Best USB Microphone for Vocals: Blue Yeti Review + Sound Test (2015)

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Blue Yeti Review and Sound Test! Looking for the best USB microphone for vocals like YouTube gaming commentary, podcasts, or voiceovers?

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*All voiceover audio in video was recorded using the Blue Yeti*

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*I also included some accessories which you should get to get the most out of this mic.

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RochesterSportRifles says:


YKST says:

Is Yeti good for Singing covers over karaoke at home?

I am on a budget and confused b/w MXL 770 & Yeti.. i find MXL 770 a bit better for singing.. but the problem is i dont have any xlr setup right now.. 770 itself is cheap but i’d have to buy ton of other stuff that’ll cost me a lot like audio interface, stand, xlr cable, pop filter..

I am gonna shop from Canadian amazon site: “” so can u please suggest me following stuff by pasting links from the site in the reply:
1. CHEAPEST DECENT AUDIO INTERFACE to connect my laptop with the mic?
2. cheap yet decent other accessories needed like stand, pop filter, xlr cable.. etc

or do u think i should just go for Yeti? or would u suggest AT2020??

please help!

Budget: ~$150 or less (i know its pretty tight!) :/
Purpose: only singing covers to karaoke..

Mummy&More says:

Hello, I got the Blue Yeti for Christmas, I was wondering how you can Record the voice over/Commentary while also recording the sounds on the laptop such as the gaming music or karaoke tracks etc? Please help xx

laughfever says:

So I can just plug it in my computer USB port and start recording with any software?

markirish37 says:

Iv watched a few video reviews on this and the Rhode Nt, One thing has been bothering me after binge watching review after review. Why do you reviewers, not all but a lot use horrible dance music in the backround ? I do like dance music but,, that noise or music you had here was sheer annoying and had to tried hard to ignore the music and try hard to listen to what you were saying. Your review was very good, but please in editing either drop the music volume to more backround or preferbly change to something else.
I appreciate you want a vibrant video and did a great review, just a shame, something simple killed your review here,, sorry.

Omar Smith says:

This video has a background hum. I hope it’s not from the Yeti…

Caesar [SailorNeptune] says:

Is it good for singing though (with pop-filter)?


Great vid

SnakkXD says:

dashiexp uses this mic

Aakash R says:

can I sing with it professionally and more beautifully

Ace Greene says:

that gain knob looked wobbly

Nicholas Gale says:

I have this yeti and the usb ports come lose really easily and also your can hear EVERYTHING legit EVERYTHING no lie. i can tap on the wall on the other side of the room and u can hear it WITH THE GAIN ALL THE WAY DOWN. Am i doing something wrong?
Anyone know how to get rid of it maybe?

Tony Sales says:

While a great value and well done video I was wondering it you know of any USB microphones, since Apple deleted the input option, that is more portable? While the sound Is great a simple RODE micro-mic would be great to use on the road. The Blue Yeti is a little large to take on the go. Thanks

andré freitas says:

What about singers and musicians? Is it any good to record singing and acoustic guitars?

Tyson says:

And i just blew nearly 200 on a condenser mic, and phantom power and equipment and other stuff.

George Mason says:

I am a professional violinist. I’ve used the Yeti to track some major league projects with amazing results! For the money, it’s a fantastic mic!

Wayne Law says:

What boom stand would you recommend for the Yeti?

Chris Unknown says:

just bought the blue yeti maybe its just mine but when I’m recording and the headphone jack is in listening to what I’m saying into the mic in real time it has an ANNOYYING BACKGROUND NOISE. this is the only thing I don’t about it. so might get the at2020 if it doesn’t have the background noise

KlayStaccs VEVO says:

Would you suggest using this to record music? If not, which microphone would you suggest? Lastly, can this be plugged into my iPhone ?

Jay C says:

Is it worth the buy if it’s used for recording vocals specifically?

Abraham Kinard says:

Great video, at what volume level did you lock the blue yeti at?

SA Mo says:

this or rode nt usb

Tunisian Gamers says:

this or the mxl 990?

Judy Rafat says:

Hi thanks for the video. Is it possible to use the blue yeti with a microphone stand? I am a singer and want to record my voice while playing piano

herion father says:

damn as much as I would wanna start recording music and look this stuff up to start recording I just come back to reality and realize I’m not able to afford this much stuff like a good computer and a mic and FL studio lol :/ sucks maybe I should just stick to skating.

ShadowNinjaNoah says:

Would this record guitar and drums well?

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