Best USB Condenser Mic Under $50 – BTSKY USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

Best USB Condenser Mic Under $50 – BTSKY USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone – Buy it here:

Need a great USB mic, but don’t know which is your best option?

With the USB terminal to supply power, this condenser microphone does not need 48V phantom power, battery, Mixer, or other devices

The cable comes with a 3.5mm Jack and a USB connector, both of 3.5mm Jack and USB connector should be plugged into your PC.

Echo Function: The microphone has built-in Reverb chip. Adjust the reverb knob on the microphone to add perfect reverb effect. No need for sound card.

Cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source.

No driver installation, no tedious debugging. Even inexperienced users can also use the microphone for fast recording.

Comes with convenient desktop stand, and anti-wind foam cap, easier to use.

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Chordes says:

Can you use the mic on a laptop without any adapters?

ChazuYumoto says:

I purchased the very same mic and I can’t get it to work on my computer! Is there anyway you can help? I only have one audio jack on my computer (has a headset and microphone symbol on it. Does this mean I need to get a Y Audio adapter??

MaSherrie says:

Can you help me please?! I bought this mic and when i plugged it in to my MacBook air a notification comes up saying “unplug the accessory using too much power.” and that the the usb has been disabled. And I’m not able to find the mic in garage band or the computer settings. What can i do to stop this? If i get phantom power will that help??

Deprax Gaming says:

Do u have to buy an adapter for the 3 and a half jack so u can connect it to the computer ?

Tyronin says:

thanks for the awesome review mate , ill try saving now :D!
but another question , does this microphone compatible with those microphone stand where you install the microphone stand in your desk and place it under your head?

Yumi Honey says:

does this microphone need a sound card or phantom power?

Andrew robinson says:

this mic is super super good a friend of mine has on that cost him £200+ that sounds very similar to this one definitely going to get one

Calvert Mckinnie says:

how do turn it on i got the same microphone

satminthang misao says:

is there a headphone plug on the mic

Esteem You says:

is this best for Rapping??

itsandrew K says:

hai,where we can to hear the sound from the condenser?please answer me

AtHx Psych says:

I was thinking of buying one off eBay.

Fluxx says:

I wanna do YouTube covers…. This this mic worth it ? I don’t wanna buy a mic time and again please reply

MikeyBoii says:

Wow this mic sounds fantastic.I’m gonna be getting it soon:)

PowerGames says:

555e like xD

ThreeWrap says:

Can this be used for Skype calls? Cheers.

Rayan chatar says:

Can you connect this to a ps4

TheUnholiness Within says:

Mine sounds hollow. I’ve decided to sell it. I’ve watched many video and asked around for help, but, no improvement.

Roronoa Zoro says:

is this working only in laptop/pc?

Zip says:

This thing only gives me a ringing sound, not me talking, please help!

TheRealPseudonym says:

Can you hook this up to a PS4

Turtlez says:

so do you put the usb and the 3.5 cord thing


This would not produce output on my computer, i.e Skype, OBS, movie maker. It does however give feedback through my headset, can somebody help me?

XO TWOD says:

Can you connect this to a ps4?

Im Vulcan says:

do u have to use the usb cable or no

Pat Hamer says:

I need a new cable for mine. Anybody know where to get a mic cable with a usb and min jack plug?

Ldki Beast says:

I mean i have windows 8 and it doesnt have a microphone plug hole. It only has a headphone plug hole so will it still work with the usb plug into the computer

Marco says:

hey man, would appreciate if you could help me here!!! I ordered the same exact unit like that, it wasn’t working (at least to what I thought), then had to refund it and order another same unit and I just received it now. It’s still not working!!! I don’t know if the mics are broken or if I just don’t know how to make it work!!! I’m so frustrated right now. I hope you can help me with this man. thanks in advance!

David Neckles says:

When you first get it is it supposed to charger ?

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