Blue Yeti Pro USB Condenser Mic Review / Test

Today I review one of the most popular USB Mics for YouTube, the Blue Yeti Pro. Although it sounds good for music, I don’t think it’s ideal for most people on youtube. I explain this reasoning in the closing of the video.

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Harpreet Hakemzadeh says:

at 00:00 he said greeting microphones and at 00:02 he said hes got a earthling review

Rusty 458 says:

I have watched this channel since i started youtube

BeigeBoy says:

Ok so blue yeti pro vs at2020 USB
What is better?
Only asking as I have the chance to pick both of the up for £60 each

4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování says:

as soon as you get some kind of win10 computer will you figure out some solutions?

EDIT:Found out that it works thanks to you but some people say that it doesn’t work (but it’s a bit confusing if they are talking about yeti the standard)

Brian The Duck says:

You seemed either quite tired or disappointed with this microphone. You alright, Bandrew?

ImJackson says:

I like the review but not the singing

Tech1Tv says:

Nice review. That’s a good microphone but i might get the regular Blue Yeti instead

Bald Expert says:

will the blue yeti pro plugged into the focusrite scarlett solo 2nd gen sound better or the audio technica at2035 plugged into the focusrite scarlett solo 2nd gen? What do you think?


am i the only the only one that thinks it sounds exactly like the normal blue yeti?

Whisper Dakrboy says:

Your electric guitar reminds me of sum41

Galo Fernández says:

Excellent video, and amazing advices… straight to the point… it´s very useful and by the way very easy going video… I love it!!!

Ryland TDG -The dog gamer says:

if you didn’t can you make a video about the rhode broadcaster

Driz says:

I see what you did there…

GCTV/GamingCatTV says:

We are not microphonesXD

Leverquin says:

sound just like blue yeti to me O.o

kwindzy says:

The left and right channels on this thing should be swapped. Those silly blue engineers probably tested this thing while looking in a mirror.

BeigeBoy says:

ohhhh dude that riff, gave me chills
sounded awesome on the stereo setting,

Carlos Montesinos says:

Hi, recently subscribed, congratulations and greetings from Spain!
QUESTION: I’m about to buy a mic, it’s my 1st one, I will use it for recording voice and acoustic guitar (I’ve been playing for 9 years but I’ve only used mics for live).
I can’t decide between the Yeti Pro, the AT2050 or the Rode NT1, which would you guys recommend me?
Thanks a lot!

蘇韻涵 says:

Does this same as the razor seiren pro that needs 2 input of the xlr??

SpaghettiSamProductions says:

Stereo picks up A LOT of noise.

MrRuneDj4 says:

In case of a streamer or Let’s player! What mic would you recommend to me (I currently has a berringer umc 202hd, hd interface and ATR 2100 and am waiting on a cloud lifter )

AnythingTime says:

Does this microphone not work with Windows 10 then?

Dan Magoo says:

Congrats on 25K, Bandrew! Thanks for the points about what it’s good for, and what it’s not — you made me feel a little less bad about the (regular USB) Yeti I bought a few years ago. I tried it for voiceover/video narrations, and what a disappointment (Windows 7 and 8.1). I come back and try it again every few months, and every time,, I fiddle with all possible settings, and then want to throw it out the window. It sounds just mediocre in raw form, but the weird thing is how ANY kind of post-processing makes the Yeti sound so much worse, exaggerating its metallic ring — I’ve never found that with any other mic. Blue mics are very overrated, IMO, especially the Yeti. But as you explained, it has its uses — just not for me.

Francisco Meza says:

Kick Ass video. Thank you.

9002 says:

£200?, I have seen £20 microphones that sound the same as the Yeti Pro.

Qu2sai says:

Why does the camera mic sound so good or is it not the camera mic?

Andrew Walsh says:

Thanks for a great review and particularly showing the different distances from the mic and slow gain… very useful. Keep up the great work!

MrGamingFox says:

Did you purposely mix microphones and earthlings at the beginning?

TheLegendaryGamers// Legendary 744 says:

Greetings *microphones* and I am back with another *earthlings* video for you guys.
You messed up. But great video nonetheless. 🙂

PB32 says:

Guitar solo reminds me of Xenogenocide – Fatality

Ryland TDG -The dog gamer says:

why sid you say greetings microphones

Live Noteworthy says:

should i buy a used one??


Hey, that’s better? Blue Yeti PRO or Audiotechnica2020+ in qualitiy?

Jordy rocks says:

What camera are you using

Claydood says:

Do you have a top 3 – 5 mic recommendations for podcasters and gamers?

BattleFrukerz says:

good review

Satryo Sunu says:

can you do the versus between razer seiren pro and blue yeti pro? i think both of them are equally great!

Milan Karakas says:

Stereo is messed, left is right, right is left… common beginners mistake… bad video 🙁

Clayton Delaney says:

Is it bidirectional like the USB Blue Yeti, so I can use it for ASMR?

YourFavWhite says:

can anyone tell me which one is better blue yeti pro or razer seiren pro elite

Joe Smith says:

So what’s the difference between the Pro and the regular Yeti? You didn’t talk about that obvious question.

Blue Networks says:

the best channel on youtube entertaining and informative 🙂

Lucius Amaranth says:

you in a band or something O__o . damn sounds good
if you not, why ? xD
at least make something solo wise : D

Mike R says:

Nice video! What would you recommend for gaming? Rode NT?

Julia's Wor/l/d says:

Great video, thanks a lot!
I’m looking for a mic to do professional voice over. I want a mic I could travel with and just plug in my laptop via usb but also a mic I could use in xlr in a home studio.
On top of voice over, I sing and play the guitar on a Youtube channel. This microphone seems to be a good compromise but my biggest concern is: will it be good enough for professional voice over? And is there a mic with the equivalent fonctions but cheaper?

92OnTV says:

Is there any other condenser mic with xlr + usb ?

TheFateofJ says:

Phenomenal review!

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