What’s The Best Game Controller For the PC? (2016)

Here we comparison the four most popular game controllers & explore which one is best for PC gaming.

US links
Sony DualShock 4 Controller: http://amzn.to/1Qe6Kpo
Steam Controller: http://amzn.to/1PynF10
Xbox One Wired PC Controller: http://amzn.to/1n9Oja6
Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows: http://amzn.to/1Qe7rik
Xbox 360 Controller: http://amzn.to/1JRyz5p

UK links
Sony DualShock 4 Controller: http://amzn.to/1OxXeca
Steam Controller: http://amzn.to/207faBG
Xbox One Controller: http://amzn.to/1Kk1kTa
Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows: http://amzn.to/1ZEqtVc
Xbox 360 Controller: http://amzn.to/1J9BA0Z

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Wither Keeter says:

This vid really gave me a good idea of what I’d be actually experiencing and getting with the steam controller. Thanks so much for saving me from getting it.

La_Fouros says:


Jorge Garcia says:

Xbox one controller is my go to because of how easy it is to use due to it being integrated right into windows 10. Plus I already have an Xbox one so it’s not like I had to go out of my way to get the controller. Plus it just feels better than the old 360 controller

WAVE says:

X360 Controller <3

BVargas78 says:

An Xbox1 controller and a steam controller will meet my needs.

Molahoum Mahdi says:

Xbox 1

Westile says:

No down sides to the 360 pad? Really? Have you never used the D-pad on it? Literally the worst ever.
Oh but the Bone’s D-pad and running a small program is bad. Okay.
DS4 auto wins through sheer functionality and customization.

Foosions1 says:

About Logitech F710?

Andrew Morris says:

I don’t know why I clicked on this video. I’m a very biased, stubborn Steam Controller fan

SUM_LIL_N00B says:

I wish you put more research and effort into the video. I’m disappointed. 🙁

David Herron says:

D pad is very important you can not play fast beat em up games on a 360 controller and once a 360 controller has been used a while the d pad breaks or looses functionality. The only option is ps4

Big Steve says:

I’d vote 360 if you can find the drivers.

XsifproX says:

0:32 nice try


Well PS3 controller is cheaper but harder to setup
Xbox one controller is better but hell expensive
Xbox 360 controller is a little bit more expensive than the PS3 controller and easier to setup but easily broken
Steam controller is just plain weird

Jarod Skaff says:

What about the xbox one s controller? It has can connect to a computer just by using blue tooth technology only so SLASH the original xbox one controller and get the s version.

Mr BooM says:

I hate Xbox one controller

350Ginge says:

not sure why you kept comparing the steam controller to a keyboard and mouse, you don’t compare the 360 controller to a keyboard and mouse so why compare the steam controller?

bit of an unfair comparison don’t you think

manisha bhoir says:

Xbox one

Jarod Skaff says:

When is a ps controller ever a good controller for anything. I mean can you believe the analog stick! It’s the worst imagination possible.

E says:

Hate when comparisons end with “Well uh, I think they’re all great, no weaknesses no inherent benefits, it’s all personal preference really so…”

muaaz choudhary says:

I don’t know how people game with keyboard and mouse it’s so hard

darkhorse0404 says:

Boiiii steam controller for life but i m using a fork and a spoon along with the power of anime

Smfanqing Wu says:

too many ( too much ) fake( fakes) in Chine ( for xbox 360 controller) 90% of them sold on market were fake. 中国的XBOX 360手柄全是假货。

Layan Al7rby says:

i though i needed a steam controller for my pc
thanks you really helped me now i can use my ps4 controller

The Melon Of Doom says:

I got an Xbox one controller for 20 bucks, and it works fine.

gzmo0 says:

ds4windows might seem like a hassle, but the customization options are insane. You can set deadzones, sensitivity for each axis of each joystick, when and how the low battery notifications happen, special controls (like buybinds in CS:GO), etc. Not sure if there’s an equivalent for other controllers, but it’s pretty cool.

GetSchwifty says:

Izit like a plug and play solution for the Xbox 1 controller?

Albert Reyes says:

not anymore brobeans! ps4 controller support from steaaam!!

Ode Willow says:

This comparison video is a train wreck

Marq-Alexander Lyle says:

The newer Xbox controllers have Bluetooth which makes it much easier to use

Spicy Onion says:

I would use a Logitech f310 or a logitech f710

Gurjeet Singh says:

Guys, you should know that Xbox 360 controller’s button get stick after an year and also you have to change its batteries regularly.

Rahman Ad.22 says:

Gamecube controller is the best

SoupSandwich says:

I use a 360 controller, it’s fantastic.

Hamza Guzel says:

u realize that ur using gum to hold ur controllers during: 1:13, 2:33, and 4:53. tell me y…

Limonas says:

Lol rip I bought mine 360 Controller for 46 euros :^(

RubyFish says:

Ds4 has a touchpad suitable for shooting games too but you need a mapper in order to use it

Amit Sharma says:

All works for the wii u emulator wirelessly … ??

niipz129 says:

i have the switch pro controller hooked up with bluetooth and it works flawlessly with emulators but i have problems tho when trying to play steam games which sucks

Vaidotas Urbonas says:

Best Xbox One wireless bluetooth controler 😉

Discord says:

DS4 wins on the mere fact its DPAD is superior and more durable and feels far more comfortable. cant stand the x1 controller, ive gone through 3 of them they not durable, extremely fragile, accidentally drop it and the trigger vibration stop work or even the whole controllers vibration doesnt work. very cheaply made.

Jean Tlanesi says:

No DK bongos?

Seriously, I prefer the dance pad.


You can connect your ps4 controller via bluetooth

Anton Playz says:

I vote xbox 360

BowTieGuy says:

does it work for first person shooter games tho? just makign extra sure

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