Zero Delay USB Arcade Encoder | Review & Playtest

The “XCSource Zero Delay” USB Joystick Encoder, also known as the Bosega CY-822A, the “USB Joystick” and a whole host of other names is the cheapest arcade control encoder going. Lets take a closer look at it.

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Azayn Lvis says:

Hello, does this pcb work on ps3 or PS4?

The Engineer says:

Ipac was confusing shit, used one when i was in 6th grade, no idea what i was doing

Alvaro says:

One million thanks.

Neil Gray says:

My cherry micro switches have 3 prongs on them. So I’m guessing one goes to com but how do I know where the other one goes??? Always open or always closed?

The ART of Mining says:

Hi thanks for the video. Do you know if there is any similar hardware (USB) that can read “VARIABLE” input from the joystick? i.e. an XBOX controller will read out zero at center and +/- 1.0 at full tilt X or Y. Although I could modify an existing joystick like the XBox I’m looking for a simpler solution (ready built). I need to be able to read the inputs in Unity and part of a design to implement large set levers for a project I’m working on. These levers need to react the same way a regular joystick control works 0 to +/- 1. I would like to avoid use of Arduino and such and was wondering if the Arcade companies provide such controllers that I could modify accordingly. Thank you ! A

Andres Salazar says:

Hey There, is there a way to connect LEDs to this board? I have some 5-Volt LEDs for some of the buttons, but I’m not sure if I can use this board, since there’s all 2 connectors and not 3 connectors. thanks!

Ryan says:

How is this encoder with multiple buttons being pushed at once? Do they register properly?

I’m going to assume that it won’t be compatible with a PS4 (aside from Street Fighter V). I want to use mine with Pinball Arcade on PS3, PS4,Android or PC but I’m not sure if the plunger will work to launch the ball since it’s typically assigned to the right analog stick.

Das Richter says:

made a fighting stick for it and it works very well

Howard Malone says: here is one i built with my raspberry pi inside going to be building a bigger control panel cause next week im buying a 4 player turtles arcade cab that has been stripped I’m going to turn it into a picade

Gary Stinten says:

Using a zero delay with a USB hub, trying to get this working in android and so far no dice. I’m also using a front end called romflix and just want it working,.. Any ideas?

Rocky Madio says:

Hhi RetroManCave. I am going to make an arcade machine that has 2 players. So i am going to buy an DIY kit which also has the hardware you were reviewing. I want to ask if 2 controllers can be regonized by Raspberry pi ( retropie) ?

Let's Do This says:

Handy review, thank-you. I was also hoping for a jumper for the coin slot but, it doesn’t appear so 🙁 For the price it should do the job.

lordplenty says:

I’ve used two of those – one in arcade stick, another in universal converter (two 9 pin sockets driving 2 C64 joysticks at once, or both connected to drive one fightstick). Boards work really well, but quality can be an issue (I had some cold joints on one).

NKO says:

I used one of these boards, without the plastic connectors, in a handheld I built for my kid. They’re cheap and they work great

WillDuhFoh says:

Its cheaper and easier than the iPac!

Jaafar Harari says:

quick question, does this only work with MAME emulator? I was thinking of building an arcade stick for tekken 7 which i’ve preordered for my pc and was thinking as I’m mainly building this for learning purposes and dont want to spend a lot of money, if this encoder works for my purpose.
Thanks, and great video 🙂

Jm Escano says:

Will it work on Xbox One if I play Tekken 7?

Duck Producciones Cbba says:

it works with ps3 ?

Wakukuhihi says:

can i use 2 of these to produce 2 player arcade??
can the raspberry pie 2 recognize this as a 2 separate controller if i plug them both?

Zoa's Video Games & Arcade Tours says:


From your voice I had no clue it was you..

Hassan Jalil says:

would this work with retropie ?

Juan C Walls says:

Anybody knows if this board can be used to adapt an old analog Joystick with DB15 “MIDI” connector?, not the MS Sidewinder Pro but just a regular one with the switches and potentiometers directly wired to the cable. If not, ¿Is there a similar board that can be used?
Joysticks I have are:
– DB Boeder P-10: 3 analog Axis, 2 buttons, direct to the wire (apart from a simple autofire circuit)
– Logitech Wingman Extreme: 2 analog axis, 4 buttons and a little digital joystick. I haven’t open this one yet but I suppose it has some active circuitry because the basic DB15 protocol supports only 4 analog axis and 4 buttons. (or maybe the digital joystick uses the 2 other analog axis)

Spagg Trait says:

I’m having trouble with the mode settings. Windows keeps recognizing it as an Analogue stick. Wich is fine for most fighters. However, its rather annoying in Tekken 7. The only solution I have up to now is installing a mode button on the stick. But switching modes going between menus and actually playing is a pain in the ass.

Kerry Kennedy says:

Hi do you have a layout of the board please

Rui Valdez says:

What is the performance with raspberry pi?

Ecks™ says:

I recently bought my kit as well but the thing is the layout for connecting the wires to the buttons is different from yours and would like to know if it wouldn’t matter how it would connect in.
Also this is the kit i bought so you can also see what i am talking about

rocketboy0814 says:

I pressed the mode button on the joystick when I was using my ps2. then it stopped working. it only works on ps3 and pc now. help?

Andrew Paulakis says:

Awesome review and very helpful!

ChaoticCraze says:

any chance making a arcade controller from this will work with injustice 2 on my ps4? i wanted to do this as a project , so any input on this topic would be greatly appreciated 🙂 , i heard it works on ps3 not xbox so im wanting to make sure before i make a in the moment purchase aha.

Björn Håkansson says:

Can i use one of the connectors for microphone with a PTT?

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