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Paty Rios says:

i find your videos really helpful, thank you so much, your reviews are the best! ❤ Would you help me please? Is this microphone good for recording instrument and voice at the same time? In your test, the guitar’s sound was caught poorly in comparison to the voice’s sound. Can that issue be fixed in the mic’s software? Or this mic isn’t the best choice for me? (btw, I use microsoft).
Thanks again for making these videos. ❤

Craytar says:

I love how he used that Adam Sandler reference when his fiancé ditched him on his wedding. (Movie reference)

chrisjoas 94 says:

i have this microphone behringer C1U and the sound have a lot bass because for speak in this microphone is necesary speak closer to the microphone………….Since Managua Nicaragua Central America 505

Addster664 says:

Love the video, Seen only quality videos on this channel. What microphone stand do you use in this video or recommend. And will this shock mount fit the c-1 USB mic? Thanks.

elchoco7 says:

sorry, How do you connect the usb microphone and the piano at the same time? i have piano electric/organ

Rase GoodSwarm says:

stop singing bitch!!!!!!!!!!! u killed me

Abilio Freire says:

I can Kill u

Filtroox says:

This or the blue yeti?

ishvenegas4 says:

Thanks mate! I’ve been wanting to try out voice work and I think this would be a decent beginner’s microphone to buy.

Rey Dawson says:

I’m used Behringer C-1U on my Windows 10, but volume level is very small… can you help me? i’ve install ASIO but still the same…

Gaskan says:

I like to scream and do not know how it will sound with this microphone. Can you tell me anyone?

Iulian Pasca says:

What stand do you use?

Alium says:

please put a hpf on your voice

Kendama Crew says:

Witch tipe of microfone is better:
-the USB
-the XLR to 3.5 mm

N I K O G H O says:

does this mic use a mixer? or directly plug the usb head into the computer?

Arrogance Official says:

dude this microphone has such unbearable static/background noize… anyone found a way to deal with that? D:

Mauel Cruz says:

Can i request you try to test Behringer B-1 the xlr one ? 😀

Manay TV says:

first guy to ever ask for a thumbs down. <3 You got a sub, bro.

Emmanuel Lopez says:

Helle hoping you see this but I was wondering how your recording and using the mic is it connected directly to a camera your using

Jayesh Rathore says:

this is a perfect review!!!! nice work man 🙂 😀

Albert Aguirre says:

Killer review. Thank you

TheAutobotPower says:

I hate to be so close of the microphone.

Thabosster21 says:

its works fine ..i recorded this one it as a test and it works like a charm as long as u kno what your doing

Frosty Snowy says:

what is better bettween c1u and nw 700 thanks

luis vangrieken says:

Im buying one and the pop filther comes in the pack i think its a good choise thanks for the video

Ethical says:

Superlux e250u or behringer c1-u?

Saad Khan says:

Behringer C1U OR Blue Snowball? Which one is better for vocal recording?

violeta dominguez says:

OMG best song ever by adam sandler 10 out of 10!

Elias Limitless says:


Sagara Sousuke says:

I have the same, and mine doesn’t sound like this at all, whats the hell.

govindakrsna says:

where I can get an USB-C Microphone? I don’t want to use a normal old USB Microphone… I want an USB-C Microphone… 🙁 can please someone tell me if and when will be release USB-C Microphones for new Macbook? In couple of months? Or in couple of years? 🙁 Yes I know I can buy a cable adapter, but I don’t want…

drawingskyyy says:

this is a good mic but i really hate it when i use windows and it sounds muffled. . . … sOBS ; ; should i just buy an external usb for this? silently crawls under my blanket and hides.

Sukor says:

– Ears.

AnimeHouse ON says:

anything yo use :
behringer c1u
cad Gxl 2400

Andri Baghaskara says:

Hi. Can you give me some tips about this Mic? Because I have exactly the same Mic and it has “hiss” noise and a bit buzz too. I’m using Macbook Pro 13 early 2011 with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 just in case this info needed. Help me, please! Thank you

Engineering Civil says:

hey man! i have bought the c1-u.. i am ahving problems with static noise.. might cos i am plugging into my laptop ? lemme know if u have any idea to get rid of it !

Miguel Sotomayor says:

I’ve seen in the comments that some people recommend a powered USB to get better results. I’m have a Mac and they are capable of providing 1100 mA at 5 V. Should this suffice? has anyone used this mic in a Mac? how does it work?

TATSH M.AB.N says:

behringer c1u vs samson go mic

Alex Hydron says:

i bought this mic, it’s bad… DON’T GET THIS MIC! the noise it produces is unbarable and the level is too low it’s a nightmare…

Varilyn Hollyeda says:

Hi! can you help me please, I just bought USB Behringer c1u, when i plugged it in my laptop it produce low volume input. I already tried to increase the volume of the microphone to 100 from the control panel->sound->c1-u setting but the volume is still low. I’m using windows 10 and audacity to record. i need to sing so close (3 cm) to the mic to produce decent sound (not loud). does this happen to you too? can you help me to fix this? thank you!

Raska The Furry says:

or you can just use your sock as a pop-filter …. problem solved 😀

Riddler says:

i have this mic,it has a terrible latency in asio4all in ableton,how to get rid of that,it gains latency over time,if you reset the driver it’s ok but after 5 minutes it has a terrible delay

Patrick McGregor says:

You’ve got a unique voice bro. Got a band or anything?

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