Auna MIC-900B USB Mic Review / Test

Today I review the Auna Mic 900B, a budget USB Condenser Mic. This thing is a VERY bright microphone, and it sounds over boosted in the higher frequencies, causing it to sound harsh on voice, and thin on acoustic guitar.

Buy the Auna Mic 900

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:25 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:40 – What’s in the Box
00:57 – Build Quality
01:20 – Specifications
01:35 – Polar Pattern Test
01:46 – Background Noise Test
01:53 – Distance Test
02:04 – Windows 10 Test
02:17 – Gain Noise Test
03:07 – Music Test
03:47 – Pros & Cons
04:29 – Recommendation / Conclusion
04:56 – Outro

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Eat'n Good TV says:

What is that echo?

Arcy Stem says:

he’s back with another terrible mic review!!!

Leah Petty says:

Podcastage Can you compare this to the Sampson go mic in another video???

Ian Gregory says:

Ok, so, this probably isn’t the right place (youtube comment section) to suggest a microphone, but I have been interested in the Rainier Studio Microphone from Cyber Acoustics and I was wondering if you could maybe do a review on that?

YelloboY Official says:

Wish you could just import all your microphone knowledge to me

Edmar Lowcost says:

Hey man are bm-800 microphone compatible to acer laptop windows 10? Using usb sound card only? Reply ASAP tnx..

LokeyLimepie says:

thank you so muh for putting the mic gets loud at 3:00 now i wont have to endue ear rape everytime XD

Christian Scheidt says:

Thanks from Germany

Arthur says:

Doobloody Doo!

xPentagon says:

Im searching for an Usb-Mic for max 100€. Im currently interested in the Samson gtrack. (Should i bis a popfilter?) Whould It be a good choice? Any better Mics for this Price?

And also a good Video, but where did u find the auna for 35 bucks?

Your Subscriber says:

Sir please help… please reply

Whisper Dakrboy says:

Im pretty sure the guy who recommended this mic asked you around 2 years ago

Ian Gregory says:

I agree with your opinion on the cons of the microphone, BUt I do find the audio is pretty good for a 35 dollar microphone. Again, thats just my opinion, gj Bandrew.

Friex says:

Sweet my G its hard to get that mic in some countries i thinn

JustinXenyx says:

The cheapest price for this mic is 63-65€/$74-76 in germany, but a lot of people buy it for 80€/95 dollars. Its kind of sad this mic is so expensive in germany and it has so many people recommending it at said price.

shro says:

just about yesterday i lurked on your channel to find a test for this mic. greetings from germany 🙂

Mr. Pepperoni says:

Hey can you review the blue Nessie??

Raffin music says:

Do you still recommend samson co1u pro?i have a tight budget of 100 usd,which mic should i get?for musical purposes

Abraham Lara says:

So… this mic vs CAD GXL2400 USB, the CAD would be the winner, right?

CynikalSnail says:

Didn’t really sound that bad to me, it wasn’t siblant at all but it did sound a bit too tight, but definitely better than a Snowball as a starter mic.

Your Subscriber says:

Sir, what is mono ? And what is stereo ? Which is use for singing ???

Kmotor007 says:

Hey man, I am wondering about buying new mic but I can´t choose between Auna Mic-900 or Samson Go mic. Both sounds great, both are in my budget… I don´t know how to choose so i would appreciate if you help me.

Guten Abend says:

Hey bro, would you go for the Auna or Samson c01u pro? For streaming / YouTube gameplays
🙂 says:

Nice Video, thanks

John Jackson says:

I’d say just get the NW7000-USB. I can’t imagine it’s any worse, and IIRC it was cheaper. Or you can get the BC Master USB mic for $10 more.

It’s kind of hard to find good USB mics since the quality is all over the place even at similar price points. If you can afford one of the “good” USB mics I’d just say get a Behringer interface and an AT2020, or any decent to good mic in the $70-100 range. Since the Yeti and similar USB mics are generally $140~.

Lucas says:

wow in america 35 dollars in germany 90 dollars

FNRL Music says:

its intresting that they made this auna mics avaiable in US. and this only for 35.-? it costs about 80.- over here in EU! they may rise up the price as soon as it get popular …

Randomly with Aryansh Mishra says:

I hope it will come to india also.

Apollo_0 says:

Hey, B) I always wanted to ask, which mic should i get if i dont have opporunity to put it directly in front of my mouth and either dont want to get loud noise from my keyboard or to be very quiet in skype etc?

KiloSierraAlpha says:

USB mics are always awful. Stick with XLR mics folks.

CaptainMikeyWikey says:

Hey Bandrew! Little issue with my mic setup, was hoping you’d answer since I can’t DM you on Twitter.

I have a Neewer NW-800 which is powered by a Sabrent USB Soundcard that I saw you use, plugged in straight to my PC. My main issue is that I have to put my gain at about 85-90% just to get a decent volume. Problem is this gives me too much noise. I was thinking it might be because I don’t have phantom power but I saw you use XLR mics without one so how come this happens? Would appreciate the help!

Alejandro Garcia says:

Shure pga27

Shiek says:

35 $?!??! It costs 70-80 in Germany…

eZstah says:

Great review. I am using this mic for about a Year and i brought it in german Amazon for 80€… I do tons of post production and audio editing and now after your review i really feel like its time to change it 😀

Santiago Calderón says:

Pls make the review of the audio technica at4040

DragoFTW says:

Hey Bandrew, you have to review the mxl 770X its got the polar patterns of the blue yeti and the quality of the at2020 its a awesome mic

BigSquirrelNuts says:

Hello, I would really appreciate if you made a video where you show possible fixes for poor USB microphone quality on Windows 10. This would be a help for me and for many other people.

I personally have a built desktop computer with the MSI Krait Gaming Z270 motherboard. My microphone is the Samson C01U Pro. If you have any ideas for a fix on my end, it would be highly appreciated. Because the quality of my microphone is terrible compared to your videos on the Samson C01U Pro. The only fix I can think of is switching to Windows 7 but I would lose too much.

Lukasko Mraz says:

I Slovakia the mic costs about 60 Dollars

Fave says:

I bought this mic about a week ago. Today i finally received it but when i plug the usb into my pc nothing happens, literally NOTHING. Any help ?

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