Blue Nessie Adaptive USB Mic Review / Test

In today’s video, I review the Blue Nessie; a USB Condenser Microphone that is compatible with Windows or Mac OS X. Based on reviews, I was expecting much better performance from this mic.

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Sgt. Hippie Cat says:

eww all blue mics suck

Luis Jayanata says:

Hey Bandrew (i don’t know if I got your name right sorry), when I connected my dynamic mic with an xlr to usb cable it has a high pitched ringing sound when recording, can you help me?

guwap says:

This channel is growing so fast!!! I’ve been here ever since like 8k and I’m glad to see such a good channel like this growing!

Fyrce says:

What mic do u recommend for be, I’m looking for a mic under 100 and something that looks like atr2020

HalfBoiledHero says:

Awesome video as always!! I have a couple of questions:

1) How would you say the music and voice modes on this mic affects the frequency response? For me, I think voice sounds like a high-end roll-off (with a small scoop out of the middle) and music is a bass roll-off with a decent scoop out the middle.
2) Is that a new mic I see on your boom arm?

Jowaii says:

Can you please review Cyber Acoustic’s CVL-2004 Rainier?

Fuuks8 says:

can you do a comparision with Samson C01U vs snowball ice??

Official JD says:

Can you plz do a text review on the mxl v67g??!!!!!!

Insert Name Here says:

Why does this cost 100 dollars or more? It has the same audio quality as a webcam mic or a 20 dollar microphone. The Samson GoMic is a much better choice for under half the price.

festivelegend says:

Blue Kiwi Isn’t that much, It’s only $4,973.33 XD

MydoTapency says:

Audio Technica AT2020 XLR vs Rode NT USB please I am confused which one to buy!!

Hi_ImBrin says:

you, sir, are awesome :D:D

Blendinn says:

Could you review the blue bluebird plz

Niki Ihsanul says:

hey i need suggestion for recording my guitar amp, what mic do you think for budget?

TheL1ch says:

can you do a review of AUNA Mic 900B USB Microphone ? Please 🙂

Vivian Langis says:

There is a build in shock mount in the mic. When I designed it, I did considered what you said in the end of your video. It is an entry level USB mic, I think overall I am proud of my design:) Thanks for your review.

SstealthaddictT says:

i feel like there is too much high end in this video? like.. every time there is a sound tere is this high pitched part of it that is extreamly annoying

Russell Meyer says:

dude, I love your videos.. and that sick X-Files poster in the back too.

Djarambe says:

hey dude! love your work man. I got a question, should I unplug my usb mics when I turn off my pc?

DaAs1anGuy says:

I noticed you have a Rode PSA1 mic mount. Do you know if that desk clamp will be wide enough for a two inch thick desk?

Nekro Dean FrogZwell says:

Blue have released some top notch stuff including the Robbie mic pre, the (blue) bottle and a few with interchangeable capsules that make a pair of (or quartet) for example extremely useful whilst delivering the quality for the price range. They are not and never will be renowned for reference quality DA/AD converters and I sincerely doubt that will ever change, Especially in the very inexpensive consumer range.
It makes far more sense and in return will deliver far better results picking up a Behringer or Focusrite Scarlett interface and insert Your choice of microphone here. You’ll get a much more flexible setup with decent converters capable of capturing genuine “studio quality results” instead of being stuck with 16-bit 48 kHz maximum which isn’t enough, To get the maximum at 16-bit You have to hit it hot which in turn is going to cause either a lot of clipping or a signal which will lose out in order to avoid overloading it, Due to these all in one things having no way of enabling the user access to any sort of insert point whereby You’d obviously insert a dynamics processor with a brick wall limiter (The ever-dependable TC Electronic Finalizer, for example, is a good choice if You have one knocking around still) between the mic preamp and the A/D converters but again that means reducing/compromising on the amount of dynamic range before it has even made it into whatever DAW application or audio editor…Either way, You lose out.
Hence why it is better to grab a basic audio interface which will negate that problem along with being able to pair it with a single microphone which suits Your voice be it speech, singing, yelling, growling, screaming or whatever, That makes a big difference when You try/shoot out a myriad of microphones and find the one or the ones which work with Your voice and the ones which do not. If You are planning on anything more than capturing speech or vocals at a push the access to a selection of different microphones becomes essential, If it is just for capturing speech/voice-over work then the mic which works for Your own voice is going to deliver sub-par results on others that You work with, Vocals in particular and capturing instruments make the demand for a good selection of different microphones even vaster.
In short and without carrying on further, For anything beyond skype and video gaming online I’d avoid these all-in-one numbers which are all rather mediocre, laced with one hung low cheap, nasty components and often times a mishmash of grey market meh, If one thing goes then the rest is rendered dud plus quality control that is non-existent. Nowadays very decent audio interfaces are not that expensive with a healthy amount of competition which gives us better value for money along with plenty of options microphone wise and a decent microphone will last You a lifetime.
The reviewer is almost too kind but it is not difficult to read between the lines, Many great points are mentioned/highlighted, Touches on all the important points.

Jason Rayl says:


Samidoux says:

I have this microphone, very bad….

Acoustic Silk says:

Do not get this microphone. Mine is constantly getting disconnected from my computer and I have to send it in and it happens over and over again.

Graziano Quaglini says:

the song deserves a mention !

Fireball12me says:

With this mic I cant move far at all, literally once I moved a couple inches away the mic cant pick up my voice, it is really annoying since I did have a blue mic but I was told to get this once and now I am stuck with a mic that I cant use since I use mics for gaming and while im gaming I cant be leaning down to be right next to my mic just so it can pick my voice up a little bit more, so I would like to know if anyone else is having this issue.

Arsyad Kamili says:

This or Samson C03U?

BCB says:

would Sennheiser E835 Dynamic XLR Microphone work really well with xenyx 302usb? btw great work man
i hope u will make a video with Sennheiser E835 Dynamic XLR Microphone and behringer 302usb if possible even with Alesis MultiMix 4 USB Four-Channel USB Mixer 🙂

hi friend says:

Your reviews are addicting.

La novedad Al momento says:

well, i will no recommend this microphone,because it sound like almost exactly the camera’s mic you have.

Eric S. says:

Hi! I have a request. The SE Electronics X1 USB. It’s the only USB mic I’ve ever found that records with 24 bit depth; every USB mic you’ve tested so far (to my knowledge) only records 16 bit. I think it also has the largest capsule of any USB mic I’ve seen, 32 mm.

Andrzej jr says:

What are the best xlr condenser and dynamic mics under 100$?

Nico Lann Miranda says:

pls make a mic review of the lyx smu-1 thank you

putteification says:

Three people bought this overpriced mic and now hate the reviewer 🙂

oh jesus says:

dude you play the guitar so neat

DJ Sloth says:

can you review the blue Kiwi?

SweepwingsRC says:

TritonAudio inline booster for mics. Just got on to see how it performs. Check it =)

Jimmy a Geek says:

should I buy a used Nessie for $50 on eBay ?

TheGamingPotato says:

Hi there, I want to buy a good sounding USB microphone. My budget is about 100$. I don’t know what to buy, so I wanted to know what you would recommend.

Thanks 😉

Pav says:

Make an extended riff of that guitar riff I would love to listen to that

Brandon Mayor says:

I have a question, if I buy a neweer nw-700 adn have a phantom power supply will I need a usb adapter?

Kalsi97 says:

Could you review the Aukey MI-W1?

DanS94 says:

can u review the razer stargazer webcam?

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