Looking for a new microphone to take your gaming to the next level?
Well, Razer has you covered with their Seiren X microphone. Very good audio quality at a good price, defiantly one to check out.

Big thanks to Razer for sending over the Seiren X for this Review.


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Exotic Playz says:

So I can use to to talk in game right

Richard Fuquea says:

is it just me or does the RAZER SEIREN X sound better than the other mics?

Kartaffelkongen says:

please check out the corsair hs60

Blair Murphy Brown says:

Love the vids


When i got the razer Mic I had a missing peace its for the stand can’t connect them

INeedHelp says:

Can u use this on xbox 1 to talk on game chat

MCCrafterTV says:

I just bought this microphone today. And I like it. I am a big razer fanboy. I got a Razer keyboard, headset, mousepad and now the microphone

Mights says:

I know I’m a bit late but I thought I should give my opinion, first off. I’m not a fanboy of any of these brands, nor do I jump on any of the obvious bandwagons and act like a sheep, If I see a product I like I’ll get it, the brand is irrelevant. People who are calling this microphone bad for the reason of jumping on the bandwagon are ridiculous! I’ve had experiences with the blue yeti as well and this sounds just as good, it’s cheaper, smaller, sounds the same (If not better at times) and I’d recommend to anyone searching for a somewhat affordable mic! The only complaint I have about the microphone is the quality of volume knob, it’s not perfect but it works.
P.s – people saying the serien x sounds muddy / like you’re under water are crazy! How can you really say this? I’ve shown this mic to multiple of my friends and compared it with the blue yeti, the opinions were mixed which was the best but not once did anyone say the blue yeti sounds better. You are sheep trying to get some likes on your comments, I understand you must be desperate but PLEASE do not misinform people looking to buy this mic! It’s a great mic, razer hasn’t always been the best I agree, but it sure hit the spot with this mic!

Peaxow 123 says:

What is the tech thing because it says something r price

SheriffSheep says:

the seiren sounds the best

Anonymous dj says:

Does it work with razer synapse?

Bastion Is Trash says:

is it plug and play?

Validus Gaming says:

Aye what kind of desk is that! I really like it!

Dyke Hunter says:

Does this work on Xbox

ヴェイパーウェイヴvaporwave says:

some people dont know what they’re talking about with this mic, this thing is perfect! I picked it up yesterday and I intend to use it for chatting in games, music, general purposes and such. I had a blue yeti a few months ago and in my opinion this mic sounds much better, the yeti picked up way too much background noise and was practically unusable for vocals since it picked up a bunch of wind noise when speaking. this however picks up near to none, and sounds amazing! Even when you’re up close to it there is no pops from speaking being picked up. Not to mention this is much smaller and takes up little room on my desk space.

O Great Sensei says:

Does the Razer Seiren X work on PS4?

Hero says:

I want a mic for streaming and YouTube videos… Is this good for streaming and gaming? Btw I subbed

NERO says:

are u using audacity? banana or audition using the razer seirenx ?

Xantow says:

Samson Meteor sounds better in my opinion

Sam Bussey says:

Is it compatible with Xbox 1

Evan Smelcer says:

So can you use it on Xbox????? Please reply

Glaivez says:

Hey so I was wondering if I should get this because I am very vocal in a lot of my games and my headset mic(Astro A40) just sounds bad, I also record some of my rust gp with OBS however it keeps cutting out.

Johannidn says:

Ew razer id rather go for a snowball or a yeti (a snowball in iceland isn’t that much)


I can’t find a pop filter that fits it. Plz help

The Jc ™ says:

i thought the at2035 sounded tinny and terrible. the razer has more of a deeper warmer tone it sounded more natural

Edward Falconer says:

I’m also in SA

RiiotT says:

Does this mic work on PS4??

Gasch Boy says:

I purchased the razer seiren x three years-ish ago. I am wondering, does this mic work with the xbox one x via a jack splitter?

casey w says:

Does it work on Xbox

Sabin. says:

I have it! Luckly, i got it for my birthday!

Smirk Jerk says:

Which boom mic would you recommend for this one?

Tomo Gara says:

razer synapse doesnt recognize it :[ because I stole it from the store?? LOL

gamepads says:

Hi We Do Tech,
what’s the name of the stand at 5:24?
I can’t find it on internet and I don’t know the exact model name.

IgnaTius _YT says:


Zurkk says:

Does this mic work with ps4

last bearkiller says:

can you use this on xbox one?

TinyBolts GP says:

seiren sounded better for me idk

Flappie Tv says:

Can the mic connect to the ps4?

Rilgundam 098796 says:

How long is the usb cable?

The FireRing says:

Can i use that mikrofon for xbox one?

GewPotion says:

I have the Razer hover board

NOT META says:

Sponsored OMEGALUL its pretty dogshit with no drivers or other things to tweak plug and play is never good

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