Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Joystick Review

This joystick is fantastic.
The build quality is superb and it has all the buttons you could need.
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Music: Loco – by John Deley and the 41 Players

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TripleTech says:

Wow! 10,000 views!! That’s amazing! Never thought this video would do so well! Thanks to all that watched! 🙂

iiLeeDz says:

Hello and happy new year! I’ve got one question for you, does de joystick include another little joystick to control your camera on the cockpit?Like where you look and stuff thank you!

Jay Raval says:

elite dangerous is a shit game.

daniel farhat says:

Is there anyway i could connect this to the ps4

Luke the Gamer says:

can whit that joystick play farming simulator 2015’s tractors frontloader??

공백_ says:

this joystick is can twist rudder???

Rens Blok says:

please answer can you rudder with this joystick

Jay Raval says:

you fucking cunt

Zach says:

Will it work with Xbox 360

Tefen Ca says:

I feel ya about the views. You deserve more views man. Subbed for sure! I got tons of videos as well but seem to be having trouble getting subs and views.
Check out my channel : if you get time, might like some of the content.

Snotnarok says:

Stupid question, is it X360 compatible with windows? As in does windows see it like it was a 360 controller and not just basic direct input

oddball76 Gaming says:

wish I could fly like you!
Im just starting out on this game so in time  i hope to get a lot better lol

Joshua Wendt says:

does it have a rudder axis

TeamRecktEm says:

Looks like it makes a lot of noise, but for the price I guess we can’t complain

Dragonfly says:

hey! how is going as today?

Tefen Ca says:

Great video btw! Helpful to see it being used.
+TripleTech How is the yoke , is it stiff or smooth?

Sam Compton says:

best review of this flight flight stick ever

shahaan gujral says:

does it have twist function

Tak says:

Just wondering, do you have a TrackIR system? I noticed you had a bit of freelook and whilst you did that, your hands didn’t move from the HOTAS to your mouse.
Also you deserve another sub :p great content

Kek says:

I just bought this joystick, but i might have some issues with it. on the throttle does your ”8” button lack a click (feels like a soft button)?
also the 3 buttons on the side do they act completley the same like each other, cause my bottom one (button 7) has a delay (must be pressed further) before ”clicking”.
I would much appreciate it if you could verify this.
all in all, good review

Riotz says:

Is this joystick compatible with windows 10? And great video helped a lot 🙂

Horrendous Gaming says:

I need help i just got it and i play FSX with it but i have a annoying problem that i wanna change if i let go of the stick the plane goes right down and i wanna be able to level off at a altitude and be able to let go of the thing either that for is there a auto pilot switch

shahaan gujral says:

If mine does not how to taxi on the ground any ideas?

Michael De Torres says:

Hey, I eventually bought this HOTAS based on your review. Thank you!

Daisy Chain Gaming says:

I’m currently using a very old Microsoft sidewinder 2 joystick. You’ve all ready convinced me on the ed tracker and now considering this too. Good job.

Max van Noorloos says:

This guy should have more subs, he makes quality content! i`m subbing.

Zeal Saballa says:

I love your computer setup.

Zakros says:

Hey man, do you have any idea if this is compatible for the xbox one?

Khuros says:

The resolution on the monitors seem to be off.

Razen says:

what’s name of that game?

Zeal Saballa says:

you literally just said the same thing at 2:19

MeinLink says:

This Video is one of the best Reviews for the Joystick on YouTube. Can’t belive you only got 14 Subs. Or 15 now ;D

trandify says:

hi, how is this control holding up after 5 months?

Snogno says:

Nice Review! +Sub 😉

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