[Unboxing & Review] Gladiator MK-II Joystick (VKBSim)

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Link to the T-rudder MK-IV Rudder Pedals review video:

The best joystick you’ll ever lay your hands on.

The Gladiator MKII Joystick is the most precise and durable joystick you will ever put your hands on.
– Sturdy feel and construction
– Hyper precise joystick thanks to contact-less sensors
– Strong non-slippery base
– Best Value for the money

For the new Mk.II, the trigger is now made from Polycarbonate (PC), which is more flexible and less brittle than that of the previous Gladiator generation. In the heat of the battle, it flexes, rather than breaks! A small high-precision metal axle was added to the centering mechanism, which acts on the pitch axis for less slack and more accuracy around the center of the stick.

– New and improved centering mechanism for the Mk.II
– New and improved trigger for the Mk.II
– WWII KG12 Grip Replica
– Right-hand grip design
– Ergonomic Grip Angle
– Pitch, Roll & Twist (Rudder) Axes
– Throttle Axis
– Sturdy Internal Structure for Long Use
– Metal Base-plate for Stability
– Silicone Feet for Strong Surface Grip
– New and improved centering mechanism for the Mk.II

– Contactless MaRS sensors (X, Y, Z axes) with High Resolution
– 32-bit ARM Controller
– 17 Programmable Buttons
– 29 Total Logical Buttons Using Shift/Mode Functions
– 1 Hat-Switch (8-way)
– 2 LEDs (Mode Selection)
– Plug & Play with Driver-Free Installation (Recommended for Most Users)
– Firmware Upgrade via USB
– Onboard Memory for Storing Profiles
– Port for Connecting VKB-Sim Rudder Pedals
– USB 2.0
– Optional Programming Software Available ( windows only)
– Calibrate Axes – Create Deadzones
– Save and Load Profiles – Adjust Axes Resolutions

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James Wilson says:

I’ve been looking forward to a review on this. Thanks Thomas. This joystick looks awesome. I may pick one up sometime in the future.

James Lauridson says:

Great review. I have had mine about a week. It is a big improvement over the previous Logitech Extreme. To help those of us who forget the function assigned the Gladiator has flaps, throttle and start labeled. Also labeled is an EJECT, but since I fly the Cessna 172, that is not needed. : )

Silvio Clenio Rodrigues Fernandes says:

Great review, thanks Thomas. 🙂

Casey Wagner says:

Even the box looks awesome 😀

Sethos says:

Hvor kan det købes i Europa? Skal helst ikke ud i noget hvor det bliver snuppet i tolden.

Moritz H. says:

hey Thomas, great video! Any chance you’ll be checking out the VKB Gunfighter Pro with the Modern Combat Grip once it’s out?

Sky Pimp says:

Would like to buy it but it’s not available in Europe, looking on their forums, they are the most complex selling company in the world, the worst setup I have ever experienced. Pity, the stick looks good, but what a sales disaster!

Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus says:

I’ve had mine several weeks now and am very impressed with this stick. I have Saitek throttles and for those who dislike the location of the throttle on the J/S that too can be reassigned to do something else. I use mine in FSX and prgram it using FSUIPC. Great purchase and a pleasure to use.

john st says:

Great review.

Casey Wagner says:

Fingers crossed that XPlane is on sale during this steam sale. Life on a budget sucks 😛

Ved Merchant says:

This one looks great even the price. I really hate the spring loaded ones. I have one and regret it

Black Warrior Lures says:

Will this joystick work in Linux for X-plane 10?

J&S Reyem says:

I got a defective one and VKB is not standing behind their product. They keep stalling and will likely tell me tough luck when the warrantee runs out. You should look at other, more reliable, options.

Buddah Cesah says:

I have the first revision of this joy and absolutely love it. It’s a big step forward from my good ol’ Top Gun Fox 2 Pro.

Philip Totten says:

Does NOT work on Mac. Bought one had to send it back. Running X-Plane 11…..BAD!!!!

Pats ! says:

Can you buy this at a EU store or only from the US?

steveg1927 says:

Were you able to get the mode and shift to work with X-Plane? Saitek has this and the mode & switch doesn’t work with their drivers in fact they told me not to use their drivers. Does the mode switch actually change what comes from the joystick?

Q8Pilot says:

Looks like a really cool joystick. How heavy is it Thomas? Nice review buddy!

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