Which Joystick Combo is the best? Here is the verdict


Smood47 says:

Wow, this is the only guy I have come across that put the x55 above CH products! Damn. Lot of people put the CH products above the warthog much less the rhino. I’m not saying hes wrong or anything, just interesting opinion. I myself don’t have any of the sticks and I am doing research for buying one.

victor myers says:

Pretty decent review, lot of ‘ums’
On the chicken pedals, they look too close together or cramped. Is it an issue?

AGM65Maverick says:

Seriously just use the sticks how they were meant to be used with the prober throttle the pedals dont really matter but think about taking the throttle from an su27 flanker and using an f14 tomcat joystick and throwing it all in a mig 28…. its stupid.

Matt B says:

The only complaint I have in 20 years of owning CH products is the USB Pro Thottles lack of any resistance in the throttle itself. I understand why they build it this way with its light weight construction, resistance would probably make it slide across your desk. I would have had no problem paying a little more for a weighted base and a moderate level of resistance for realism sake.

Bang Paf says:

I really don’t get the “it has metal instead of plastic so it’s quality” (un)mindset. Most modern firearms are made of plastic. And then, the metal in consumer grade crap contains probably more slag than the average sword forged some thousand years ago. And then, the cheapo metal is not even forged, it’s casted.  We need to stop this primitive and retarded obsession about shiny things.

LuciusEsox1 says:

Ok, back here after my original comments a year ago to address some of the comments about plastic. CH DIDN’T use it so they could save money and make better internals, they don’t work like that.

They used it because it was the BEST material for the job they wanted done. The thing with CH is they truly build to a quality and not to a price.

Have owned or used all of the top joystick combo’s and CH ARE the Strad’s of the pc controllers world. The accuracy and the reliability are second to none and don’t get me started about feel.

Ok, finally, what I posted for.

There is plastic and there is plastic. The stuff CH uses is that extremely hard and durable type. Not brittle, not flexy, almost feels like a very very hard nylon. And why do they use it ? Well anyone who has used a Wharthog will know that answer straight away the first time they use a Fighterstick,, lightness, nimbleness.

Try the full HOTAS setup people and you will see why the vehemence of the original rant, it seemed like a kid liking a clapped out old Ford because it had racing stripes on it compared to an Aston Martin in a non flashy colour.

robvelor says:

MFG Crosswind over any of those pedals for sure, if cash is a problem go with CH pedals.  Saitek X65 better than the $90 CH stick, yeah right!

glynn mckay says:

hay there whats the name of the middle flight sticks throttle I love the look of that I got a Logitech x3dpro and the throttle is horable on it

mynameisray says:

lol, I have an original CH combo that is still working today without no issues at all. I don”t know the number of Saitek products I have gone though. 90 dollars one time buy or 200 dollars every few years.. tough choice…..

Skyler Wildchild says:

Holy shit, this guy has everything.

Brit Gilpin says:

What’s wrong with plastic? Why is it so bad?

Hungry Guy says:

CH Products has the highest quality and durability, far above any of the others(*). It’s plastic on the outside, but metal on the inside. Unfortunately CH uses POTs for sensors–high quality POTS, but POTS nonetheless. CH is known for reliability because they make sticks for industrial vehicles and medical equipment, and that quality washes over to their gaming products.

Thrustmaster, on the other hand, uses more accurate HALL sensors. The Warthog looks badass, all metal and rugged, but it’s plastic on the inside. And to be fair, Thrustmaster stuff is also pretty good quality.

(*) Yes, there’s professional/commercial Flight Simulator equipment like GoFlight and others that cost thousands of dollars for one joystick :-0 But those don’t count…

Roger Dodger says:

WARTHOG. Twin throttle; I had 100 immediate tailspin crashes because some fcukwit seems to think its funny to code the 2nd throttle to roll. But I have Saitek Combat pedals for roll; so why in fcuk would the code it to the fcuking 2nd throttle? How in fcuk would a real pilot like their 2nd throttle linked to roll; so when he accelerates the plane crashes every fcuking time. Rant over.

