Thrustmaster Warthog A10C – The best H.O.T.A.S. out there?

Awesome H.O.T.A.S. in a cockpit. Yep, we went there.

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Xezare Melcadra says:

got this along with an oculus rift, you forget where you live after mins. lovely piece of machinery. i modified mind so i can rest my hand on the actual stick and hockey tape for grip

Let's get 10,000 subs With no Videos! says:

Wait, so 550 cad, that’s about 3 cents usd, right?


warthog a10…….. let that name sink in for a little bit…

Zombie King says:

yay Star Wars

drummerboy67003 says:

is this stick compatable with ps4?

Benyhl2 says:

“How much in american ?” 😉

Shadow says:

Why buy this thing if you are not going to play DCS ? or BMS. And to anyone who says the A-10 is difficult. It is as difficult as driving a car ? You don’t need to read the manual. Just do the tutorials. The plane and the HOTAS are made to make your life easy. IF IT WAS HARD THEY WOULDN’T FLY IT. You just didn’t even try. It is not hard. You just didn’t want to do it

Tim stro59 says:

The T.Flight Hotas X is no pushover either, except it’s 345 euros cheaper.
The Thrustmaster website defaults to Euros apparently.

Felix Walter says:

Wanna buy it… soooo badly… :/

Alkalys says:

Left hand on a HOTAS? What??

dragon rampage says:

I actually had a chance to use this for a week while I was in Florida, and good god it was awesome. It made me want to actually get a joystick for warthunder

Abhishek Nakhwa says:

Why do you guys ignore the simulation community?

Neehal Haque says:

can u play ksp with that

Ethan Ton says:

diplomacy? what’s that? we don’t have diplomacy in the US Air Force, only the GAU-8 Avenger 30mm rotary…

97anonymus says:

Should have showed a gameplay of DCS: A10C and any other sim / game if you were reviewing this HOTAS, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it must only be used for that sim, but it is an A10 HOTAS replica, so it will obviously show it’s greatest potential on that sim, same way, it’s nice to see it being used on other games, since, as it is an A10C replica, it might not be that effective when playing other stuff, even if it is at same level (talking about realism) as DCS: A10C, like falcon BMS or other flight sims, maybe some other arcade ish gameplays as well (if the video isn’t too long) to show people who are looking for a good joystick but might get a wrong idea on the hotas warthog, since, as you said, it is slower than the joysticks made for arcade ish games and might not be a right choice if they’re aiming towards competitive gameplay

Yr. T. says:

Do you need pedals? I noticed that It doesn’t have twist.

Vampiresquid007 says:

Really dont get why people have issues with the joysticsk flopping around.. I never had one with the X55 either.. Jeez if you pull the joystick or hold it from the top obviously itll flop. sit it firm on the hand rest and it wont :S.

tab dougherty says:

Thanks for this review i was wondering how the hell they justified the price tag OMG no way would i spend that without a review or feeling it in person. What about racing wheels i am in the market for one of those as well!!!

TheKirger says:

what about target tracking or disengaging a target because its on your tail and stuff like that? cuz I dont want to use my mouse or arrowkeys for that… Useless review, to me atleast

Oyuncu Dedeler says:

Arma 3 anyone

Charles Bernier says:

i want this in vr

Jesper says:

>Reviews replica flight-stick
>Tests it in Elite: Dangerous

Dragonfyre says:

2:08. Is that star citizen

demonface INC says:

Is it cheap? Negative ghost rider.

Harry Akira Eaton says:

I was considering this and the Saitek X56, the general feel and build quality and weight of this makes me lean towards the Thrustmaster despite the expense, I play a lot of Arma 3 and not so many arcade style games so the realistic feel is more important to me than hair trigger and fast action.

Brad Scott says:

Union Pacific needs to do something like this with a steam engine cabin, or even a 70’s GP9 diesel. I bet the market for one of those $400 premium toys (old dudes with lots of spare money) would be greater than the market for this thing (young dudes with lots of spare money). Is this the gamer control for youtubers?

jameson shockley says:

what is your commanders name? or do you even still play elite 2 years later

TheCaucasianAsian says:

What game is at 2:04?

winglesschip 209 says:

Is this good for p-51 mustang for DCS world

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