Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone — Review

This is a new filming angle I’m trying out, let me know what you think.

iCE Microphone:

– price is great
– quality is great for the price
– styling is modern and acceptable
– sturdy construction
– the most simple setup and easiest mic to use

– USB cable isn’t the most snug, can become loose and fall out.
– tilt out feet only have two options, collapsed and folded down, no real middle ground for height adjusting this mic


F M. says:

Wouldn’t you consider the ‘close distance required to get a good quality sound’ a con?

I got one snowball ICE and it feels like I must choose between my keyboard and the mic position, to get a good voice recording (with no software enhancement)…

Nevan123 says:

Can someone please give me their review of this mic in use within their music? I’d appreciate it. And maybe other mic recommendations? Thank you!

CosmikHaze says:

its not bad thing that you have to be close to it, thats what its meant for thats why its a cardioid microphone, if you wanna be able to sit back while talking into it then by a mic scissor arm stand that clamps to your desk

ISEE YOU says:

How do you mute a mic?

Tech4YourNeeds says:

Did you use Audacity with Blue Snowball Ice? Enhanced your audio.

Informative Tech says:


jitendra parate says:

What is the life of this mic ?

JCG89 says:

Nice review, Im in the process of choosing a mic for my channel this vid has helped alot thanks!

Forest says:

Do you think we need a pop filter?

MrChad97Z says:

I noticed on your video I have to turn the volume up to max and then I still have to bump up the windows 7 volume. on the high side to hear you “well”. These MICS are a bit overrated. I have one. And like other reviews have said, there is no GAIN. So you cannot turn up the MIC. Fortunately it hears me good enough to do searches on Google and if I want to use the windows Speech Recognition, it will work fine. But for Video’s, it is not sufficient. I did notice the most bizarre thing. I recorded my voice while at my desk and it would not pick up my voice that well.. but during playback I bumped up the volume so I could hear the dang thing, and I hear the Humming noise from my Refrigerator which is in the Kitchen. I have a 1 bedroom apartment and my desk is in the dining room area, and the refrigerator is 25ft away so I am surprised it could pick up that background noise. So, maybe I could have got the YETI.. FIGURES!!!! By the way, I should note that my testing had the MIC setting on the rear desktop corner which is about 3ft away. And like this video says, you gotta stick it in your face for proper volume /amplitude. But if I make a video, I dont want to have the MIC in my face. haha

Neon Fox says:

The usb female or male?

Chanel Slayton says:

This might be a stupid question but I’m wondering when people show products how they have their camera sitting in front of them and able to have good reach with their hands is there a certain way you put a camera are you using just like a blogging type camera or you were using a camera off of your computer or what

FabulousSheep says:

Can i use it for my Laptop? And does it have noise??

DalekWindmill says:

just got one of these, very impressed, may be the best microphone i’ve ever had, at least for a few years. Have been using a Condenser SF-666 since my previous good quality mic broke, this one is great in comparison.

Misanthropist says:

Dude, please help
I recently bought Blue Snowball Ice Microphone and Connected to the PS4. It worked just fine for 15 minutes and then suddenly PS4 showed that microphone is disconnected automatically. Then it was getting connected and disconnected for few times and after 1 hour of twerking it’s not detecting at all. I plugged the mic on my PC and tested for an hour continuously and it’s working well on PC. Please HELP.

Nate says:

Is that a Model M13 in the background?


Does it come with the USB cable?

skullz heaven says:

do you plug it in in a USB doc or a headphone jack ???

Nibba Boi says:

Mine doesn’t pick up sound

armins gaming says:

i hope you will answer…
so i got my snowball ice and i have it for about 1/2 year and suddenly one day it became so quiet i need to shout in it if i want people hear me which i do…and when i hit table ppl i talk to should hear coil noise while [hitting table] …i dont have it
can you please help me to fix it…or maybe it is not fixable
thank you

Chanel Slayton says:

This might be a stupid question but I’m wondering when people show products how they have their camera sitting in front of them and able to have good reach with their hands is there a certain way you put a camera are you using just like a blogging type camera or you were using a Camera off of your computer or what

TJ McMahon says:

I ordered the black one with the pop filter and boom arm and it’s coming tomorrow (1/17/17)

Jerry The Gamer says:

Can I get in it from GameStop on store?

Mark Tayler says:

recording with this mic is a pain very quiet play back anyone have any idea how to fix this

Chosen Idea says:

Having to be directly in front of the mic, and it not picking up sound from the back is what you want (for anyone who feels that this is a con of this mic). The quality of one’s sound cards can’t be overlooked for those having issues with their levels. It’s a very capable mic when connected to the proper hardware.

Aviator Pear says:

First video I’ve ever watched that’s ever told me to dislike if I disliked it. Instant sub. Also thank you for expressing the point of how close the microphone has to be to pick up noise, all of the other reviews I have read or watched have never said that and now I shall keep that in mind for when mine arives soon

AB says:

Hey man, great review! If you are still using this mic, can you tell me what the dimension roughly are? Would love to know that.

Mikey says:

Does this mic work on windows10 for sure?

VideoGame Lover says:

do you put it on 1 2 or 3 mode and which one do you suggest for live streams

RandomGamer 5 says:

where does the voice file go?

Oxmate says:

must be something wrong with your pc mine works from across the room

Cell says:

nice imma buy this

Deanna Scott says:

Would you recommend this for a podcast that you’re gonna have co hosts ?

ZEUS Kitsune says:

mine did the come with a stand

Peter Osborne says:

mate if you get yourself a mic stand you can sit back and have it right by you ok

FucsiaColors ˡᶤᶬᶤᵗᵉᵈ ᵉᵈᶤᵗᶤᵒᶰ says:

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (Textured White) AND Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid.


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