Best USB Mic Under $50 (Oct 2016)

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – Mic Speech Tests
01:29 – Polar Pattern Tests
02:13 – Background Noise Test
02:52 – Distance Test
03:07 – Electric Guitar Test
03:26 – Acoustic Guitar Test
03:45 – Singing Test
04:18 – Top 3 Comparison
05:00 – Results


– Samson Go Mic
– Blue Snowball iCE
– SF922b
– Logitech Konami
– Samson Meteorite
– Blue Snowflake
– Pyle PDMICUSB6 (background noise)
– FiFine K668 (clipping at 4%)

Buy the SF922b

Buy the Samson Go Mic

Buy the Pyle PDMICUSB6

Buy the Logitech Konami USB Mic

Buy the Samson Meteorite

Buy the Blue Snowflake

Buy the Blue Snowball iCE

Buy the FiFine K668

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Berend says:

does the go mic work with ps4?

DDRshane says:

fifine i think is perf!

Error4-07-99 says:

people are saying the SF sounds best but in my opinion the samson go sounds way better.

Chinese Noodles says:

i wish he would have talked about the u37

Susan Bowers says:

Thank you for this video. I found it very helpful in setting up my new Logitech webcam 920. I also have the Samson Go mic which works perfectly with it. 🙂 YaY! Now I can see and hear my autoharp when I record. 🙂

Frallorfrallor Frallorfrallorfrallor says:

samson go sound crystal clear

The Commerce Tutor says:

Best Mic comparison video I have seen

Matthew Finger says:

Best comparison I could find! Great job! Thank you

WhiteFluffyBunny says:

Your voice sounds better on the blue snowball ice.

Pasquale Cioffi says:

That’s How a Review is TRULY Done. However I’m Watching from Italy So Sorry for NOT Using Any of Your Linjk.

Dima Brovtchenko says:

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good mic
Around 50$ , I just need to have less keyboard noise

Error4-07-99 says:

what are the settings you use when using those mics?

De-Tale says:

This short video must have taken alot of work to put together!

Sexy Vegan says:

After watching a few positive videos about it, I got the Samson Go Mic the other day. Sucks. My iPhone 6S microphone is better.

MonroxHD says:

Im not an earthling

#DropsMic says:

very, very helpful

robdmusic915 says:

Does the samson go mic need phantom power?

CremaMC says:

i am like the sf922b (sorry for my english)

Derek Uahinui says:

Dude, you’ve just made the Pussy Police’s Candles Night!0
(My Pathfinder group is going to enjoy not having to yell at our estranged member.)

Bhavesh Yt says:

Tell me Best Mic For Gaming in ps4 Under $30

TacticG says:

dude i love ur vids

Jeremy Cronkhite says:

I guessed it!

Misio Pysio says:

great review!!! well done

HYPERisEZ says:

i usually watch these videos and goto amazon on my own (its habit) but once I found you, I go out of my way to use your affiliates link.

LeviCam says:

you earned a subscription 🙂

Thomas Lau says:

The cheaper mics sound better

Nick Soto says:

what boom arm did you use for the samson go mic?

TheLTGamer says:

Hey dude I know it was a while ago but can you help me with my Samson go mic. I don’t have a Mac and the levels on my windows pc no matter what I do I can hear some sort of noise in the background kind of like a constant SH in the back. Please please help me I really need to know what to do. Here in Australia this mic is 73 bucks and I can’t find any mic for cheaper.

Nitin Shukla says:

Best comparison in such 6:30 time limit

PB32/NL16 says:

Love your vids alot

The Hidden Hand says:

IT’s obvious this guy is shilling for Samson. All 3 of the USB mic test vids I’ve watched he has the Samson beating out all including the Audio Technica & MXL’s. Not believable.


Hi guys and Podcastage.. I am looking for a microphone under 50 dollars .i saw your video and the two microphones that i think are the best is the samson go and FiFine K668. tell me your thoughts please. is it just me? i know that everybody arent the same.what i like isnt probably good hearing for everyone else. just wanted your opinion to help me choose. Samson or FiFine K668?

CodeArctic says:

nice song

Zebro Gaming says:

Is the blue snowball ice worth it? I want to do commentaries on my channel check it

Kamisha Walker says:

This is such a great video wow.

Da BJ says:

I`d say the GoMic is clearly the best.

Khoa Tran says:

This is very helpful, Thumbs up!

Pepperhazel says:

just a quick question
how many microphones do you have?!

Piss dog says:

fuck k668 HURTS my ears

chandan maurya says:

Buddy can you suggest the mic which is under 10 $ to 50 $. I have no idea about the mics, so just want to record some voice on my android smartphone device directly. please reply.

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