Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Mic Review / Test

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3WingRadio says:

What camera are you using in your video buddy?

Dragonmangaming says:

i had a question would it work with a tripod micstand

DJ Fahim says:

will it be good for rap recording

Rextifer Ee says:

I meant where you get the microphone stand

PlayStation the 2nd says:

Just wondering, does the microphone gain default to the gain you used throughout the video? I don’t want it at 100 because as you showed us with *many* microphones that I thought were good throughout the video until we reached the gain test, 100% gain picks up all of the ambient noise in a room. Once the gain test rolls around, I am never sure whether that is the un-natural gain setting or 100% is actually the default, so I become uninterested in the microphone.

Heath Preston says:

I have a Neewer Arm I just received in the mail, ordered this microphone, and a pop filter, can’t remember the brand. I am trying to get some decent quality stuff for my budget and heard nothing but good things from audio-technica. I have no real reason to expand so I’m perfectly content with USB, can NOT wait to get this puppy in the mail and use it! I had the Snowball Ice and it just picked up way too much background noise, the sound quality was crap unless you had your face right on it and just blah, I think I won’t be disappointed in this purchase!

Jan Rupert Alfeche says:

Flippin’ The Darkness bro. YES.

Don Edward Hilario says:

Hey Good Day,
Did the Headphone port of your in audio technica atr 2500 did not have sound or gone if you hold it or just touch or push in your hand, do you think it’s normal sorry for may english because im’, Filipino… i hope you reply i’m so curious with this headphone port….. I hope you Reply. God Bless you.

Dariuz says:

Hey Podcastage! What is the better microphone, Behringer C-1u or Audio-Technica ATR2500? Thanks.

Casual Gaming says:

this or i buy a xenyx 302 usb for my Chinese bm800 mic?

GDJoppa says:

I appreciate the review. I’m thinking about getting this one. I saw your “Best USB Microphone Under $100” video and have been checking out your channel. You’ve got great content!

InglésConectaTV says:

hey man, great video, I have a question , i’m gonna buy this one, the link you put below is for us to get it from USA, right? i hope you can answer me.

FancyWigglyPanda says:

sounds like a Hypercardioid microphone thats just my opinion 😀 Nice video Bandrew my friend 😀

Don Edward Hilario says:

Does it greats for Music covers?

Lil Uzi Vert says:

Rick and morty is the shit man

Klarity says:

This microphone is extremely high quality, it is a Condenser and so it would be perfect for studio recording. I love how you made a review funny, you go Podcastage!

Fearkat says:

C01U PRO or ATR2500

Adrien Latapie says:

I got this mic recently, can you tell me what can I do to get the best quality sound for voiceovers? Thanks

Rextifer Ee says:

can i ask where is the stand

Guenni24 says:

can u pls make a Video about the t.bone SC440 mic?

Allenjutsu says:

Seriously you look like Josh McDermitt!!!!

JOSVPH says:

So…if you’re a rapper and you wanna use this mic: this is what it sounds like…

Jesse P says:

If I have a guest on during my show sitting next to me will this mic pick them up?

Nacho Ejem says:

wich is best, this one or the samson c01u pro?

Kyore says:

Listening with AT-M50x’s

Vr Guzman says:

+Podcastage hey man, help me pls.. what did you do to off the background noise? my atr2500 collects noise even this room is quiet! thanks your reviews are awesome! neewer-nb35 boom arm stand will work on this microphone? many thanks to you! – subscribed

Annie Gaignard says:

Hi, Here my situation… I have a very low budget and 6 classrooms to record simultaneously with all only iPhones and iPads at my disposal. How would you go about video recording mainly the teachers in each classrooms and still pickup questions and anwsers from the audiences. I had the idea of getting a couple of Pyle-Pro wireless omni lavalier miss but they don’t sound as good as the AT. and listening to the AT 2500 sounding that good…how would you plug that into an iPhone? All of the videos are going to be download onto a YouTube channel. Setup and download has to be dummy proof.

Rica Maniago says:

Please give me one recording microphone, I really want to have one but I can’t afford 🙁

Klarity says:

Excellent microphone and video.

Chris Mathis says:

Hey i need your help answering this question..! I have this exact microphone, how can i save audio clips from this microphone and insert them into a video?? A short and sweet answer is better than nothing! Do i need get a particular program to do this? OR do i use an SD Card? Thank you

Hitlearl TV says:

i dont actually hear what youre saying because i dont have an audio , my speakers and earphones is destroyed , haha so im just reading the captions and comments haha

Syked Out Photo says:

Vocal editing tutorial?

vivek tiwari says:


tomZvoices says:

Bought this, and really like it as long as I use my pop filter. Sounds really good, so thanks for your review.

OGB Network says:

It’s kind of ironic that he is wearing a Rick and Morty shirt and he sounds like Justin Rolland

Aoshi Ayanami says:

Does the Atr 2500 and the nt1 share the same body dimensions? I would like to use a shockmount designed for the nt1 would it fit?

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