Best USB Mic for Music: Audio-Technica AT2020 Review

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Looking for the Best USB Microphone for Music? Check out my review of the Audio Technica AT2020 USB!

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*All voiceover audio in video was recorded using the Audio-Technica AT2020USB*

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Ádám Szentannai says:

Hey, i just wanted to ask is it a good choice for a cello – piano recording, when both instruments are playing in the same time like a duet?

Hy Ack says:

that instrumental is niccceee. for sale???

Forvacia says:

how to i get my instrumental playing through the headphone jack on my audio technica 2020usb? the instrumental only plays out my speakers

Benny Damien says:

Hi, I want to get a usb mic for recording my saxophone. Can this be a budgt mic to kick start?

YKST says:

Is Yeti good for Singing covers over karaoke at home?

I am on a budget and confused b/w MXL 770 & Yeti.. i find MXL 770 a bit better for singing.. but the problem is i dont have any xlr setup right now.. 770 itself is cheap but i’d have to buy ton of other stuff that’ll cost me a lot like audio interface, stand, xlr cable, pop filter..

I am gonna shop from Canadian amazon site: “” so can u please suggest me following stuff by pasting links from the site in the reply:
1. CHEAPEST DECENT AUDIO INTERFACE to connect my laptop with the mic?
2. cheap yet decent other accessories needed like stand, pop filter, xlr cable.. etc

or do u think i should just go for Yeti? or would u suggest AT2020??

please help!

Budget: ~$150 or less (i know its pretty tight!) :/
Purpose: only singing covers to karaoke..

Yellowswift3 says:

I’ve got one of these (my first mic) but how do I reduce or eliminate the sound of key strokes and/or mouse clicks? The quality and strength of the sound is great but being a condenser microphone, it’s incredibly sensitive.

Benjy Frank says:

Great Review Looking into a new mic now might get that mxL 990 or something like this doesnt hurt to do research. hearing people’s opinions as well

ItzLulu _YT says:

Are they any stores where I can buy that mic?

Master Chief 58 says:

Correction: I thought the AT2020 USB PLUS had a gain knob, but it was actually a monitor dail.

A guy named Dominic says:

Great video man! Reallu helped me chose a sound recorder for my future gaming comentaries. How much does this costs?

MDHD says:

anyone counted how many times he said the 8022 , 😀

TheSpoodleArmy YT says:

Thx bro…..but do you think its worth it for me?

j stylez says:

Aye i just watch your video but could u help me out which mic would sound great for recording music such as rap since i want to start with a ubs rn this one or the blue yeti ?

Master Chief58 says:

There’s two other versions of the USB version of the AT2020 which do have some features the regular AT2020 USB doesn’t, the AT2020 USB PLUS and AT2020 USBi. The AT2020 USB PLUS has a headphone jack with two knobs for headphone and monitor volume. The AT2020 USBi has only a gain knob, but also comes with two different cables one regular USB cable for connecting to your computer and a second one being a usb to lightning for connecting to your IOS device.

TheBEST OfBest says:

Man I just received my M audio vocals studio personal recording is so suck wishing my money

McLovers says:

I really would have liked to hear some singing vocals and acoustic guitar going through this mic as you did say it surprised you how well it performed in this area but did not include any examples. I cannot find reviews of mics including this kind of demo which si a shame as this si exactly what I need.

Ari Roche says:

do you have any recommendations for microphones that don’t require an audio interface?

Master Chief 58 says:

Would you check out MXL Studio 24 USB?

Czarinah Angelica Dela Cruz says:

hi good day! i want to ask somethinh. i have at2020. but i dont know how to use it. like how to record. i mean what application to use and how can I edit the recorded sound that is like a studio recorded songs 🙁 pls help me how.

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