Best USB Microphones – Budget Mics for YouTube – Commentary Audio Equipment

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Shure PG42 –
Audio Technica at2020 Plus –
Blue Yeti –
Blue Snowball –
Samson Go Mic –


Twissim says:

why didnt you add audio thechnica ATR2500 it cheap and good

Micah says:

Budget my ass

PFaix says:

would of been nice if you gave us the price of the mics so we didnt have to go rummaging for them…

ItZzServz says:

how much does blue yeti cost

Procrastogamer says:

$300 for a budget Mic… really?!

Nambay Dreamscape says:

the shure is too expensive :C

TDPK Films says:


-_*itzGemz*_- says:

ahm..where is the..sound? review?

Sir Aeon Jay says:

These are NOT budget

EvilHeartBG says:

for my country the blue yeti is 200 -_-

Mayur Patel says:

which is best for music recording

Zip says:

Mics that cost over $100 are NOT budget mics

Infamy Chris says:

would i be able to plug the mic into the usb port in the ps4 and use it on ps4?

hillR says:

the samson go mic will break on you within four months

MeatSheeld says:

For all the people saying these aren’t budget, they are. They are about as much as it would cost to have an XLR mic with the proper setup.

chua khailyn says:

is this works without the audio interface

MooseTraxYT says:

Hmm . . .

Samson CO1U
Samson Meteor
Just to name a few.

Hungry PolarBear8 says:

i am wanting to start a channel what is the best mic for me

Singing says:

good video I gave it a thumbs up! I was wondering what would be a good microphone for singing? I would like to know and how much would it start at.


You do know what infamous means right?

Lyuben Vassilev says:

How retarded can you be?
Like, who let you do reviews? Grab a fucking dictionary before you name your vudeos…

The Horny Panda says:

Does the Samson go microphone have to be close to your mouth for it to pickup audio?

xXAwesomeAidXx says:

This might be a good reference in the future

horrorjunkie92 says:

Is it worth getting a pop filter for the Blue Snowball or not?

CVes says:

DAMNIT. No videos for poland. the shure mic ain”t no budget thing here it costs fucking 300$.

Some Nobody Told me to change my name,so i did says:

My gaming cheap gaming setup for roblox/minecraft
350$ pc
130$ elagto
??? microphone must beat cheap

Scavapixel says:

Is it just me, or does it piss people THE FUCK OFF when others misuse the word infamous. in·fa·mous : well known for some bad quality or deed.
“an infamous war criminal”

KloutKulture says:

I need 2 be able 2 record the other gamers audio voices. anyone know how

ThatPurpleGuy 12 says:

Budget my ass you dickhead

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