Audio Technica AT2020 USB+ Review / Test


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Yrackaz says:

Your hair is grey!

Lil Airs says:

Would this be good for music?

Lose Intel says:

I’m glad I know how first date will sound through this mic now haha

Walterino says:

Anyone saw the Ted in the background? 😀

Ravvenboozer _ says:

Is it a usb 2.0 or 3.0?

Bigredbeanie says:

how long is the usb cable

Shao-Linn Fantastic says:

What are your too five mics for podcasting for the $100-$150 range?

Etika mezi světy says:

That. Was. Helpful. Thanks 🙂

Brogers Gaming says:

Mine sounds like im in a toilet 10/10

Brian Tejares says:

Which one would be better? Razer Seiren X or Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+

Martin Thunberg says:

So this is the mic I should get if I want a hassle free setup that can do gaming but also vocals? From watching the rode nt-usb and the options from razer it seems so? I know very little about and, not to sound ignorant, I don’t really want to get to deep and technical since that bumps the price up as well as prolongs any buying decisions.. Also I like the vibe of your videos, pretty friendly. Hope u have great day man, you just made my day a bit better!

Tekarm says:



and what better way to record vocals and acoustic guitar RODE NT-USB and AUDIO-TECHNICA at2020 USB who knows? or no one knows?) Podcastage you then just need to know)

Valourian says:

Did you just assume my planet of origin?

Doğukan Doğu says:

I get onemofmthe at2035 and its great

Yadiel Mercedes says:

What is the diference between the Scarlett 2i4 and 4i4 and would you recomend this interface for home studio and should I buy one of the packages that comes witb a mic ex MXL 550/551R?

Rittwik Gantait says:

can I connect this mic directly to computer or any phantom power is needed?

Yrackaz says:

Why do you have a gaming headphones?

Ed Rambeau says:

Do you know if it works with Final Cut Pro and automatically cuts out a video clip soundtrack while using it to record a voiceover?

TreekTheNeet says:

I know this vid is old but I wanna know what mic you think is better for recording. At2500 or this mic?

Gamerboy80 says:

Make a vid about blue rasberry mic it is op

Frank Gecko says:

Nice review. Quite the production. In a good way.


When I get this model do I just have to plug in the usb cable and record or do I have to do anything before that

Pirania Piraniov says:

Hey, I am looking forward to getting the AT 2020 but I am wondering between the XLR and USB+ version because I do indeed have an audio mixer but the audio mixer is bringing a lot of the bzz noise, I’ve plugged the audio mixer in my 60$ soundcard but it still does bring the same noise. So I am basically wondering if the USB+ version would bring as much noise. I want to use it for vocals and stuff. I do know that XLR mics are better. I don’t know what to do, any help would be appreciated because I want a home studio.

Antonio Baltazar says:

My one and only question is will it pick up three voices in a room sitting relatively close to one another

amol patil says:

It is compatible with the Smule and star Maker applications? I am looking for a good microphone to record karaoke songs on Smule and StarMaker. I purchased I rig multimedia but I can’t use it as it has to be used with its own interface. Please suggest.

dest1ny says:

has anyone ever told you that you look a tiny bit like Josh Hoberman in The Magicians? anyway, good video! convinced me to buy it next time I get paid 🙂

Honcho Marc says:


OnlyZyn says:

how do u not have a million subscribers yet? i dont get it.

Emir Çolak says:

blue yeti or at2020 which one u recommend?

Walterino says:

Do you recommend this for singers?

민쥐같은 민쥐minjee says:

Can i use a shockmount on this mic?????

Szymon Warunek says:

but some people still require me to talk better! – i told them,i am using this usb condenser microphone,maybe i will need a better usb condenser mic?

Tushar D says:

I loved all of your microphone testing videos but I have a question. How much do you make normally by posting these videos given the average amount of views each of these videos have? Do you make enough?
I’m asking because some people have about the same views but they leave after a while.

Ej Rayo says:

Hi good sir! Did you use an audio interface with the audio technica at2020+ or just plug it in to your usb port directly to your computer?

shailendra singh malhotra says:

Wow Sir… there are such honest person like you in this world who dose not provide any false ideas.. i am thank full to you sir…
Shailendra Singh


Tomme P says:

ich habe das selbe mikrofon schon jahren (at3030usb).. uind auch seit jahren das selbe problem… ich muss es mehrmals schnell hintereinander direkt am mikro anstecken damit das blaue licht permanent leuchtet und somit das mikro ein ist… das ist echt nervig und ich habe keine ahung was das sein könnte… habt ihr eine idee?

Sacred Diamonds says:

After hours of looking for Mic’s, i stumbled across your video and with how crisp you voice was I decided to buy it. Anyways my mic came in yesterday and using both Garageband and Audacity ( mind you I have little to no experience in using either of these ) I can’t get my mic to not pick up so much background noise or white noise. How’d you get yours to be so crisp?

JohnnyL REACTS says:

Hi there. I have a very simple but important question. I have been doing reaction videos on my new channel. Always by myself with a lav mic hooked up to my phone, no issue. I want to bring in guest speakers, and don’t want to tie them down with Lavs (I only have one, but would have to buy a couple more). Looking at this one, blue yeti or snowball. If I buy one of these (most likely usb version) and put it down on the table in front with omni-directional mode, will it pick up the sound of our voices clearly and crisply? Close to what my Lav does? We would be in front of a desk. Any advice for people in a room so they can speak and sit freely and still record good audio would be greatly appreciated. Or is it that we must sit in a very specific proximity to the mix, and not move very much so as to not decrease quality..

Alan Gomez says:

Its my frigin b-day

Raikingzeo Kim says:

Why do we need the pop filter?

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