Blue Snowball VS Blue Yeti Microphone (Review / Comparison)

Hey guys, today I compare the two common microphones used for commentaries on YouTube, the Blue Snowball and the Blue Yeti. I always get asked what I used to record and which of the two microphone is better so I thought I’d make a video on it considering I’ve used both of them. 🙂

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SkorpionZero says:

Ill buy the blue yeti for the mute button:D

BeeBoi says:

the thing with blue snowball is that you al ost need no edits bcuz it almost doesnt pick up any other sound than your voice

Dumb Bitch says:

Blue yetis suck

Pizza PlayzYT says:

dont here a different

AirrHead says:

Your US dollars are WAY phuckkkkkkked up

Berry says:

at my target they sell the blue yeti for 100 USD and snowball for 40 USD lol

Mark TheCat says:

The snowball sounds better

Jon's Tech Channel says:

Get the Blue Blueberry

BoninFire9 says:

Is there any Arozzi usb mic reviews?

LeviathanJPTV says:

I know this is an old video, but thanks for the help deciding on what muckaphone to buy

TillDabeast says:

The Cardioid -10Db is mainly for recording loud instruments and stuff like that.

Crush Fitness says:

who else is watching this because they recently bought a Blue Yeti?

scientist100 says:

Sorry; Yetti is better xD sounded better while using my astro A40 with Astro AMP Pro. Not sure about you guys but sounded more clear and crisp.

CallumMCツ HCF AND MORE says:


RareMelon says:

i use blue yeti

The Hero of Awesome says:

blue snowball is better

HurtboyVEVO says:

the blue snowball will sound good with further editing in studio, good for live streams which don’t usually output higher quality audio.
the blue yeti sounds better with just raw audio, better for making music and for interviews

Genocoly says:

wait what Gaming Lemon i was just searching for a microphone

Explosive Mayhem says:

holy shit I just clicked on this thinking it was a random reviewer, didnt think I would get a legend behind the camera

James Howell says:

can I use the snowball for discord?

IZ ProJects says:


Brayden Tindal says:


Retriever says:

Yea if it’s called blue snowball then why is it not blue…

Movie Reviews says:

which setting did he put on audacity

Corbin G says:


Mony Becerra says:

Are any of these mics as good as the Shure SM57, quality wise?
Mine just broke, and might to get a new one, but I can’t afford another Shure mic at this time. Thanks!

Zeroslyfox says:

8:25 Muckerfun

tazz says:

the snowball kind of sounds echoy where as the yeti is much cleaner and softer

AxelGaming45 says:

I thought the gaming lemon was black

OvalPlayer 4 says:

witch one are you using

Skiilerma3 says:

Muckaphone ??

Zomble Bee says:

my snowball sounds awful, I’m going to get the Yeti.

Zin Thura says:

So what do I get?


At night, that red light on the snowball would be so annoying!

TitanRoll says:

130 $ YETI snow ball is 80 $ in us dollars

Anton says:

I dont LIKE the Blue yeti

Mattias Tuomela says:

tal svenska

Gucci in the Lui store says:

Show the cables

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