Xgaming X-Arcade Solo Joystick Review

The X-Arcade Solo Joystick is apparently “indestructible”. Read our review to find out more: http://makeuseof.com/tag/xgaming-x-arcade-solo-joystick-review-giveaway/


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invisibleaznDJ says:

what about the internals?   Sanwa parts seems to be the industry standard.  Does this have Sanwa parts or parts that are of equal to or better quality?

NHKC says:

once the xbox and ps4 adapters are out im getting this right away

Classic80sStuff says:

It is an awesome stick, nice quick review. Told what needed to be said without going on for 10 minutes and being boring. Although I don’t really think dropping it from a few feet and standing on really proves much.

Edel99 says:

Thinking about buying this for Street Fighter 4

worksa8 says:

The internals are shit and will die fast for the most part. the indestructible aspect comes from the shell, which is ridiculously sturdy.

roosswald says:

what’s the name of that pinball game you’re playing?

VirtualMan007 says:

Just what i needed to see, i currently run Pinball Arcade from my mac, do you think it would work to use X-Aracde controller?  Curious how you managed to map the buttons for that game!  Great video!

AL BUNDY says:

does it work on store bought new pc games? i could replace my logitch controller with this

hectec69 says:

hi I knowvthis is old but is there skins for this or how can you make one

Hanzo Zer0 says:

Do the retro games come preloaded?

Robert Smith says:

I recommend getting the 2 player joystick – as getting a solo one resigns you to the fact that you don’t want to and never will make a friend.

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