Today I show you my collection of USB Classic Controllers. These all work plug and play on both Mac & PC. Perfect to use with steam games or emulation. Created in the style of classic console game controllers, I talk about my thoughts on each one. See the Amazon Affiliate links below to get purchase your own!

ibuffalo Classic USB Gamepad –

Hyperkin Inc Genesis “GN6” USB Controller =

Gtron model NES Controller =

Forget the DONOP & Logtech – I now reccomend THIS for a PS2 Style controller =

Logitech Gamepad F310 –

Retrolink Nintendo 64 USB Controller –

Retrolink Gamecube USB Controller –
Game Galaxy Facebook =
Game Galaxy Twitter =

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Matt Conte says:

I just prefer to buy a usb adapter for the console controllers themselves.

thesilverboy 64 says:

eh gamegalaxy im a big fan of sonic and every time i onnect my ps4 controller to the fusion emulator and it dosnt work so does the hyperkin controller works on emulator

GTXMichael says:

The Sega Saturn SLS and 8bitdo controllers are best for emulators

Supermonkey 1964 says:

Best USB Game Controller for Mac?…Any thoughts?

Golden Grenadier says:

I like the original nvidia shield(the one with the controller built in) for emulation on the go. With a USB OTG adapter you could even use all those controllers with it.

JoeyBslash 3 says:

Awesome, been looking forward to this video. I will definitely be getting one or two of these to do some classic gaming on PC. Thanks for the insight

runn1nwith5izzorz says:

love the ranger figures in your curio

avanish singh says:

I love n64 controller’s

clbna says:

Totally agree with the bufallo, and the nes retrolink. I have those two great pads. I also have a logitech Precision gamepad fitting all around purposes, you cant go wrong with these but…I really don’t understand all the hype about the Hyperkin controller which IMO sucks bad…Purchased it and finally returned it after…Controls are very unresponsive and laggy…The pad is pretty small, noisy, Dpad is horrible and it is a hyperkin not another unknown brand. Tried it with SF2, sonic, SOF…Very difficult to handle.Such a shame no manufacturer ever moddeled a Classic Original 3 button pad for usb.

Keylitho says:

Don’t waste your money on the PS / Xbox style controllers..
You can plug the PS3/PS4 and Xbox controllers into your pc and use it.

Julian Hidalgo says:

Very useful, Thanks!

Living With The Guzmans says:


D _ says:

can i use any same one for nintendo /c64/genesis

Majoras says:

nice review, bought the ibuffalo a few months ago and its the best USB gamepad for 2d games. been using the logitech F310 for years which is also a solid gamepad

Charlie MMAFAN says:

I have Mame with hyperspin, rocket launcher and Joy to key and I can’t even make it work on my computer at all so if anybody is willing to try to help me please comment and maybe we can get in touch with each other if somebody’s willing to try to help me fix my settings or something okay? Thanks!

LinklickZ says:

i just use a ps2 controller to usb adapter

Anne Casanave says:

I have a question
Do these have keyboard input (acts a keyboard) or gamepad input (acts as an Xbox controller plugged in a pc)
I’m asking this because I play a lot of browser games and most don’t support gamepad input
I’m planning on getting this for Christmas
Please respond

christopherwalker says:

This video is great

ChozoSR388 says:

Thanks a ton! I bought the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics Pack off of Steam a couple of years ago, and haven’t really played it that much, so, I decided to grab a USB Genesis controller, and was looking at the Hyperkin GN6 USB, but wanted to hear what someone else thought of it. I think I’ll grab it. The launcher has mapping for a 6-button Genesis controller, so, I wager it’ll come in handy, besides, I remember, as a kid, playing with the 6-button model, so, it’ll be nice to take a walk down memory lane!

Ryan says:

Agreed that iBuffalo controller is amazing. I’m think about buying those Sega Genesis controller. Snes controllers don’t feel right on Sega games

SideQuest says:

Great to know. i may not have grown up in the nintendo and sega era of gaming, but i definitely would love to use those controllers on classic games. Just for the sake of it.

plus i prefer to play retro games with a D pad anyway.

strocat25 says:

I’ve had my Ibuffalo usb snes controller for 2 years now. It is by far the best usb snes controller on the market.. feels just like a real snes gamepad. god damn I love mine!

Parker Brooks says:

I think a real PlayStation controller with USB adapter is the best way to go. It’s still easy to find affordable Dualshock controllers in good condition. And by the video’s own admission, the generic controller had poor analog sticks and the Logitech had a poor directional pad.

I did get the iBuffalo SNES, Hyperkin Genesis, and a generic NES controller.

ClaimhSolais says:

Hello there! Fellow retro/emulator gamer and gamepad collector here as well! You have some neat gems in your collection indeed. There are so many good gamepads to own, which is very hard to keep tracking them down. One of my most favorite ones would be GoPadFX by InterAct, they used to make really good pads, and it’s unfortunate they’re out of business.

ciprianwiner says:

Hello. I had one of those Donop usb controllers and mine only had a single vibration motor so I added another one as the board was able to control 2 motors with no problem so why the didn’t bother adding another one? They’re too cheap I guess! Also, I’ve replaced the thumb-sticks with original PS2 controller ones and they feel like one million dollar. I also tried to extend the analog joysticks sensitivity so they won’t go as you say all the way to the left or right. But I failed, because the calibration of the mechanisms is probably written in the software that is on the chip on board so yeah, no luck there. I learned my lesson with these hunk of junk controllers. The only positive would the fact that the other buttons feel nice and solid and have a very distinct feel to them which other controllers don’t have but oh well… Cheers mate 🙂

dogeymon83 says:

Holy crap dude where do I get that T shirt?? Haha

MikeSolo84 says:

People ask me why buy a wired controller, i said is the real deal you play when i was a little kid. I never gonna forget when my mom came home that rainy night with that NES, then for the SNES she took me to the store to pick a SNES. Love my gamer mom. This legacy will be for my 2 daughters.

iKarith says:

Emulation is a dirty word amongst some game collectors because they assume emulators are “ruining the value” of their collections.  Which means they’re not in it for the games, they’re in it for the money.  Dumb IMO, because the fact is that these things only have a “value” because people want to own the physical thing they remember…

If you want a SNES controller, the iBuffalo is hands down the best.  They have a more Saturn-like controller that’s crap, but their SNES pad is THE best.

I find I like playing N64 games with a Gamecube controller, and I find the Wii Classic Controller Pro just fine for Gamecube games.  Never tried a Wii controller for N64.  More likely I’d feel better with an Xbox-style for stick games the Wii controller for D-Pad.  Anyway, I mention these because adapters are pretty cheap and easily found.

I didn’t like the Retrolink controllers at all honestly.  I really want a six button DualShock type controller as a “one controller” thing, but nobody seems to make that, at least one one that was any good.  🙁

thesilverboy 64 says:

and also does a xbox one controller works too

Guy112 says:

can you put it into the back of the wii and then it works

Santamawlz says:

Thanks man, just ordered my Ibuffalo

dogeymon83 says:

So bizarre that Americans didn’t get Coke in Shenmue but Japanese did.

Mateusz K says:

Hey, It’s a bit out of date, but if you still have the cheap dualshock’ish pad, so I think, there’s a way to fix the Analogs going instantly all-the-way. What i mean is , when you switch the analog mode to be on, the analogs should work, as the actual analogs, reacting to the different angles. Check this out and let me know, whether this worked, please.

GooGz says:

Does this work with the wii u?

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