Francisco J Mercado says:

I don’t know if you’ve ever actually flown an Airplane but the middle pedals are the only ones that come even close to the real thing; when you fly your heels stay on the floor. Not a very informed  opinion on the pedals…

delaurie ash says:

What most people doesn’t know why CH HOTAS set last for more than 10 years is ….the outside is plastics because they spent the budget to make sure all the key parts inside to be metals ..which is well yeah more important than flashy outside ..on Warthog though ..the outside are metals but the insides are 70-80% metals ( which explains the price for it ..both are good in performance, same level i say ..with Warthog you comes out looking more flashy ( and pricey ) ..with CH you win in longevity ( and price ) ..as for Saitek ..just don’t get me started just blergh, not good anymore since the new management took over compared to years ago..and yes i have all 4 HOTAS set i’m talking here ( CH HOTAS, Thrustmaster Warthog, Saitek x52 pro, x55 and all their footpads ). In term of personal preference, i hover to CH HOTAS ( especially for its mini joystick on Throttle Pro ) set more than Warthog…tho if its bout lookin good n pricey ..i’ll hover to Warthog..hopefully it last as long as the Ch set ..we’ll see in few years. =) 

Mustafa TÜLÜ says:

Can’t figure out which one to buy. I am not a fighter pilot type but an airliner. I don’t like x55 because it’s not metal and the joystick is spring type(which is not used anymore on real fighter jets and airliners). however i like x55 because throttle has much more buttons and looks better than x65’s throttle. I like x65 because of joystick and it’s metal but less button on both joystick and throttle. Some one help me please?

An Lq says:

are the CH products throttle and fighterstick working with USB 3.0 ?

Sam P says:

what do u mean the x55 doesnt move… how do you use a joystick that doesnt move? not sure i understood that part… does it have some kind of lock when not plugged in or something????

GreyMaulkin says:

The biggest complaint I would have with the CH pedals is that they always want to be the primary controller. This can be very painful if you switch controllers and are forced to remap everything. Also, can make using older games impossible as they will only see the first USB game controller.

colin astley says:

just a suggestion  test  MFG Crosswind pedals !

B. C. Schmerker says:

One manufacturer that should be involved in a future comparo is the VIrtual Engineering Bureau (_Виртуальное Конструкторское Бюро_), a Russian firm which uses magnetoresistive sensor technology in the Black Mama and Fat Mamba joystick assemblies (I would they had a stick grip that could fit stepped-cone, castle and stadium four-ways, an inverse-hat TDC sensor, and four pushbuttons in the top pod; four pushbuttons, one three-position slide, and one multi-way “tall jog” in the handle; and two folding triggers at the front of the top pod) and T-Rudder yaw control.

Reese McClain says:

You sound a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Farming In Iowa says:

I’ve had the ch pedals and saitek. I prefer saitek for the adjustable tension and pedal length. Also the first set sit more flat so your foot can rest easier. Ch products are fine. The center pedals look cool but possibly not very comfortable. I’m moving on from these but all reasonably fine products for a good price:)

Arkh Longstride says:

Fuck this guy, ignorant fool

Keith Muir says:

Fantastic no bullshit review you deserve a drink on us anytime.

gkelley says:

Just pre-ordered my Fat Black Mamba Mk.III stick.

Setup will be:
X55 Throttle
Fat Black Mamba Mk.III stick
T-Rudder Mk.III pedals

I cannot wait!

Dathien says:

dude i disagree with ur opinion on the ch joysticks….

Matthias Kleinjan says:

everybody in these comments is really triggered. wtf

zzodr says:

CH FTW. Weapon of choice for IL2 BOS and landing tricky WW2 planes.

shahar Ilijevic says:

the CH plastic is very thick and sturdy plastic!!! If you want to do precicion flying, civilian or especially Helicopters use the CH Combatstick. The Saitek and Warthog are way to stiff arround centerline to do very fine adjustments. Especially for helicopters necessary where u will move ur stick much more often than on an aircraft after takeoff.

