Auna MIC-900B USB Microphone Unboxing and Review

Hey folks, my new microphone has arrived today. Also: a microphone stand!
Let’s do an unboxing and review, shall we? 🙂
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Phoenix Magik says:

Would you recommend the stand you got or a desk tripod stand? For someone that doesn’t have much desk space thanks to a 35inch tv? I have space to attach the stand you got behind my tv but not much space at the front of my desk

Julian Benitez says:

May it work on a ps4?

JuTix • Server Vorstellungen says:

Alter Junge! Du kannst richtig gut Englisch reden! Bist du Pilot oder so?

Carky Media says:

Danke Roy, thanks for doing the review in English. I was laughing with tears in my eyes at your one handed problems…dropping everything, but a fun and pleasant review

Me_ Teck says:

What’s with the echo?

AlanP says:

Wieso sprichst du nicht deutsch

ArkieStudios™ says:

Bro this helped me so much as I wanted Studio mic quality but for a cheap price I found mine on ebay for only £45 thanks for this bro you earned a SUB!!

Born 2 be Crazy says:

eine Frage kannst mir bitte den mikroständer verlinkten?

Aaron Davies Does says:

Thanks for this video man, really helped me!

CookieGamesLp says:

xD warum machst du das nicht einfach in deutsch?

BaladaxX says:

Hey man I’m thinking about this one and Samson Meteor, what do you think is the best?!

CiriousJoker says:

Man hört instant, dass du Deutscher bist 😉

Naja, wie auch immer, trotzdem gutes Video

MarcelDaBine says:

What is the name of the stand ?

BalkanBullet says:

I want to buy this mic, but it’s kinda expensive, so I will need to wait for my birthday 🙁

Myqa says:

Is the adaptater for the stand coming in the package ?

göatmen says:

Yooo fis is weri gudd inglisch! Lol

BeastCraft says:

Nichts gegen das Unboxing aber verbessere mal dein Englisch wenn du schon ein “Englischen” Youtube Kanal hast.
z.b 12:18 “Wiggel” oder sowas!? … Und du sagst auch immer “I don’t know”. oder “Or something like that”.

Ja wollte dich nur darauf hinweisen. =)
Aber sonst ganz gutes Video. LIKE

DanskGris says:

Great tutorial mate, really helpful! SUB and LIKED!

AM says:

wich laptop do you have?

SplateCraft • 0,2k says:

100% Englisch aber Englender haben ja auch den PC auf Deutsch… [13:05]

Leroy says:

By The Way if you go in your settings of microphone you have to lower your microphone volume to around 75 % so it makes it PERFECT (right click the sound thingy on the menu on the right,go on recording devices,there you can find your microphone,double click it,go on the 3-rd tab it’s called levels,then lower it to 75 %) no problem ^.^

Victor Mcvic says:

thanks man.

Tezna says:

Nice review man, enjoyed it! Was thinking of buying this mic 🙂

Born 2 be Crazy says:

Danke ich werde es mir einmal überlegen 🙂

Cracked Kid says:

Alter kannst du gut englisch reden 😀

Filipe Carmo says:

the quality is it like the blue yeti im going right now to buy this mic OMGGG :))

Rasat | CEO of Falcon Digital says:

Hey can you give me a link to the mic arm

Soap Bubble says:

Do you ever have any over sensitivity issues with this microphone? Like does it ever pick up too much background noise because I have heard some reviews that say it picks up everything then some that said it doesn’t. I want to buy it for singing.

Oliver Elsworth says:

Do you know if the 900b and 900 are the same? it might be just what you want to call it

TurnIP says:

12 people are pissed that this is the same qualaty as their Blue Yeti

derimpossible says:

Nice review i abo you if you want look on my channel 🙂

Lendoggydog says:

Finally an English review

Pascaall says:

Du bist deutscher

Fix Swords says:

Thanks for the review, I’ve had my eye on this mic for months now. I think you’ve convinced me.

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