Wee Gamepad Review

Finally! The Review of the Wee Wireless gaming controller!!!!!!!!!

PURCHASE LINK : https://www.amazon.com/Bounabay-Wireless-Telescopic-Bluetooth-Controller/dp/B06XKSNCTM/ref=sr_1_3?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1503113611&sr=1-3&keywords=telescopic+controller


xXShadowloxXx Mark says:

how does it remember t he buttons for the games

KungThunken says:

It just works in directinput games without any need for any configuration? I was trying to get it to work for final fantasy tactics on android but apparently this and another controller (8bitdo zero) do not work in it by default. I guess that game just doesn’t support controllers? I just needed to map up/down/left/right and select/cancel. Nothing complicated. If you or anyone knows what that would entail please respond. 🙂

Jose Munoz says:

How about input lag? For super mario you need a very precise controller, will this cover it almos like the original feel? Ive seen that a lot of bluetooth controllers have this lag issue

Ricardo Mauricio Araya says:

Does the earphone jack get blocked?

SneakyPancake17 says:

does it have to have those ugly thumbsticks?

Roosterrock says:

Does it work with ios?

Edras Solaire says:

which emulator he is using for the GC ?

GamingFTW says:

so it works for iphone

Pyrzi GaMeR says:


- Patstar54 - says:

(I took a wee on it)

Daniel Despres says:

Will it fit a Note 3 without a case?

Yova Vando says:

Plese tell me!! Is that zelda game?? Is that emulator?????

Chase Ritcheson says:

Ho you playing windwaker on that device

J. P. Loureiro says:

1K likes. You’re welcome 🙂
Great review, very well put.
In regards to the gamepad, the lack of L3/R3 make it a no-buy for those interest in PlayStation emulation.

omar guerrero says:

I can’t connect my wee Bluetooth controller to my HTC u11 life

Agathi says:

I clicked it cus it looked like a switch so…:/

SMASHBRO 64 says:


ECGaming _ says:

Psvita+Nintendo Switch=This?

Justine Klert Manzano says:

Can this be in rules of survival.?.need answer ASAP. Thank you

Dash 010 says:

in the thumbnail it looked like a nintendo switch, so i clicked it and it was a phone. I’m going get this so I can trick my friends! Also, is it compatible with LG K20 PLUS?

T.E.D. tech says:

How you get wind waker Rom?

Sith Lord Dread says:

2:37 that piece of dead skin on your Megan Fox thumbs is pissing me off!!

nehv78 Sm says:

Where did you download super Mario world?

Fruitarian says:

Looks like a One X controller

Mark Giza says:

Just use Xbox one X controller

dLife HD says:

On the iPhone, how does this compare to something like the Gamvice?

Prasad Bankar says:

Biggest con is cat plug your earphones with this

WhyChooseAName says:

I thougth i was a switch

RedTeHmLgMaStAh Mlg says:

What emulator are you using?

FatMonsterIsEatin says:

Half expected a Scottish accent lol

Calm Burrito says:

what phone was that

Toby the fox says:

will this work with roblox

Jean Michael says:

Would a S7 edge fit?

Amean Abdelfattah says:

That flex bothered me

Player Llacer says:


Moon_hawking says:

Nice I need this

Tonian Newell says:

Wee, not VEVO, Wee.

Grant Garrett says:

Thank you for the review.

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