Arozzi Sfera USB Microphone for Gaming Review / Test

Today we look at a Blue Snowball rip off from Swedish gaming company Arozzi, titled the Sfera. This microphone has a rather tinny tone, that doesn’t lend it self to any professional applications. If you are just chatting with your friends and you want a cool looking microphone, I’m sure it will be fine though.

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00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Disclaimers / Price / Setup
00:48 – What’s in the Box
01:04 – Build Quality
01:57- Specifications
02:24 – Polar Pattern Test
02:42 – Background Noise Test
02:51 – Distance Test
02:59 – Proximity Effect Test
03:04 – Plosive Rejection Test
03:13 – Windows 10 Test
03:30 – Noise Floor Test
04:26 – Music Test
05:13 – Pros & Cons
06:12 – Overall thoughts
06:39 – Conclusion / Recommendation
07:27 – Outro

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S1 CalebLegend says:


KitWongHK says:

Your thumbnail just lied to every viewer.
(Who cares the video title? Your thumbnail is *EXTRA THICK* )

Jason Kirk says:

Being honest should never get you a thumbs down. Great job!

TrueLegend935 says:

I love your videos so much. A couple weeks ago I already bought a USB microphone because of your reviews, but I love watching your videos.

Rawr Attack says:

I want to get a mic for voice acting and voice chats (like a discord call for voice acting) I live in quite a loud household, what type of microphone would you suggest?

PewYoureDead says:

Swedish meatball xD a even better name

Coffee House Media says:

I’m record using an audio technical at2020 into a zoom h4n Pro, when I do the noise reduction process on adobe audition there’s a weird tinny digital sound when I listen to it in the beginning and end of my sentences. Any suggestions, the room I’m in when I record is a study room in a library which is pretty quiet and not fully sound proof but sound dampened if that makes sense. Any suggestions?

Sindre Larsen says:

Idc I just want to talk to my friends without having to reapeat my self 10 times, and also don’t use much money.

Citizen Strife says:

I really enjoy these reviews so much. I’m sure the complaint, “You get what you pay for,” may come up, but you’re doing a great service for tech idiots (like myself). It’s great to have many options around the same price range, but also trying to weigh those options for what someone needs them for. I don’t think it sounds bad, but you’re right: anything like this should be an “investment” that lasts a long time. Great video.

Sapele Steve says:

To me, it just looks like a big WEM (Weird Eyeball Mic). You’re review was spot on…………….. 🙂

Piohm says:

This is a gaming microphone, but is it a condensor microphone? I didn’t read anywhere that it was dynamic. Don’t you recommend a dynamic mic for gaming? (noise rejection)

Christian says:

This one just had a very unflattering, unpleasant sound signature to my ears. I’ve seen even cheaper USB microphones on your channel that sound much better.

Keep up the great work, i really appreciate these videos.

Ken Best says:

If you had blonde wig to wear with your Swedish meatball review (LOL) it would have been perfect.

Il Neige says:

Out of curiosity, have you had to treat your studio with a ton of acoustic material? Or do the various amps and what not prevent reflections on their own?

KiloSierraAlpha says:

Spanish? That sounds Italian to me.

Ultra-Niche-Gaming says:

Review fifine k670

Reaper says:

For a starter i can see myself using this mic, didn’t sound thaaaaat bad. :-), great review though, thanks.

Les Images 3D clic says:

Well most of those USB microphone, like that one or the yeti, have very cheap electret microphone inside that we can find for less than $4.00 on many electronic components stores.

LKPharaoh says:


Johnhitbox says:

I believe at around 7:10 onward, you are making a commentary on humanity and self-worth.. or maybe I read into it a bit much 😀

ZyntaX says:

I bought the Samson Q2U. It’s incompatible with windows drivers. It outputs static at bootup. Only solution is to unplug and replug EVERY boot. (Tested on several machines, same prob.)
Hopefully this is only on mine.

Andyholm says:


Ducky McDuckson says:

I would consider this mic not really good. It somehow made me remember Blue Snowball review. It wasn’t good
Hail pizza!

P.S. Bandrew, you’re too harsh! (You’re welcome <3)

Coffee House Media says:

I love pizza pie too

Lazy Mitchell says:


Henrik Bergendahl says:

Som en äkta svensk så är denna video väldigt kränkande

Translation: As a true swede I find this video very offensive

Tonkis says:

Everything that is striving to be cool, is really just uncool and cringe and p12ish. IMO

Din Mammas mammas mamma says:

Rip swedish meetball

Sound Speeds says:

That’s a microphone that shouldn’t exist. Why did a company release that?

João Victor says:

“Arrrozzi!” sounds more Italian than Spanish hahahahha

Monwey says:

They really should have called it the Arozzi Meatball.

Kragatar says:

That thing reminds me of the droid that greets C3PO at the gate of Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi.

KMPZ says:

Oh man It sounds terrible, I don’t need to watch past 30 seconds.

Tater Raider says:

I subbed for honest reviews. This was an honest review. Keep up the good work!

JMPinker says:

It will be italian, not spanish… just saying man.

Ryan Wilson says:

Well…. at least you didn’t get a sticker.

RoTiSeRiE JoNeS says:

My kids want to stream, and this is a great price for a starter pack. I can’t trust Samsung products as all. Great vid though.

S1 CalebLegend says:

love the video as always bandrew!!

Logic Universe says:

Im swedish and we don’t eat Köttbullar (meetballs) all the time (JK)

Electronics For Fun says:

lol they should call it the swedish meatball.

Hardware BBQ says:

Oh my GOD! What have you done? Now all marketing executives in gaming companies around the world with use your video to justify RGB on every goddamn microphone!!! Might as well tell them to put racing stripes on!!! XD

I donated a Samson Q2U to a streamer because she has a HyperX headset which here is recommended by many sponsored gamers and bloggers. But that headset microphone is so bad I can’t even hear what they’re saying through it. I wasn’t the only one. It is ironic because microphones from Chinese odd-named brands have better headset microphones. I am importing two more Samson Q2U from the US (new black colour is available with the extended neck but I will be using the Ammoon mic stand instead). One for myself, and another to donate to another streamer. Most people are under false impressions that the much expensive Blue Yeti is a minimum standard for streamers because of a lot of hype and recommendation done by people who haven’t tested anything well below that pricing.

From one reviewer to another, I really respect and appreciate the amount of time and effort you put it out here. Also, appreciate that you’ve talked about the integrity of tech youtubers because it is very bad where I am at to a point that legitimate reviewers are sidelined for very biased social media influencers. It is so bad that Nvidia India employed a journalist/ reviewer as an employee that nobody really talked about except well within closed doors and private conversations. It is hard. I am running a site for eight years. Mad respect towards Jason Lewis. Smartphone reviewing game is shady AF and I decided to stick with reviewing PC hardware because its not that level of nuisance and there is a balance of good/honest reviewers worldwide.

DELT∆ says:

I actually laughed my ass off with the “Arozzi Meatball” joke xDDDD

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