Beyerdynamic Fox Professional USB Mic Review / Test

Today we’re looking at Beyerdynamic’s first USB microphone, the Fox. This mic records HD at 24-bit 96kHz, with great preamps that perform well on Windows & Mac. The microphone offers a very warm and smooth tone, but lacks quite significantly in the ability to adjust the microphones gain.

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00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Setup for Review
00:41 – What’s in the Box
01:02 – Build Quality
02:06 – Specifications
02:28 – Polar Pattern Test
02:51 – Background Noise Test
02:59 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
03:10 – Desktop Mount Distance Test
03:35 – Windows 10 Test
03:49 – Preamp Gain Noise Test
04:17 – Music Test
04:57 – Pros & Cons
05:40 – Overall thoughts
06:25 – Conclusion / Recommendation
07:25 – Outro

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Danger zone says:

Hye sir…. I am from Pakistan and I want to start a new YouTube channel for singing.I have really a great voice.but because of no money I cannot buy a new USB microphone.can you send me a USB is a request for you from your big fan…I am subscriber of your channel…you can send me the cheapest one….. please send me a USB microphone….

Julian Oliver says:

can you do a review of the apex 435b?

Z Alves says:

Better to name a microphone after a real animal and not a mythical creature

BurgundyPVP says:

I have an Earthling for you to review, it’s called BurgundyPVP

Mac_Tonight says:

why did you sound so depressed for this video, bandrew?

Leo Vuitton says:

May you please make a Razer KIYO versus C930E video please?

sandeep kumar says:

I thought you said fucks

John Jackson says:

Has too much of a radio sound IMO. A lot of bass and somewhat lacking in the high end. The 24/96 sampling rate option is actually pretty nice though.

Deus Central says:

Looks and sounds great

Hridoy Punk says:

Can I connect A pantom powersupply directly to pc or I need another audio interface to connect?

SRank says:

if you don’t mind me asking, what is the best xlr mic for an untreated room?

Renat Khassanov says:


Podcastage says:

You should all be happy that I didn’t make any “what did the fox say” jokes in this review. This in and of itself is the most difficult hurdle I’ve had to overcome on YouTube.

Gospel Keys Easy says:

Hmm he called you guys microphones

RubLox says:

I think its not really worth it for a usb mic because of the lack of features, logitech yeti wins over this no doubt

Jason Kirk says:

Well, did you actually break anything? 🙂

Gary's music ! says:

umc202hd or focusrite 2i2

Stefan van Dongen says:

Can you review the Samson mtr101 A

Anthony Powers says:

BandiddlyDrew is pretty darn cool

Ameer Ayesha says:

Mavericks will probaly use the Logang setting.

johnplightning says:

On the bottom of the Mic, I noticed a serial number. This is potentially important should anyone try counterfeiting these mics, although that seems to pretty much be a problem mainly with Sure and Sennheiser mics. Those manufacturers should do the same or something similar as the cheap Chinese knock offs are a real problem. (only my MHK416 has a serial # on it, cannot think of any other mics I own that do so, and I own WAY TOO MANY mics) As always, enjoyed the review pally.

DAVE says:

Think im going to buy a SAMSON G-TRACK PRO … Is this a good idea considering im on a very tight bugdet? Yes i am a musician like your good self.

zRiddick says:

That intro threw me off

Andrew M. Sheppard says:

Hey, my dude… I think you’d really like to see this, _stat:_
#GotiLok ?

Lucas González says:

“Robust”, olalá… someone was looking for synonyms….

Insanejughead says:

I would have thought this to be a dynamic microphone. I am loving the condenser build, but dynamic sound. Useful as hell, as long as the user understands the capabilities.

Aerede says:

Hello!! I was just wondering what’s your recommendation for your best USB Dynamic budget mic (under 40$) I’ve seen your recommendation videos but they’re quite old so I was wondering if you have any other suggestions! 🙂 please answer!

J Studio says:

It sounds amazing. I love it. Thanks for the review!
(But I love the beyer sound, so…)

Excalibruh says:

Got this for $103 before tax yesterday during Ebay’s 8/8 promo after negotiating with an authorized seller 😀

Dupylo says:

does it work on ps4?

TrueLegend935 says:

Such a sexy mic.

LKPharaoh says:


Mat Demaz says:

Was waiting for this. The low/mid end boost might be okay for podcasts. I don’t know if I’d ever use it. Seems pretty mediocre, unfortunately. Sucks to say that, because I like the previous mics they put out…

Try again, guys.

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