Xtension Arcade Cabinet for X-Arcade Dual USB Joystick

Short video review of my new Xtension Arcade Cabinet for X-Arcade Dual USB Joystick.


MelodicsRareMusicVid says:

a few questions, is it a bit rough playing 2 player from the size being only 22? and if you could would you of rather got the coin op pc 32 inch version or even possibly the 32 tv version?

David Marte says:

What resolution output since most arcade games are 400X300.

waynew72 says:

I’ve got a Samsung SyncMaster 225BW. When you say “black bars”, you mean the dead/blank space on the left and right sides when you’re playing the games, right? It seems to me that some games (especially the older ones) will always have that, and some of the newer games won’t…

waynew72 says:

Nice!!! I didn’t even know these things existed. Checked out a couple videos of the SLG3000 in action and I like the retro look. How much did you pay for yours?

Leone Kaiser says:

I just can’t stand slapped on x-arcade sticks on these particular premade cabs. Looks very tacky. Not bashing, it’s a pet peeve and I hope you are having a lot of fun, man.

Sean Grimes says:

THIS is what I was looking for. Thanks for posting!

godscuttingyoudown says:

isn’t superposed to come with a Chinese guy to assemble it?

Perez Arcades says:

which frontend are you using?

ronjon83 says:

You could just use the RGB min mask in MAME32 that looks better… and is free. 🙂

waynew72 says:

Yeah, but I am Chinese. So they told me to go assemble it myself…

waynew72 says:

Yes you need your own joystick, computer, and monitor. I put in the maximum size allowed, which was 22″.

David Marte says:

Liked it alot. Hey question. Which version of mame are you running? Also what type of output are you sing? VGA, RCa, dvi.

Gabe Del says:

Great video, how does the x-arcade dual stick feel? does it feel like real arcade?

Gabe Del says:

Hi, how tall is it from the floor to the x-arcade controller?

Issadog Boss says:

No offense but that cabinet looks like it is cheaply made it sucks.

rob26b says:

I was looking into buying one fo these.  i didn’t know you had to use your own computer?  I thought it came with everything.

waynew72 says:

Cabinet is about $400 + tax/shipping from recroommasters (for me the total was $500 because they had to ship from east coast to west coast). You can get a decent monitor for $200 or less. X-Arcade joystick is about $130 but I got mine on sale for about $70. If you don’t already have an old beater computer, you can get a used one on eBay for $100 or less. In the end you’re looking at $800-1000 depending on whether you already have a PC laying around and how much you want to spend on the monitor.

waynew72 says:

How do you set it up?

PCLady says:

I didn’t use the front plastic panel. Did anyone figure out how to stabilize the joystick into the cabinet? I have some big guy friends that are pulling it on it hard while playing and the joystick pops up/out of the cabinet. There has to be a solution?

waynew72 says:

My screen resolution is 1680×1050, but I don’t think it really matters because like you mentioned, most games are 400×300 (or even 300×200, give or take). The screen just automatically switches to that lower resolution when the game starts.

Eddie H says:

I was thinking about getting one of these but putting a traditional tube tv inside instead. Any idea what the maximum size tv would fit if any?

waynew72 says:

LOL you don’t need to convince me anymore– I grew up around those old CRT arcade games and I can totally appreciate the images like you do. Thanks for the tip!

David Marte says:

Hmm interesting, which monitor are you using, it looks like its a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor. I don’t want black bars on the side of my monitor. Can you tell me the model? Thanks!! 🙂

David Marte says:

i bought it from someone locally, its usually around $90.00. But it’s completely priceless. you NEED it, no exception here. It will make CRTs useless. I stand in awe just staring at the images lol. so happy that I came across this thing. Order it, let me know what you think.

waynew72 says:

Thanks. I’m running version 0.62 or something like that (it’s pretty old, but works fine). At the time of this video, I was running VGA off my laptop, but since then I’ve switched to a faster desktop with DVI.

e n t e r says:

How does it hold the monitor? Cause I have a monitor with a built on stand which can’t be removed

credd214 says:

Do you think the solo x arcade stick will work for this? I’m looking to get the mini of this which I think is the bottom half?

waynew72 says:

Right behind the monitor is a standard VESA mount so you have to remove your monitor stand. I think it may be possible to put your monitor with stand and all, on top of the main platform, but I’m not entirely sure. You can contact the people at recroommasters and they’d probably be able to confirm.

D man says:

wow omg! I have got to get one!! Now only if it came with everything you see! Monitor, laptop, games, and joystick…
How much did this cost?

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