortsgamer use

John Jackson says:

I saw the XLR version for pretty cheap (as an auction nobody bid on) on eBay for around $40. I was actually really interested in it at the time, especially since CAD makes some nice stuff above the $200 range, but this is one of those mics you can’t find too much on (in English anyway).

Chidders.Org says:

I’m poor. I want to do Youtube. All the cheap microphone reviews are really helpful. Keep up the good work!

Arcy Stem says:

sounds terrible

Elijah VaZ says:

My friend recorded a song with this mic.

drake playz says:

Thanks for the vids there much more helpful than most

MD raider says:

How do you adjust the audio like that on a pc?

naveen kadagoudar says:

can you please give ua opinion on cad gxl3000 ? is it good..??

Diego Vallejo says:

hey im thinking of buying the bm 800 can you do another review, also what microphone do you normally use please answer!!

Aldo Dandy says:

Please review an alctron xu-2 with a cheap mic too, like bm800 or other cheap mic

Omar Lopez says:

Amazing quality for price. Bought in amazon 29.99. Thank you

TheSilentEvil says:

Obviously you’re going to get the microphone!

Cover Fever says:

Please make a review of (cad gxl3000)

Achilles says:

No stickers?!

KristupasC says:

best mic under 30$ or plug and play under 50

photo camera says:

SM57 better be next lol you’re breaking my balls.

Garrett Carroll says:

Hello, fellow microphones. Great earthlings review, eh?

Erlendo says:

Can you do a review om the Trust madell desktop mic?

MeTuLHeD says:

Dang! I’m impressed at how good it sounds.

I’d be willing to bet the price is so low because CAD is gonna discontinue it and they’re trying to unload the over stock.

Great review as always. I liked the sound on instruments. That low end boost can be easily tamed with a bit of EQ roll off.

Infallible Gamer says:

I want to buy a mic to record acoustic guitar with the maximum quality and a minimum price, what should I choose, the Neewer NW-7000 USB kit for 40$ or a NW-800 + Phantom Power + USB audio adapter for 43$ or a Samson GO? Or maybe some others? The lowest price with same quality is appreciated, thanks 😛

Cooper says:

THANK YOU PODCASTAGE IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE FOREVER. I’m so glad you like it it’s s really good deal for 30 bucks in my opinion 🙂

P.S Can’t wait for the CAD GXL 2200 Condenser Microphone Review!

thanksforthevenom says:

this or the nw700???

Umi Sonoda says:

Ohhhh do I see a EV RE320? In the background where your SM7B usually is!!

camerakid says:

Thank you for all the effort you put into your videos. I got this mic a while back and I will say, it is a very good microphone for the money.

Orfegas says:

can you play a few notes on the bass with these mics too just too see how they do in the low end?

Salieras says:

So what would be better this mic or BM-800 with Phantom power suply ?

Whisper Dakrboy says:

Cad u37? cad zoe? can you review them?

Johnhitbox says:

My first real microphone was the cad gxl none USB. It was xlr. I still have it. But after switching to the shure sm7b dynamic I can’t go back.

busta85 says:

Greetings usb microphones, I got another earthlings for you guys?

Salieras says:

I wish I could get this mic in Lithuania.. Shipping costs 30€ just like mic 😐

sermon says:

Marantz MPM-2000U vs Cad 2400USB

reggiep75 says:

0:51 – I’m beginning to love the sarcasm and wit on this channel even more. It’s even MORE DELIGHTFULLY SARCASTIC at 1.25x speed

This deep, dark, wit can be a permanent fixture for me but others may be a bit more delicate about it!

thanksforthevenom says:

Fuck its not available in the uk

The SV Officials says:

Yes finally

SnipedGaming says:

its always a game to me wether you will say greetings earthlings, or greeting usb mics, ive got another earthlings review

The Sexual Tyrannosaurus says:

Unrelated, but just became aware of the lack of quality USB soundcards due to the less voltage issue, are there any USB soundcards that still pump out the amount of volts they used to? Don’t want to make any purchases and get screwed.

TacticG says:

i have just brought a Condenser Mic and Phantom power and this will be the setup: NW 800

Condenser Mic connected to Phantom Power through XLR cable, and then from the Phantom Box, i will use XLR to 3.5mm jack to connect to my pc. but when i plug the 3.5mm straight into the pc it does not work is it becouse i need something like a sound card or it the mic thats not working… please reply

RevoFX says:

Do you just plug it in ur pc or to an sound card or somthing?

IridiumAxle says:

I really loved this microphone a few months ago and back then it was around $60-$70 and I was still willing to buy it, I couldn’t believe it when you said it was $30, even though i have a cad u39 I might look into buying this too if I can fit it into my budget. Also I have a recommendation, could you test the mics at a closer distance vs farther so that we can see how various microphones handle proximity effect?

Feroze gaming54HD says:

I love your videos

JohanGaming says:

is this much better than the tonor bm 700?

logan schmidt says:

Review the aokeo ak-2 usb microphone please

Knifeplay says:

Great review as always.

it's Landon says:

couple of questions for you (or any other viewers). I have the bm-8000 cause I watched your videos and I plan on upgrading it but I need a cheep good quality mixer for another microphone ranging from $20 – $60, I need it to have phantom power on both jacks, XLR and 1/4 in two same jacks, and being able to put in my headphones to. also I need a good quality microphone (studio) ranging from $20 – $40. one more thing my computer is a POS (PIECE OF SH*T) (Sony Vaio, I3, 4g ram, made in 2009) it has lots of problems but can handle light gaming, and won’t download .net framework so my editor is Filmora and Audacity. I would love to put those mics to good use and start a chanel (BTW I have a good quality camera) But I can’t show my face, I can use a mask tho, and I dont have lots of money. Do you have any chanel ideas (mabey talkshow, or kinda like drama alert or the richest (both YT channels))

Lukasko Mraz says:

CAD has some sales like this. I bought the U39 for 40 dollars 😀

Shacalyx says:

Heyya Bandrew! How’s it going? I was wondering if you could help me choose between Samson C01U Pro and Rode NT-USB, as I’m stuck between these two. I’d mostly do gaming and maybe YT in the future. If you have any recommendation, my budget would be less than 200 bucks xd thanks

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