Chris Lewis says:

I need some advice if anyone out there can help. I have a complete flight simulator system that I need to sell. I know absolutely nothing about these systems so I have no clue how to price it up. There is a control panel with lots of switches, digital screens and knobs etc. A steering yoke, pedals, joysticks, gear levers and other stuff. I don’t have a clue how much this system is worth. It belonged to my brother who unfortunately has recently passed away. I know that this was all working perfectly because my brother demonstrated his flying skills to me. Can anyone help or send me info of somewhere I can sell this set. I have a number of pictures of all the parts if anyone wants to look at them.

revenger681 says:

CH may be plastic, but man they have been tested like crazy by the Sim community and are KNOWN for their reliability. They’re known for their reliability and durability. Being plastic has nothing to do with it. But you are entitled to your opinion. It puzzled me in the beginning as I’ve never heard anything bad about CH products before other than “they look kind of ugly”.

CryoShift says:


John Penny III says:

This moron didn’t do his homework….what a dumb ass…he didn’t research this at all !!!!!

Chris Davies says:

CH Pro Throttle: no one ever made a better PC controller than this.
The exact same throttle, made for over 20 years now!

Rick Fetting says:

today’s plastics are more than good enough for joysticks. the ch is by far the best joy, because it operates on a ‘double swivel’ system, where the warthog is 3 times the price, and operates on a friction spring system, which suck. I have had my ch joy for over 8-9 years, and still is perfect, and totally quiet. friction systems start rubbing and make noise, unless you go in and lubricate them.

Adam Olympia says:

If you want the best of the best Rudder Pedals , the CH and Saitek units are so cheap compared to the $300 MFG Crosswind – which I’m buying as soon as the 2015 manufacturing run is available in March.   I just bought the Thrustmaster warthog joystick for $200 — now all I need is a good throttle. Wish I could find a used or new X65 .. any other recommendations? Unfortunately I can’t find any warthog throttles except with the joystick — I’d go that route if they made a left-handed joystick. 

utley says:

There is wayyyy too much money on that table. Fork some over this way, please.

S1ickReed says:

X55 FTW, best HOTAS I ever used.. sure you will find other products that may last longer or have better quality build inside. But the X55 feels the best and is the most comfortable. And cant live without twist yaw, just cant.

George Lawther says:

Had the X55’s on my SIXTH set, was going to buy the warthog set until I read so many CH reviews that are decades YES decades old! only downside is that my current and soon to be sold x55s 🙂 and warts can mount on my wheelstand pro ill just have to get used to the CH, and once im used to it its probably going to be the last joystick/throttle I ever buy being nearly 50!

Gnomediva says:

what a bullshit comparison test…comparing 90 bucks stuff with 400 bucks stuff…..lol…

Luiz Engrazia says:

x55 looks pretty different from the ones today Oo The red buton on the stick itself is in a much better position. Less buttons on the throttle though

Dark83Noodle says:

Warthog, Saitek was great until Mad Catz got their hands on it. So rock the ones from before 2007 and you’ll be fine

Priest says:

CH throttle is shit, don’t get it, fighterstick is solid, odd at first to get sued to, be prepared but it is VERY smooth on the yaw and pitch but diagonal movements are very weird. 55 is OKAY but honestly, the only reasons to get it are if you need the buttons, but just save for the TM warthog, far better.

Alex Sp says:

For DCS Seitek has the worst drivers and support, i have the pro x52 arrrgggg a nightmare game crashing buttons not doing what they should and bla bla tits from hell. Just ordered the A10 HOTAS and TFRP Pedals.

John stubbs says:

your opinion is way off you prick , do a proper survey of the internals, CH is top notch.

Mansolo 1 says:

I owned the CH setup he has in the video, I never had a problem with them at all , ever. I got away from flight sims for awhile after I bought a motorcycle, so I sold them. Now with the awesome flight sims that are out now I want to get back into them. I don’t even have to think about it, I’m getting the CH.

Dereck Dunn says:

A lot of money on that counter.
I’m just getting back into PC gaming. Meaning flight sims in my case. Flight games have always been my go to PC game. Gonna start with the CH Fighterstick and Pro Throttle bc I owned a CH joystick 20 years and it was rock solid. May not look the best….but it’s got it where it counts.
Might get the Thrustmaster Warthog later for DCS but right now the only game I own is Elite Dangerous. Also just bought TrackIR bc once I saw it I decided I couldn’t live w/o it.

Roger Diking says:

Well its his personal review me on the other hand have traded in my Saitek for a Ch fighter stick, pro throttle and foot pedals to play in Star citizen no more toys time for real man equipment Ch all the way baby.

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