Best USB Microphone Under $100 (Oct 2016)

00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Mic Speech Test
02:10 – Background Noise Test
03:14 – Distance Test
03:39 – Electric Guitar Test
04:14 – Acoustic Guitar Test
04:48 – Singing Test
05:27 – Comparison of Top 3
06:12 – Results

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My Favorite USB Mics:


1. Samson C01u Pro
2. Audio Technica ATR2500USB
3. Samson Q2u
4. Samson C03u
5. Samson Meteor
6. Audio Technica ATR2100USB
7. Samson Go Mic
8. Behringer C1u
9. Blue Snowball iCe
10. Blue Snowball
11. Samson Meteorite
12. MXL Tempo
13. Blue Snowflake

Buy the Samson Meteor

Buy the Samson Go Mic

Buy the Samson Meteorite

Buy the Blue Snowflake

Buy the Audio Technica ATR2100USB

Buy the Samson Q2U

Buy the Blue Snowball iCE

Buy the Blue Snowball

Buy the Behringer C1u

Buy the MXL Tempo

Buy the Audio Technica ATR2500USB

Buy the Samson C03u

Buy the Samson C01u Pro

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sawo production says:

Now,in June 2017 is it the best Usb Mic under $100?

이성엽 says:

I already have one MXL USB 006 and need to buy one more. Would you recommend MXL or Samson C01u Pro, which is your best choice? Thanks a lot.

Anakin Skywalker says:

Fucking awesome review. Absolutely Perfect. You just got a sub. If you have boobs you would have over 1M subs.

iSavageNinja says:

He’s “banging” on a keyboard. lol

Nicole Farquharson says:

Can u do a review on MXL LSM3?

nayan sawai says:

u said that the samson c01u pro will b the best…but in one of ur video u talked about issue regarding to windows8/10 and usb microphone…so what is the solution…which os ur using during his video(because it sound great while watching)

WorldPrez says:

Meteorite sounded pretty good

Anonymous Andy says:

I got the C1-U after this, and it’s super quiet. I’m not sure why, ive turned everything up that i could, I’ve seen a lot of other complaints of the same nature.

Mr.Fryer says:

You deserve more subscribers, great quality

GDJoppa says:

This is the best microphone review video I’ve ever seen! You put a lot into and it shows. I loved the song, by the way. Keep it up!

Kage Kun says:

did this dude make a damn song while…. testing the mics SUB!

yoloSGman says:

It’s me again, the boy from germany. Greetings from germany :3

Anthony Pukal says:

Holy moly there was a lot of work into this video, man. You do do it all for YouTube and it shows. Subbed!

Justde Rico says:

Super cool video

Michael Bastida says:

What about a video on best rapping mic

Harz.exe says:

Dude! That was the most awesome mic test I’ve ever seen! 😀 u got my sub!

Michael DeNardo says:

Hey brother can you do a video on your recommended YouTube audio setups.

Like a low mid high budget.

Like for 100 300 and 1000 budgets

David Hernandez says:

You’re AWESOME for this vid sir!! Thank You!! Very helpful… YOu have my sub!!

Oshawa Tramp says:

the 2500 atr is the best one

Alks 69 says:

What about € link in amazon??

King Dreader says:


Top Lahmao says:

Dude you have the best channel for mic reviews.

Phanolo Gaming says:


Gabriel Delgado says:

Here’s a like, a comment, and a new subscriber for you. Love your work! <3


did usb mic not want audio interface?. & audio quality….

Obverno says:

these some mics I sure want
blue snowball ice
blue snowball
samson metor mic
audio technica at2100
samson c01u pro
anyone agree

bot 10 says:

been debating what microphone to purchase just for casual gaming and Skype calls came across this channel, I only really needed to watch one but the sheer amount of effort you put in is insane love watching the videos still

Dinkay says:

which one of these microphones actually has a mute button for the mic tho?

VarZus says:

Wait what…. i was checking comments then i noticed someone saying how he doesn’t have 100k So i went up and found that he has only 32k…. I literally thought this dude has atleast 100k too

Viral Virus says:

PLEASE HELPPPP!! I bought Samson C01 on your recommendation but it’s voice is sooo low on 25% gain, it is giving good loud sound only around 95% but with tooo much background sound at this high gain. What to do?

Nicole Farquharson says:

Can you do a review on Rainier (CVL -2004)?

Jonathan Caridia says:

You know what I appreciate even more than your thoroughness is your efficiency, you managed to cram all the relevant information into 7ish minutes without skipping over anything. Excellent work!

Aaron Swank says:

Strange QUestion: I am doing some live podcasts in a bar…lots of people, lots of music…best mic to use and not get the background noise. What would you suggest?

Sohaib Mohanna says:

Mr best person on planet that reviews mics, I am not in the US and I have like the only change to buy a mic, my friend is in the US now and I can get what ever I like from Amazon and I rap for fun but I like to make serious music. Please which one to get I like my sound to be super clear. I can spend up to 120

Heather Welch says:

Really appreciate the effort in your videos – especially this one. I decided on the Samson Q2u and used your link to buy one. Can’t wait to start using it.

Abi Kurama says:

hey thank you so much
your videos help alot and I enjoy it to so here is just a question I wanna ask
which is like the top rated condenser mics for you under 100 dollar or say 150 dollars I just wanted to know

Sean Sanchez says:

Thank you for this video, helps out a ton!

TheRedRaccoonGaming says:

Im getting the blue snowball ice tomorrow

Miho Cor says:

I would love to see the samson g-track getting compared, since I am thinking about buying it! But the C01U seems pretty good as well.
By the way, in the EU microphones are way more expensive than in the US! :O
Oh, and congratulations on the channel! It really helped me during this search ^^

Nanogalaxy says:

You are great man.

Mohammed Sami says:

all of them are great

Patroid says:

the auna 900 is a pretty good budget mic too but i never see this mic on a mic comparison xD>DDDDDDDDD

Rebecca Jane Lovelace Williams says:

Do you have any advice for someone who’s looking for a microphone to record lectures in college??

Ahmet Halit says:

I added my shopping list SAMSON C01u Pro Thanks! 🙂

Samoan Perks says:

bro you helped me big time.. good thing i did not buy a microphone

Aug Tellez says:

Nicely done.

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