Blue Raspberry USB & iOS Mic Review / Test

Today I review the Blue Raspberry; a travel iOS microphone that records up 24-bit 48kHz. This thing is not only compatible with iOS, but also windows and Mac. Given the limited market for iOS microphones, this is a pretty good option, but if you’re a laptop or desktop user, I think you’re better off getting a standard USB microphone.

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:21 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:34 – What’s in the Box
00:54 – Build Quality / Walkthrough
01:42 – Specifications
02:01 – Polar Pattern Tests
02:14 – Background Noise Test
02:22 – Distance Test
02:36 – Windows 10 Test
02:50 – iPhone Test
03:07 – Gain Noise Test
03:22 – Music Test
03:54 – Pros & Cons
04:46 – Recommendation / Conclusion
06:03 – Outro

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Oded Hen says:

Do you think the Apogee 96k is better? Or any other mic at the same price?

Nelfie de Jesus says:

hello!! is this enough for asmr videos? thank you

StudioGeek32 says:

hi you rock you are in my vlog!!!

InstantCake says:

Can You review The MXL BCD-1?

Grumpy Gamer says:

I’ve been watching your vids for about a year now and i just get more confused on what to get! Anyone use the Rode podcaster? i have no control on background noise so need a usb dynamic mic. Thanks in advance

The Zanfis says:

Hey man I am planning to move from a built-in microphone on my HyperxCloud 2s to something a bit more serious. I am thinking about XLR microphone with audio interface. My question is: should I get a stereo MIXER or AUDIO INTERFACE like Focusrite Scarlett Solo? What’s the difference between them? What should I get if I want to start uploading videos consistently on youtube and maybe start streaming later on? I would be uploading my PC gameplay.

Is a mixer a good choice if I want to equalize my microphone and put effects on it (demon,radio voice etc etc etc) or should i just get audio interface and use some kind of software?

Thanks for your answer, love ur videos!

Socity 13 says:

Now I’m torn. I need a great portable mic for interviews and I thought this was a viable option. Now I’m having doubts…lol

A-q Khan says:

Great Sir

Michael De Lazzer says:

The microphonics on this one made me sell it. Just touch anywhere near it and it picks up any sound. The Apogee Mic (version 2 or whatever the new one is) performs way better on the road, just bring a sock to control the plosives. I use this for professional voice overs on the road. Record to Twisted Wave on my iPhone and upload to a server. The Apogee is my go-to portable. If I have a little more room in my kit, I use the AT2020 USB for a slightly richer, more neutral sound.

Andrew M. Sheppard says:

Hey Bandrew… gett’a load of _this:_ that shit head, +Frequency Wars Channel Closed, is now making videos *about me!:*

Fawk’n hell… this dumb kid seems to think I’m some sort of self-professed ‘expert’ in audio engineering… while he whines that I don’t compose YT comments at a school child’s level! #NotEvenTrolling

NeoOwnz says:

When I Connect the the iphone cable to the microphone the led stays off and the mic does not record. This happens each time I attempted it. When I Connect USB cable from mic to laptop it works great. What could be causing the mic not to work on my iPhone?

Unicorn Parade says:

I don’t care for the sound of that microphone at all.

Nysttren says:

Review the Floureon BM-800 condenser mic

ChaseCavs says:

I got this on Craigslist for only $30 and since my yeti died this is my new daily lol not bad so far. But yes I agree on shock and the cheap feeling of it.

vgamesx1 says:

For recording apps you might give Hi-Q and RecForge II a try, they have more recording options and recforge even has an audio editor. (oh wait, sorry I just remembered that you were using iOS and I don’t know if those apps even exist there.)

Random Videos says:

Hi can you do any DI box review?

Aaron Fantazii #AFLive says:

Oh My Gosh you did the Review I wanted, Thank you !!!!

Anonymous Rex says:

Would u say this is better than irig mic studio

reggiep75 says:

2:22 – One day you have to say ‘I’m Batman!’ or another grunted Batman quote for a laugh!

Blueon123's factory says:

Can you do let’s plays

Firmbie says:

Another great review.Thank you good sir.

shivam singh says:

Suggest me a usb mic for making youtube tutorial which sounds good even at distance of 1 feet and capable to reject background noise.

DaXo says:


Jim Mulkern says:

Do a versus between all of the MXL mics you have!!!!!!!!

FoodTechLife says:

What!? $200 That’s silly.

Gaurav Agrawal says:

Hey podcastage if possible then do a review of AKG C3000
It was not in your voting list thats why I am asking you

Șerban says:

50£more because IOS compatibility..

Scott Johnson says:

Got one on clearance at Best Buy for $80

Ezequiel says:

Someday you’ll make a “Best condenser (XLR) mics under $50/$100”?

love ur videos!

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