Best Budget USB Microphone? Fifine K670 Review

If you are looking for the best cheap USB Microphone you can buy right now then I honestly believe you can not look past the Fifine K670 USB Microphone. It is affordable, sound quality is pretty good and the build is quite something.

Please watch the video for my full review on the microphone.

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md mamun says:

Fifine K670 Review is a nice video. nice details about Best Budget USB Microphone

jean luis indriago lugo says:

Excellent video I loved a lot I was very helpful thanks for uploading this information

Blanzy says:

Are there ports to plug in earbuds and headphones? Like, would I be able to to play my video game on ps4 and listen with earbuds at the same time?

Jesus Silva says:

Good article that you sponsor … the microphone gives more than what was said … acquired one and works 100% … congratulations for your video, configure it to perfection …: D … you have a new subscriber

Marie Patton says:

This is an awesome mic for more awesome price!

Digital Dashery says:

Love the video bro. That mic sounds nice too. I may have to recommend the mic to one of my friends who wants to start a podcast. BTW, I see the setup is coming along great!

Danijel Ples says:

Good review my friend have that mic and for that price you cant get better mic .

John Garcia says:

Have you tried the mod mic 5? If so can you say some differences in terms of audio quality between the mod mic and this fifine k670?

Shelly DeLeon says:

Thank you for this in-depth and professional review of the Fifine K670 USB microphone, it is undoubtedly one of the best microphones I can acquire as it is what I am looking for at a reasonable price!

Marija Petrovic says:

your review convinced me , thanks for making such a detailed test! That mic sounds nice

Amarachi Nzekwe says:

Don’t talk about death nah. What’s that

Emi H says:

You have and incredible taste, this video is amazing! Thanks for the review

Samuel Petersen says:

Looks like a great find. I’ve been shopping for condensed mics, I’ll put this on the watch list.

Only Good Music says:

Hmm , good review ! i think i will buy it too !

Pera P says:

Oh this microphone is great, good choice..

motas raluca says:

Your review about this device is amazing!

Steve McQueen says:

Very good video review, got me interested.Excellent review about Best Budget USB Microphone.

bobo shanti says:

Thanks for the link, i am definitely going to buy it on amazon.

Lana Aranga says:

Hey man, I am glad to find your video because you helped me to choose. I will buy this microphone for 48$.

Vivan Joks says:

A very useful review for me with a very good product.

Brian Andrew says:

Thank you for sharing this honest review with us about Fifine K670. Keep up with the good work!

ii ii says:

Best review so far! Great product! Keep up the great work!

Marko Danic says:

Thanks for sharing this useful tutorial

Ivy Meowers says:

Great review. Love this microphone, after watching your review i think im gonna order it

Skorpija BG says:

A really good choice of budget USB microphones. Thanks for sharing!

neOadviser says:

useful info,thanks for the video!

Prime Captain says:

Before I watched this video I took a rough estimate on his sub count and I guessed about 2.5 to 5 mil. Very underrated. I hope this channel will raise to the deserved levels. <3

chukwuma okereke says:

So I was just admiring your studio… Incredible taste

Mario Linton says:

Sounds good!! Thanks!

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