Blue Yeti Nano Review / Test

Today we’re looking at a brand new microphone form Blue (or Logitech), the Yeti Nano. This is a compact version of the Blue Yeti without the Stereo or Bi-directional polar pattern options, but it’s still compatible with Windows and Mac OSX.

Buy the Blue Yeti Nano

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:26 – Setup for Testing
00:38 – What’s in the Box
00:56 – Build Quality / Walk Through
01:50 – Specifications
02:07 – 360-degree Polar Pattern Test (Cardioid)
02:29 – Polar Pattern Tone Test (Cardioid vs Omni)
02:40 – Keyboard Background Noise Test (Boom Arm vs Desktop Stand)
02:58 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
03:09 – Plosive
03:18 – Windows 10 Test
03:35 – Blue Yeti vs Yeti Nano
04:03 – Preamp Gain Noise Test
05:05 – Latency Test
05:29 – Music Test
06:09 – Blue Sherpa Software Walkthrough
07:29 – Pros & Cons
08:13 – Overall thoughts
09:16 – Conclusion / Recommendation
10:19 – Outro

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XposeD 1 says:

why does this guy sound like LIRIK

Astral Nights says:

With the way you do audio reviews, you should totally do a video recommending the best ASMR mic. I can totally imagine you being like totally ASMReeee…

DerpyNerdy says:

Damn I already ordered the Fifine k669

zigmas says:

shieeet son

Schwabbel says:

Very good Review!

CJ says:

This is one hell of a review! 😀

Abraham Sanchez says:

Sounds dumb, but I want it because it looks cute, haha.

Sketchbook Time Machine says:

Great review! Thanks for helping me make a good choice– I’m gonna get the Nano because all I’m doing is voice overs for my Youtube vids.

James Patton says:

i just got the normal blackout yeti….maybe this thing isn’t as good still?

Trao Lin says:

Silly question, but what are you blurring out on the bottom of the mic like at 1:48? Registration number or something?

Tony LBMontana says:

The headphone jack port on my Samsung qtu went into the mic so I opened the bottom of the mic and I came to the conclusion I got what I paid for. Hopefully this nano mic is not fragile. The Samsung did a very good job it is just a shame the jack is so fragile and cheap.

Dave Smith says:

I think I’ll just stick with my Snowball for now.

Garrett McGhee says:

I got my blue yeti for 99$, it goes on sale all the time on amazon and Newegg

Goat Inna Box says:

Hold up. It doesn’t have a gain nob? Oof

Thom Vandevenne says:

Excellent review!

MyFavoriteMusic says:

My sherpa doesn’t recognize my Yeti Nano, I am pretty bummed about that.

Fear Fern says:

just got this mic and your review helped me decide what was best for my stream but i also want to see more expensive microphones dedicated to gaming so i can make a goal or wishlist

JM Desrosiers says:

Does the headphones out amplify sound a little compared to the cheap integrated sound card of a motherboard? Thanks!

Azmon says:

where do i download the Blue yeti nano Software?

Vincent Chen says:

I will be starting my Podcast soon too. I am looking at a USB mic and looked at the Yeti. I like your recommendation for the Samson etc. I had a somewhat middling experience with the Blue Snowball so I am not so keen to getting another blue USB mic. I like your format. I subbed and want to hear more. By the way, I am an audiophile, and you did just fine. Cheers.

akaRed says:


AlexBlaze says:

can you do a review on redgear cosmo 7.1 gaming headphones?

Kragatar says:

0:56 I would expect solid build quality for $100. After all the SM58 is $100 and you get a professional quality mic that’s damn near indestructible.

Davis Woodruff says:

“It feels really plasticy and cheap” Bruh. Are u just touching all ur mice instead of just…idk maybe…using them! It doesn’t matter for this price and since u don’t use the body

It's just Me says:

I like this little thing. It looks and sounds good.. A lot less clunky then the regular Blue Yeti. I was ALMOST sold on it until the end of the video where you addressed me directly lol. I need a mic simply to just speak on Discord, maybe stream from time to time or do a review here and there finally of all the junk I’ve collected lately lol. But I live in a noisey environment at the moment and say I guess I need a USB dynamic microphone. I like the sound of the At 2005 but I prefer the look of the 2025 so I’m STILL unsure which to get. Anyway great video once again. I’ve been checking you out recently and you’re pretty damn good guy. Hopefully you can chime in (or someone else with knowledge is welcome to) and hello me figure out what mics best for me. Thanks

Light 5bolt says:

“Only” 100 dollars

Proh says:

The audio seems really good quality for the price ?
I don’t know much about Microphones though, but it seems good for stuff like voice overs, streaming, youtube or gaming.

Gamer Jema says:

Thank you for a very helpful review! 🙂

I just got a Yeti Nano myself, and I’ve got an issue with it. When I record voice, using Audacity, the recording sound muffled. While it provides a good foundation recording, I have to edit the sound afterwards to actually make it clear. I couldn’t really use this for, say, live streaming. But when I plugged the headset into it, it was a different world. The sound was REALLY clear, and the mic picks up pretty much everything, from the clock on my wall to distant traffic through closed windows. I also tried it connected to my PS4, and it was the same, good sound.

So for some reason, PC recordings simply won’t produce a clear sound for me, it’s always muffled. And for the record, I am talking from the front, directly, with cardioid selected. I have tried talking far away and REALLY close. And I have googled, but found no answer.

Also, note that the Sherpa app doesn’t recognize the mic, so that might be connected. I have tried all the USB ports, and I believe they are all 3.0 or composite.

InstantCake says:

Why is the bottom censored?

JoeRieper says:

It seems to be fine for people who just wants solid microphone that is small. Sounds better than snowball and not even that badly priced.

Jãozin says:

Hello 🙂 between the yeti nano and the atr 2500 , which one is the best ?

FunnyGuyTimmy says:

I like the Nano more.

The Snoopy says:

This video sold a Yeti Nano to me. Thank you for the informative review.

Scratching Beyond The Surface says:

I want to hear the Nano and the Blue Yeti Pro comparison. I have the Pro.

Mr.YouSuke says:


WhosThisNerd says:

Now we just need Blue to make a dynamic version of the Yeti.

nitrowife says:

Very nice video thank you!

Andrew says:

Finally, someone who reviews the product without wasting the first twenty minutes talking about the packaging.

Cxvalry says:

15 Gain? I need at least 70 to be at a nice noise???

WASD20 says:

Thanks for the review!

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