Audio-Technica AT2005USB USB/XLR Mic Review / Test

In this video I review the AT2005USB. A Dynamic USB Microphone that provides USB & XLR Outputs, as well as a latency free 3.5mm headphone port and headphone volume control.

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Nac Mac says:

recommend me mic for singing… the budget is 70 – 80$

ApplezFall says:

can you connect it to a boom arm

Synca says:

Bella than the Q2U?

Zachary Alvidrez says:

Would you recommend this for podcasting?
My buddies and I are starting a podcast, and we need three total mics. I did buy the Presonus Audiobox, so I’m looking for something uses an XLR cable and I’d prefer to not spend more than $60 per mic. Any ideas, or suggestions?

OhKazam says:

Hey Brandrew,
What audio interface do you recommend? I have the AT2035 and mostly plan to do streaming and voice over commentaries. I’ve been looking at the focusrite solo but don’t know if the 2i2 has any real differences. Also have been looking at the UM2. Thanks.

CertainDeath777 says:

i am exploring your channel for my choice of setup, and i would buy through your links, if there was a amazon germany link.
thats a 96 million customers market (austria and swiss are also on that page), i think you should consider it, for some extra bucks 🙂

ItsBasicGamer says:

Would you recommend switching to the Samson C01u pro if I have this mic now and I’m looking for an upgrade?

Dee says:

how is the stand? is it garbage?

Tomás Pacheco says:

Excellent video, this is a good channel!!

Everything 4tech says:

Sorry XD i am saying a singing microphone?

Ikrar Fatur says:

Do versus for AT2100USB, q2u and this mic plz

Dan Magoo says:

Great video as always. I use this one sometimes, with a fethead, and it has some of the warm sound of the AT2020 condenser mic, which I also like. It’s also fine without the fethead, although just a bit noisier because the fethead lets me turn the gain almost 180-degrees lower on the Scarlett Solo. Very nice, rich sound for voice, at a good price, and it just looks better than the ATR2100 which has the same specs. A foam windscreen helps with plosives.

TheIronBatz says:

I remember when you were at 8k you seemed like you lost weoght

DBC TV says:

Hi Bandrew. Which one would you recommend between AudioTechnica 2005 and SM58 for gameplay commentary/podcasting.

P.S: If I get the SM58 I plan to hook it up to my PC via the XLR to USB cable.

AllJamesEverything says:

Which is better at2005 or at2100 ? Or would you say they are about the same ?


hey man love this review i just recently bought two of them, but when im recording and go over my audio there not a hum but buzzing some what of a static noice while we are talking. any idea why this is? or a solution to it.

iBradSky says:

Awesome videos! I was wondering…I wanted to start a podcast but wasn’t sure what I should get to start out with. I have a windows 10 computer and I was thinking about an XLR Mic. The only thing is, I would have two microphones and I wasn’t sure how to connect both of them to my Windows 10 computer. Do you know how I would do that and what I would need to use two microphones? Thank you!

Jim Toles says:

ever thought about doing giveaways of some of the mics you review?

Nade says:

What mic do you recommend for who needs a good background noise reduction?

Garf Net says:

Never knew finding the right mic could be so hard but after many long hours on youtube and 3 mic exchanges later I chose this bad boy and used your referal link , thanks for the vids guy!

Afro says:

May be M-AUDIO Producer USB next?

Its Basher says:

pls help me podcastage i need a usb plug for my ps4 but i cant find one onny where can you make a vid about it pls i think you can make people very happy with that and if you know a usb to aux plug for ps4 or xbox one pls let me know

Everything 4tech says:

Can you please do e video for the best desktop microphone for singing

drethe barber says:

@podcastage in your opinion is this mic better than the audio technica art2100 usb ?

Maiku says:

Can you do a review of the Sennheiser G4ME Zero for your next Headset review?

Sir Nigel Cogs Gaming says:

Another good video. I’ve had this microphone for quite some time and as you say, its versatility is a nice feature.

Guy Serle says:

I’ve used these mics at conventions and expos for interviews and quickly found out something. Most of these USB/XLR (the 2005/2100/Knox UM01) don’t work with USB directly to your phone as they don’t put out enough juice to power the mic. I’ve since gotten an IK Multimedia iRig Pre (AA battery powered with XLR in and 3.5mm TRRS out) and it works great. The side and rear rejection of all these mics make them terrific for shows.

LuotTV says:

Man, could you do Samson go mic direct review? Keep doing it!

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